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Residential Plots in Trivandrum

Emerald Hills - Layout

When it comes to investment, there is nothing better than real estate to lock your hard-earned money in. It can be in the form of built-up property or in the form of vacant plots. Since the best time to invest in residential plots in Trivandrum is now, here is a look at some important reasons why you shouldn’t delay in making your investment in residential plots in Trivandrum!

Capital City

Trivandrum is the beautiful coastal capital city of Kerala and home to lush greenery, scenic beaches, world-famous temples, historical monuments, prestigious educational institutions, the best medical facilities and modern infrastructure. The roads here are very well maintained as the city plays host to important visiting dignitaries too. All this makes Trivandrum the perfect city to buy residential plots in. According to real estate investors, property rates in Trivandrum have been rising steadily, with a market boom expected in the near future. This is supposed to be fueled by the expanding IT hub, the upcoming Vizhinjam port, the Light metro as well as the Outer Ring Road (ORR).


The city’s burgeoning IT hub, the Technopark, was established in 1990 and has been on an expansion mode ever since. It is host to over 450 companies and employs over 70,000 professionals, many of whom are from different parts of the country and abroad. There has been a corresponding boom in real estate activity to provide housing for this migrant population of workers, many of whom get charmed by the city’s peaceful culture and end-up settling here.


Technopark has changed the social fabric of the city forever. Trivandrum now boasts of multinational fast-food chains and retailers, multiplexes, commercial hubs as well as the popular mall culture. All this and more has set the city on the track to becoming a cosmopolitan center too.


If you have decided to invest in residential plots in Trivandrum, do consider investing in plots that are a little away from the city center. This is because land is cheaper in the suburbs and with Trivandrum expanding year-on-year, its pulling parts of the outskirts into its folds. Land is also running out in the cities, so it makes more sense to invest in land as it is guaranteed to increase in value. What all this means is that the value of your plot will go up in a shorter timeline, earning you enviable profits in case of a resale. And even if you are planning to build your home on it, rest assured that your investment capital is only going to grow manifold in value.

By investing closer to the city means that you will be able to buy less of land, and at higher rates. It also means that you won’t have access to a peaceful, pollution-free locality, nor a hassle-free lifestyle.

Gated Community

While stand-alone plots of land in Trivandrum are easily available, do note that they don’t come with the host of amenities and facilities as well as security and peace of mind that come with buying into gated community plots. With stand-alone plots, you have to take responsibility for everything, right from building a boundary to prevent encroachment, procuring a host of permits and certificates as well as getting utility connections.

A better option is to go with residential plots within gated communities, where there is no danger of encroachment, where all the paperwork has been done and utility connections are all provided for. Such gated community plot projects also come with all the perks including amenities, inner lanes, streetlights and manicured lawns and avenue trees. It definitely sounds like a better option as only reputed developers provide such projects.

For those on the lookout, Prime Property Developers (PPD) have a delightful 11-acre residential plot project near Venkode. Known as the ‘Emerald Hills’, these residential plots in Trivandrum consist of 63 demarcated villa plots of varying sizes. Offering spectacular views of the city, these plots come with a boundary wall, a plethora of amenities, well-developed inner lanes with footpaths and storm drains, underground water and electricity connections, etc. And you will still be living close to the city.

Make a smart move today and invest in Emerald Hills!

Five Reasons to Choose an Apartment in Trivandrum

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Of recent, Trivandrum has become one of the most preferred destinations for those who want to buy apartments and settle down here. This coastal, capital city of Kerala is an amazing medley of the old and the young, offering something for every genre. Trivandrum has a rich cosmopolitan culture, enviable social infrastructure, a booming tourism industry, premier educational institutions and multispecialty hospitals, all of which make this city a great place to settle down in. It is also a favorite real estate destination with premium builders having luxury apartment projects available in all key locations of the city.

Buying an apartment in Trivandrum is a major decision for which you need to do your share of research first. You will need to zero in on the right location, the right builder, the connectivity angle as well as a host of other important features that make living a luxury. So, here’s a look at five important features to focus on for those who want to buy apartments in Trivandrum:

1. Location

The city is known for its old-world charm and charismatic ambience, owing to its royal heritage of having been the capital city of the Kingdom of Travancore till independence. And remaining a capital city post-independence too has meant that the city is well-developed and has great infrastructure. Localities like Kowdiar, Sasthamangalam, Vellayambalam are considered some of the best areas to live in, a location where the crème a la crème of society reside. Since buying a plot here could wipe out your bank balance, an easier way to own a prestigious address in this locality is by investing in apartments here.

2. Infrastructure

Being home to visiting dignitaries, you can rest assured that Trivandrum has so much to offer in terms of infrastructure. There is an excellent well-planned and well-maintained road network that connects to all parts of the city. An effective public transport system is also in place to keep the city moving. This is aside from the 3 railway stations and the international airport. Aside from all this, Trivandrum also enjoys smooth availability of utilities like electricity and water.

3. Technopark

Technopark is expanding rapidly and touted to soon become the largest IT park in India. Its advent in 1990 was a turning point in the city’s history, and it has changed Trivandrum into a vibrant and bustling hub of activity. With professionals from all over the country as well as abroad working here, Trivandrum is fast becoming a cosmopolitan city with most of the migrant workers opting to settle down in this clean and green city. The new vibrant culture has also meant more multinational retailers moving in here too.

4. Amenities

As compared to stand-alone homes, apartments in Trivandrum offer the benefit of a plethora of lifestyle enhancing amenities. When choosing an apartment, go with one that is slightly bigger than what you need currently, as family needs tend to grow over time. You should also choose one that offers all the amenities that are necessary to make life comfortable – including security and surveillance, children’s play area, clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, manicured gardens, etc. Aside from this, the apartment should be in an easily accessible place so you can go shopping, drop off your kids to school or go to work without any hassles.

5. Investment

Trivandrum is growing at a fast pace and has unlimited potential for growth. The likelihood for excellent returns on investments is very viable, more so if you invest in apartments now, before increasing demand drives the rates up. Due to the large floating population of migrant workers, the need for rental homes is also huge. This translates to steady income from homes bought for the purpose of earning a secondary source of income from renters.

PPD is one of the leading builder names when it comes to apartments in Trivandrum. Known for premium locations, meticulously-designed living spaces, world-class amenities and much more, every PPD project comes with the dedicated experience of almost three decades of building experience behind it. Come check out our 2, 3 & 4BHK spacious ‘Anthem’ apartments in Kowdiar, and experience luxury like never before!

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Buying vs Renting House: Which is the Better Option?

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Times are changing and along with it, lifestyles too. While earlier it was considered the natural next step to buy a home once you get into a stable job, today, the thought processes are a little different. While most Indians dream of owning a dream home of their own one day, they are forced to put off this ambition due to the sky-high property prices in the major cities. Renting is the only other option left to such people, but is it really what they want?

When choosing between buying and renting a home, you will need to do the maths carefully to reach an answer, and it wouldn’t do much harm to throw in a little emotion into it too. In certain scenarios, renting might seem like a good option, but then, nothing beats the joy, pride and sense of security of being a homeowner too! To solve the dilemma for those stuck in a quandary over home buying versus a rental, here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options:

Buying a Home

Truth be told, everyone aspires to own that perfect dream home one day. Here are some reasons why you should follow up on that dream!

Emotional Security

A roof, clothing and food make up man’s three basic necessities. Owning one’s own roof creates a sense of security, a ready cushion for old age, come-what-may. It’s also a tangible asset in which you take pride of being a homeowner – a goal everyone aspires for, right from their very first job.


Real estate is considered to be one of the best form of investments as cost of the property only goes up with time. Buying your own home means a tangible asset which’s capital value will only go up, thus building equity. You can also avail of a second income by giving out the property for rent.

Moving Home

For those living in rentals, there is always the fear the landlord won’t renew the lease or hike up the rent. Having to constantly keep moving home can get stressful as well as expensive and keeps you constantly packing and unpacking. A better option is to buy your own home and reduce the cost of moving.

EMI or Rent

Just like the monthly expense of rent, homeowners have to spend on monthly EMIs. While both are monthly expenses, the plus point here is that you end up owning your home after paying EMIs. Instead of lining the landlord’s pockets by paying rent, invest in your own home!

Renting a Home

The Economics Behind it

With rising inflation and expenses going up, most people’s incomes don’t add up to the expenses. And with rent usually being lower than EMI in large metropolitan cities, it becomes a deciding factor for renting over buying.


A home is obviously an immovable asset. For those who enjoy a fast-paced life hopping from one city to another, due to whatever reason, homes can become a burden. In such a situation, your home becomes binding and restricts your growth and lifestyle. So, rentals are better for such people.


There is greater flexibility when living in a rented home. You can choose a location to live in as per your need. If your parents need help, you can rent a home nearby or if you want a home close to your child’s school, find a rental nearby. There is no restriction with rentals as you can live wherever the need arises.

In conclusion, it can be said that while renting a home might appear cheaper and more convenient, do keep in mind that the costs of real estate are only going to go up, so it’s better to invest in a home, rather than line someone else’s pockets.

For those on the lookout for homes, checkout the magnificent ‘Prithvi’ villas by PPD in Trivandrum, coming up in the Akkulam area, just off the NH66. Located strategically along the Kazhakootam-Eanchakkal corridor, the project comprises of 102 units ranging from 4-20 cents in size. They are just a few minutes’ away from Lulu mall, Technopark, the international airport, prestigious schools and multi-specialty hospitals.

Come live life king-sized in premium villas where your every concern has been taken care of!

Is it beneficial to own a villa in Trivandrum?

Luxury Villas in Trivandrum

Everyone aspires to own a home of their own one day and bring up their family. While homes come in various variations such as flats, apartments, villaments, villas and stand-alone bungalows, their location also matters.

If you are planning on buying a home in Kerala, then Trivandrum should be your ideal target city. Known for its rich cultural heritage and a history of having been the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore, Trivandrum is very well-developed and comes with excellent infrastructure too. Being the current capital of Kerala state adds further perks to living in Trivandrum with a number of major growths expected to come up in the upcoming years. Home to premier educational institutions, famous multi-specialty hospitals, an IT park (Technopark) that’s touted to soon become the largest in the country, an international airport, the upcoming Vizhinjam port and a plethora of lifestyle facilities, magnificent beaches and tourism spots make Trivandrum one of the best places to settle down in.

Here, the roads are well-maintained, traffic is disciplined, crime rates are low and the livability index of the city is high, thus further amplifying the quality of life for its residents. If you are planning to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better choice! And here’s a look at why this holds true:

1. Villas are a symbol of prestige, a sign that you have made it in life. A villa address, that too in the capital city of Trivandrum, says a lot about your status in society. This is because villas are known to come with a number of luxurious features and amenities that aren’t available in other types of homes.

2. Another reason why owning a villa in Trivandrum is an excellent decision is because Trivandrum is a growing city. Since the cost of land is rising year on year, its wiser to invest in villas that stand on their own plot of land. In the case of a resale, your Trivandrum villa is bound to get you excellent returns on investment too!

3. Villas also enjoy all the perks that come with gated community living in apartments. Some of the best villas in Trivandrum come with paved internal pathways with streetlights and avenue trees, landscaped gardens, children’s playgrounds, fully-loaded clubhouses with indoor and outdoor game facilities, AC gyms, party halls, 24×7 security, etc. Enjoy getting royally pampered and lead high lifestyles with villa living!

4. Villas are spacious homes that are not only big on built-up interior spaces, but also on outdoor spaces. Here, you can enjoy gardening and growing your own organic veggies or you could relish your morning cuppa in the garden with birdsong and the fresh breeze for company. Another charm to villa living is the lack of air and noise pollution. You can even make changes to your villas design by adding more rooms or extending your porch or even redecorating – all without ever having to take permission from any housing society!

5. The best benefit of owning a villa in Trivandrum however is the privacy that goes with it! While apartments come with shared walls, villas afford you so much privacy; aside from the absence of shared walls, each villa comes with its own boundary too. You can relax without worrying about prying eyes or sounds escaping to the neighbors. Your pets too get to enjoy greater freedom without the stress of complaints from the housing society.

While villas were only affordable by the super-rich earlier on, now even the middle-income class can afford them with a little bit of planning. If you are looking to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, then look no further than the delightful ‘Prithvi’ villa project by Prime Property developers (PPD) located in Akkulam area. These villas come in a secluded green and serene area, strategically-located along the NH66. The plot sizes vary from 4-20 cents and come with perfectly laid-out inner lanes with street lights, avenue trees and storm drains.

This exclusive gated community project comes with a plethora of lifestyle amenities too such as indoor and outdoor game facilities, rooftop swimming pool, children’s park, party hall, clubhouse, a mini theater and even two fully-furnished guest suites for your overnight visitors!

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Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

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Making your home into a cozy haven isn’t as difficult as it may sound. You don’t even need to redecorate each room to create that glossy magazine effect. That’s because what you need to focus on is making your home appear more lived-in, more relaxing and more like a home – instead of a showpiece from some magazine! All you need do is to concentrate on making your home appear more warm and inviting by adding a little texture and some décor items.

Instead of turning to an interior designer for inspiration, here are some easy ways to cozy up your home by yourself:

Get Rid of Clutter

There is nothing like clutter to take away the peace from a room. Work on putting away unnecessary stuff from important surfaces like the kitchen counter, dining table, coffee table, etc. While too much neatness can lead to a sterile look, concentrate on creating a ‘used’ look in every room, without being overpowering.

Comfy Furniture

Your seating and bedding areas should look very comfortable and inviting. Since your sofa is the stand-out furniture in your living room, opt for a comfortable, nap-friendly couch that not only looks aesthetic, but inviting too. Other comfortable furnishing to lookout for include ottomans, poufs and recliners.

The Right Colors

Bright and bold paint colors don’t always go with the image of a cozy space; neither do dark colors for that matter. Opt for warm colors to create a comfortable and inviting mood. However, do be careful not to fall into the trap of creating a dull and monochromatic look, or an impersonal or faded feel. An easy trick solution would be to create highlights with fun colors in cushions, rugs, curtains or wall features.

Softer Lighting

Surprisingly, lights too can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Consider creating a layered effect with wall scones, chandeliers, table lamps or floor lamps. Bulbs that emit a soft glow can be used to create the perfect cozy ambience in a room without your putting in too much effort!

Wooden Accents

When it comes to creating a cozy and classy look, the warm tones of wood are unbeatably the best! You could go for wooden wall cladding, wooden flooring or just rich shining hues of furnishing and accessories for that plush, cozy and inviting look. Wood is durable and aesthetically delightful and has undeniable warm characteristics unattainable with other materials.

Fresh Greenery

There is nothing like fresh flowers and green indoor plants to add an elegant, but appealing look to your home! Add pops of color in key locations of your home to make them appear more inviting and cozier. Fresh greenery is also known to be a mood enhancer, calming as well as relaxing, the perfect decor for cozy homes!


A large rug over a hard floor has the ability to instantly warm up that room. You can use the colors or patterns in the rug to match with your throw pillows, accessories or wall paint and create perfect harmony in your décor theme. Rugs make your room appear more cozy and inviting too.

Photo Collages

Putting up pictures on the walls definitely adds a personal touch to your home. You could create an interesting collage of photographs with a common theme, get them framed and put them up on an empty wall. Not only will this make your home appear more homely, but also make a great conversation starter!

And if you are planning to buy a luxury apartment in Trivandrum, then check out the delightful ’Anthem’ project by Prime property Developers (PPD). Strategically located at the Dewasom Board Junction, Kowdiar, with easy access to all important parts of the city, this apartment project is truly where luxury city living touches new heights. All modern conveniences and entertainment are within easy accessibility including leading schools, hospitals, shopping outlets, restaurants, parks, etc.

Comprising of spacious 2BHKs to large 4BHKs, this 52-apartments project comes fully endowed with a plethora of lifestyle-enhancing amenities including a rooftop swimming pool, a state-of-the-art mini home theater, landscaped terrace, yoga deck, a fully-furnished party hall, an AC gym, kids’ playground and even a guest suite!
Sounds too good to be true, right? Come check it out for yourself!

Why Trivandrum Is the Best for Buying Plot as an Investment

Just like the birds build a nest to bring up their family, so do all humans aspire to have a home of their own to settle down in. The only difference is that while some people prefer to buy readymade homes, others prefer to take the longer route by first buying a plot of their chosen size, in a chosen location and then building their home on it according to their chosen specifications!

For those looking to buy a plot in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better decision. Aside from being the capital city, Trivandrum is opportune to have the best infrastructure available when compared to other cities in the state, better governance, lower crime rates and lower pollution. All this and more makes Trivandrum the best city to invest in a plot of land.

The city has also been witnessing growth in every sector and is one of the few cities in Kerala that is still expanding both vertically and horizontally. It is a hotbed for property investments with growth in the real estate industry being at an all-time high. A number of factors make Trivandrum the best city to buy plots as an investment, and here is why:


Having been the city of governance since 1795 when Trivandrum was also the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore, and then continuing the tradition post-independence has meant that Trivandrum is comparatively better developed. There is an excellent network of well-maintained roads in place here, aside from an international airport, 3 railways stations and an upcoming international port too! Trivandrum also has a bevy of prestigious educational institutions as well as multi-specialty hospitals and malls.


This government-owned IT hub has been a major driving force for expansion and development in the city. Touted to become the largest IT hub (area-wise) in the country once its expansion phase is over, it will employ more professionals than the current 70,000 and over 2 lakh indirect employees. This insurgent population of professionals is generating a need for more homes and the best builders in Trivandrum are hard at work, with numerous luxury apartment projects coming up all over the city.

Upcoming Developments

The upcoming Vizhinjam port and the proposed light metro rail system are expected to improve the economy and growth of Trivandrum further. Not only will it improve quality of life for the inhabitants in the long term, but its also expected to boost the growth of the real estate market.


Referred to as the ‘Evergreen city of India’ by Mahatma Gandhi, Trivandrum is indeed a beautiful sight to behold, nestled as it is over 7 gently undulating hills and surrounded by numerous beaches along its western coastline. Blessed with eco-tourism spots, chilly hills, lakes, waterfalls, backwaters, beaches and ancient monuments, Trivandrum has so much to offer in terms of entertainment to its inhabitants and tourists alike.
Multi-cultural Society

Trivandrum’s IT hub has been the driving force in creating a multi-cultural society and putting Trivandrum on the path of becoming a cosmopolitan city. With an expendable salary, these young techies have changed the threadwork of the city and attracted the mall culture with numerous multinational chains setting up shop here. Along with these, popular multiplex cinema halls have also moved in and changed the face of Trivandrum forever.

With so much happening here, there has been a multi-fold increase in demand for properties, including plots in Trivandrum. If you are on the lookout to buy plots in gated community living in Trivandrum, then look no further than the delightful ‘Emerald Hills’ plot project by the prime Property Developers (PPD). Strategically-located just 0.5km from Venkode junction in an 11-acre pocket and available as 63 plots starting from sizes of 4.5 cents onwards, these plots come with all the comforts and amenities of a gated community.

Along with asphalted inner roads, tree-lined avenues, paved footpaths and streetlights, each plot also comes with underground electricity and water provisions as well as concealed stormwater drains. There is even an RMU and transformer at the entrance into the complex.

Aside from all this, these plots also come with amenities such as a clubhouse, outdoor futsal court, indoor game room, kids play area, landscaped common areas, etc.

Come have a look at these outstanding plots yourself!

Best Luxury Villas in Trivandrum

ecofriendly homes

Villas have been around for many centuries and referred to the luxury summer homes of rich Romans. These homes came replete with manicured gardens, vineyards and a bevy of staff for the upkeep of these plush country homes.
The modern-day villas work along similar lines too, and are the preferred homes of the well-to-do, people who know what good living is all about. These luxury villas come in contemporary designs and feature a plethora of amenities. The best part about villas is that they are spacious homes located in green and peaceful environments, a little away from the pollution prevalent in the city center.

If you are planning on buying a home, then check out the luxury villas in Trivandrum. This is the capital city of Kerala and has held onto this position since the eighteenth century when the maharajas of the Kingdom of Travancore ruled. They were known for their love for arts, culture, architecture and education, and have left behind many legacies still standing tall and functional in the city.

Modern-day Trivandrum has the soon-to-be-largest IT hub in India, the Technopark. It attracts people from all over the country for career opportunities and they fall for the verdant beauty of this city and tend to settle down here. Trivandrum also has the upcoming Vizhinjam port which is touted to become a gamechanger in terms of the city’s development and economy. Having said that, this is the best time to invest in luxury villas in Trivandrum as prices will soon head north.

But before buying a luxury villa, here’s a look at what goes into the making of an actual luxury villa:


Luxury villas usually come nestled in peaceful, clean and secure localities. They offer beautiful views of open spaces, greenery and birdsong instead of traffic honking and smog. The neighborhoods of gated villa projects are also peaceful and do not block the views from luxury villa homes. Such locations also come with excellent road connectivity and access to excellent infrastructure close by. A luxury villa home address is something the homeowner will always be proud of, as it signifies that they have made it in life.


Luxury villas are the homes of the well-to-do and are always located in secure and low crime localities where your kids can walk home safely unaccompanied. Aside from this, the gated community setting of luxury villas itself provides multiple levels of security. Along with CCTV surveillance, there are 24×7 manned gates to control entry of people as well as smart security features in the villa itself.


Luxury villas in Trivandrum are known for their plethora of amenities aimed at uplifting your lifestyle to the next level. These spacious homes come with amenities that include swimming pool, outdoor game courts, indoor games room, children’s play park, unisex gym, etc. Aside from these features designed to keep the family fit and entertained, luxury villas also come with other delightful amenities such as clubhouse, mini movie theaters, manicured gardens, paved sidewalks for evening strolls, etc.


Another distinguishing feature of luxury villas in Trivandrum is their excellent architectural design, opulent interiors, quality fittings and finishings and professional landscaping that ensures complete privacy. These homes are designed to be more aesthetic and spacious so every member gets to enjoy greater privacy too.


And of course, since villas cost a little more than apartments, you do need to be prepared with a larger down-payment amount as well as a larger loan. At the end of the day, buying a villa is worth it as it stands on its own plot of land too; and with cost of land only rising year-on-year, villas make better investments too!

For those of you planning on buying a villa in Trivandrum, look no further than the delightful ‘Prithvi’ villas by PPD builders. This villa project is strategically located along the NH66 in the green and serene Akkulam area. Coming in plot sizes ranging from 4-20 cents, these luxury homes come with perfectly developed inner lanes with streetlights and stormwater drains. They also offer a plethora of world-class amenities including indoor and outdoor game facilities, children’s park, rooftop swimming pool, clubhouse, party hall, mini theater and even 2 fully-furnished guest suites!

Come have a look at the luxurious Prithvi villas for yourself today!

Why Kowdiar is the Right Choice to Buy Luxury Apartments in Trivandrum?

apartments in kowdiar

Trivandrum is the verdant capital city of the coastal state of Kerala and well-known for so many outstanding attributes, including its burgeoning IT hub, its world-famous beaches, deserving medical tourism, premier educational institutions, etc. All these and more make Trivandrum the ideal city to invest in, if you are planning on buying a home and settling down here.

And since the location is always crucial to your comfort levels in multi-dimensional ways, you will need to research carefully for the ideal locality that fulfils all your needs.

Kowdiar comes to mind when you think of peaceful residential localities. It is also where the royal family of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore still resides at the magnificent Kowdiar palace. This posh area is known as the place where the nouveau riche, celebrities, bureaucrats, businessmen and the well-to-do reside. And since real estate costs are on the higher side here, those who want to own a prestigious address in Kowdiar are better off buying a luxury apartment in Kowdiar rather than looking to buy a plot or stand-alone home in this area.

Standing tall in the heart of the city with beautiful tree-lined avenues, Kowdiar is the cleanest and greenest part of the city, with minimum air and noise pollution and lots of manicured greenery all around. Strategically-located between Ambalamukku and Vellayambalam, Kowdiar is also where the Raj Bhavan (the official residence of the governor) is to be found.

There are a lot of other advantages to owning a home in this upmarket residential part of Trivandrum, and here’s a look at some of them:

Best Location

Kowdiar is well recognized for its cleanliness, wide open roads and fresh unpolluted air. This posh locality is also known for its classy homes and serene green environment. And it’s no wonder why only the cream of the society lives here. There is even a children’s park near the sprawling Kowdiar palace grounds.


It’s not surprising that Kowdiar enjoys excellent connectivity to all important parts of the city. The strategically-located Kowdiar Junction allows easy connectivity to Ambalamukku and Peroorkada on one side, and to Vellayambalam, Sasthamangalam and the Museum area on the other end. Other parts of the city such as Pattom, Medical College area, Technopark and Chacka junction where the international airport is located, are all an easy 10-15 drive away. Trivandrum Central Railway station and the central bus stand are also just 5 minutes’ drive away from Kowdiar, making it the right choice to buy luxury apartments in Trivandrum.

Social Infrastructure

Aside from numerous classy eateries and high-end shopping centers in Kowdiar, this locality also features prominent educational institutions nearby including Christ Nagar, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nirmala Bhavan, etc. Multi-specialty hospitals like KIMS, Medical College Trivandrum, Cosmopolitan hospital, SUT hospital are all situated nearby, making Kowdiar the best locality to buy luxury apartments in Trivandrum.


Being a high-end locality with excellent infrastructure, it’s a given that any property in Kowdiar will earn excellent returns on investment over the years. This is because all those who know what good living is all about tend to aspire for these much-coveted addresses in posh locations like Kowdiar.


Most of the big brand builders in Trivandrum with years of experience in their kitty, have their uber-luxury apartment projects in Kowdiar. These homes are beautifully architected and offer a plethora of matching world class amenities and facilities to those desiring to buy their dream home in Kowdiar.

Prime Property Developers (PPD) have been in the business of constructing delightful residences for almost three decades and have the luxurious ‘Anthem’ apartments in Kowdiar. Featuring 52 apartments ranging from spacious 2BHKs to large 4BHKs, these homes bridge the gap between convenience and luxury.

They come fully loaded with top-of-the-line modern amenities and facilities to ramp up your lifestyle further. These include a rooftop swimming pool, large fully-appointed party hall with a landscaped terrace, a yoga deck, a state-of-the-art home theater, a fully-equipped unisex gym, kids play area, etc. A fully-furnished guest suite has also been thoughtfully provided for overnight guests!

With so much going for the Anthem apartments in Kowdiar, its high time you too took a look at these magnificent homes!

Documents Required to Get a Land Loan

plots in trivandrum

It is traditional to take the help of a bank loan when investing in property – whether the said property is in the form of a villa, apartment or a residential plot. Many people prefer to invest in residential plots in the suburbs when prices are very decent, and build their dream home when they are well and ready for having a home of their own.

This is an excellent way to go in the long run, and is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy all the benefits of gated community living, but in a villa home that’s designed according to their own wishes.

When applying for a plot loan, or more aptly, a land loan, the application procedure is similar to that for home loans. However, it needs to be pointed out that land loans are usually smaller, and also come with attractive interest rates that can be repaid back in the form of affordable EMIs over a maximum period of 25 years.

Benefits of Land Loan

Land loans have minimal documentation requirements and low processing fees. They come at competitive interest rates, and it’s always better to shop around for a bank loan that offers the lowest rates and affordable repayment schedules. The best benefit of land loans however is that you can also avail of tax breaks under Sections 80C and 24 of the Income Tax Act. However, do note these benefits can only be availed when you build a house on it. Under Section 80C, you can avail deductions of up to Rs.1.50 lakhs/annum on the principle repaid. Likewise, you can avail tax benefits of Rs.2 lakhs under Section 24; but this can only be possible when you convert your land loan into a home loan.

Loan Application

For the land loan application to be processed, the applicant should be between 18-65 years of age and provide a list of basic documents which need to be verified first. For unsecured loans such as personal loans, salary slip or income proof are the most important documents. And for secured loans such as loans against property, it’s the property documents that are of greater importance.

Documents Needed for Land Loans

Below is a list of documents necessary for the land loan application process:

For salaried applicants

1. A duly filled application form with photograph
2. Proof of age – Can be passport, PAN card or any other certificate from statutory authority
3. Proof of Identity – Can be Aadhar card, driver’s license, voters’ card or employer’s card.
4. Proof of residence – Can be ration card, electricity bill or voter’s card.
5. The latest salary slips for past 3 months
6. The latest 6 months bank statement of salary account
7. Form 16 for the last 2 consecutive years.

For self-employed applicants

1. A duly filled application form with photograph
2. Proof of age – Can be passport, PAN card or any other certificate from statutory authority
3. Proof of Identity – Can be Aadhar card, driver’s license, voters’ card or employer’s card.
4. Proof of residence – Can be ration card, electricity bill or voter’s card
5. Proof and certificate of business existence
6. Last 3 years income tax returns (self & business)
7. Latest 12-month bank account statement (self & business)
8. Financial statement of business for last 2 years

Documents pertaining to the land will also be required:

1. Original of the land ownership document
2. Copies of the land records
3. Last 3 years tax receipts
4. Land records from office of the Sub-Registrar
5. Approved layout of the plot
6. ‘No Encumbrance’ certificate


And for those looking to buy residential plots in Trivandrum, there is an excellent residential plot project called the ‘Emerald Hills’ located in Venkode area. This is a premium gated community villa plot project by Prime Property Developers (PPD) and comes with a host of amenities and facilities.

Aside from storm drainage pipes, there is underground electricity and water connectivity in place already, along with paved inner roads with street lights. There is also a clubhouse, a futsal court and children’s play zones too. Comprising of 63 plots starting at 4.5 cents, these Emerald Hills residential plots are nestled on a gently rolling hillock and make the perfect green and serene backdrop for your dream home.

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How to Choose a Luxury Villa in Trivandrum

Luxury Villas in Trivandrum

You couldn’t find a better place to buy a luxury villa than in Trivandrum city. Nestled over seven undulating hills, Trivandrum is rich in greenery as well as in cultural heritage. It’s also on the world map for its famous tourism spots, numerous scenic beaches, backwaters and ecotourism. Aside from being the capital of Kerala and the seat of governance, Trivandrum is also well known for its premier educational institutions, multi-specialty hospitals, medical tourism and its rapidly expanding IT hub – the Technopark.

An influx of increasingly younger and well-travelled population with a disposable income has meant that more people are looking to buy luxury villas in Trivandrum. As luxury homes only make up around 10% of properties on the market, you will need to be careful when choosing your dream luxury home. A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a luxury home. Instead, look for some of the following features that truly represent a luxury villa:


Luxury villas are normally located in well-connected suburban areas that are low on sound and air pollution. Ensure that when choosing a luxury villa in Trivandrum, there are no pollution-spouting industries nearby or clubs, graveyards or garbage dumps close to your dream home. The city center, workplace, schools and other places of importance should also be accessible via good roads and public transport connectivity. These and easily available social infrastructure will ramp up your lifestyle further.

Square Footage

When it comes to a luxury home, the size does matter. Luxury villas are larger when it comes to square footage and come in variations of 3BHK and more. The floor plans are also Vastu-compliant to usher in greater prosperity into your home. They also have unique architectural designs, quality construction as well as elegant, manicured gardens. All these are considered features of luxury villas.

Contemporary Designs

Luxury homes stand out for contemporary designs, double car parking facilities and interiors that shout out their luxury quotient. And as can be expected, luxury villas also come with integrated smart home technologies such as smart door locks, smart doorbells as well as Alexa-assisted switches, AC, TV, curtain rods, etc.

Price Tag

Since luxury villas come fully equipped with ultra-luxurious features, branded fittings and finishes, high-quality construction, high-energy efficiency measures as well as high-end addresses that are the envy of other neighborhoods, don’t be surprised to find such homes coming at higher price tags too. If you are being offered a ‘luxury home’ at a cheaper price tag, it’s time for a rethink!


Another feature of luxury villas is that they come with the indulgence of exclusive privacy. As villa homes don’t share any walls with their neighboring homes and stand in a plot of their own with boundary walls, the occupants get to enjoy that unique benefit called privacy. This feature attaches a much-coveted, high-end prestige to villa addresses and villa living.


Luxury villas offer excellent returns on investment as these homes stand on their own plot. With cost of land rising year-on-year, the land value of the villa plot will also go up accordingly, thereby enhancing the value of your home. More so, when it’s built by well-known big brand builders.


Luxury villas come within gated communities with excellent security and surveillance features. You won’t have to worry about your kids playing outdoors as there is always monitoring of people entering and exiting the gates of the walled community. Aside from 24×7 manned gates, luxury homes also come with CCTV surveillance so that you and your family can always rest easy!

For those looking to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have chosen a better city! Check out the ‘Prithvi’ luxury villa project here by Prime Property Developers (PPD), who are well-known for their premium projects and big brand value.

The project is located along the rapidly-developing Kazhakootam-Eanchakkal corridor, along the NH66 in the peaceful Akkulam locality. These villas come in plot sizes ranging from 4-20 cents and are nestled within a perfectly manicured layout with street lights, paved pathways and internal lanes. Plus, you get to revel in world-class amenities like a clubhouse, 2 fully-furnished guest suites, indoor and outdoor game facilities, gym, spa, mini theater, rooftop swimming pool, large party hall, etc.

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