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Best Residential Areas in Trivandrum

best area to live in trivandrum

When planning on buying a home, one of the most important features to consider is the location of the home. It is often an indicator of the prestige level of your new home address, aside from influencing the cost of your home too.

You can always change the look of your home, but you can’t change its location once you have bought it. Hence, you need to ensure that your new home is in a safe locality and offers good connectivity to different parts of the city as well.

Why Trivandrum?

One of the best cities you could think of settling down in is Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. It is rich in arts, culture and history and makes for one of the best cities to bring up your family in. Aside from the low crime rates, Trivandrum is also well-known as an educational hub with many premier schools and colleges being located here. Apart from this, Trivandrum is renowned for its multi-specialty hospitals, medical tourism as well as tourism as a whole too. According to the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS), Trivandrum was adjudged to be the best city to live in amongst 23 other major Indian cities, three times in the last decade alone.

Historical significance

Evidence suggests that the city has been in existence since at least the 10th century AD. Trivandrum has also been enjoying the status of being the capital city since 1729 when it was made the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore. The city has maintained this status even after independence. Hence, it’s only to be expected that the city has better infrastructure, good roads, smooth delivery of basic utilities, governance and law and order situation, as compared to other cities in Kerala.

IT hub

Trivandrum is fast becoming the country’s largest IT hub too, after the advent of Technopark and the upcoming Technocity. This has also led to huge job opportunities and a large influx of young techies with increasing disposable incomes. A resultant need for more quality homes has also arisen concurrently. Realtors have not shied away from this responsibility and numerous apartments, villas and plotted projects have become available across the cityscape.

The city nestles over seven scenic undulating hills, bound by the azure Arabian Sea on one side and by the Western Ghats on the other side. With Trivandrum being big on space, it is still growing both vertically and horizontally, enfolding more suburban areas into its folds year-on-year. As a result, there is construction activity going on in almost every corner of the city.

Some of the best residential areas for buying homes in Trivandrum include posh localities like Kurvankonam, Kowdiar, Nanthancode, Sasthamangalam, etc. These areas are known to be comparatively peaceful and serene spaces where pollution is also on the lower side. These locations are home to the well-to-do and are covered with soothing greenery and wide, well-maintained roads with avenue trees. There is excellent social infrastructure available in these localities and their neighboring areas to make life more comfortable for the residents of these localities.

Road connectivity to important parts of the city as well as to the railway station, bus station, international airport and the bustling IT hub, Technopark, are all within easy reach too. Other important facilities like colleges, schools, hospitals and shopping malls and entertainment centers are also well-connected to these residential areas.

With the cost of living and the cost of homes being comparatively cheaper in Trivandrum, this is the right time to invest in new homes. Premium builders like Prime Property Developers have a number of classy apartments available in Kowdiar. ‘The Anthem’ project here features 2, 3 and 4BHK apartments tailor-made to cater to the needs of those who know what good living is all about. With every modern convenience and entertainment facility within easy accessibility, ‘The Anthem’ is where luxury living reaches new heights. What’s more, these homes come fully loaded with world-class amenities suitable for the entire family’s needs.

Come be a part of the Prime Property Developers family and invest in homes located in the best residential area in Trivandrum!

Advantages of Owning a Plot in Trivandrum

plot for sale in tvm

Though the apartment culture has been catching up fast in Trivandrum, it is something borne out of necessity. This is because not everyone is advantaged enough to have the luxury of building an independent home and enjoy living within the privacy of their own plot.

Given half a chance, most people would cherish such an opportunity. The most important factor to owning a home is owning the plot of land on which the dream home stands. With land running out in the cities and the cost of plots only heading north year-on-year, the best plan should be to invest in plots in the suburban parts of the city.

Here’s a look at some of the major advantages that go with investing in plots in Trivandrum:

Investment value

Investing in plots assures you of substantial long-term appreciation of your piece of real estate. It also means you should have the capacity to stay invested over a long period. You can buy plots in Trivandrum for two purposes; it can be to build a home suited to your unique lifestyle or it can be done for the specific purpose of making substantial gains by selling the plot after a few years.

And by buying your plot in the suburbs, it’s a given that you will be getting it cheaper than when investing in the city center. You just need to be careful and invest in plots where the locality is showing promise of upcoming infrastructure and facilities in the near future. This will ensure that the value of your plot only increases with time.


Since apartments come with a well-defined structure and design, there is little you can do to make them suitable for your needs. On the other hand, plots offer you the flexibility of designing your home according to your own dimensions and needs. You can make the size of bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to just the way you want it to be. And if you want to earn a second income, you can build an upper floor for rent purposes and assure yourself of a lifelong secondary income!


The biggest issue to worry about when buying plots is safety. You will need to ensure that no one encroaches on to your land while your back is turned. The best way out would be to buy plots in gated community projects. Here the plots are clear-cut and demarcated with boundaries by the developer. He would have also obtained the necessary documents indicating that your plot is for residential purposes and provided access to other benefits associated with gated community living.

Resale value

When compared to flats, the resale value of plots tends to appreciate at a faster rate. This is because there is always wear and tear over the years to take into account when it comes to apartments. Aside from this, plot resale values go up more as there is always a wealthy section of society that prefers to buy plots and build horizontal homes. So plots are always valuable, more so if they are located in good neighborhoods. And after some years of living in a home, you have built on that plot, you can still get good returns as buyers give greater importance to the value of the plot too.


Plots also serve as solid assets that can be easily sold off in times of dire emergencies. You can even take loans against them if the need arises.

And if you are looking to buy plots in Trivandrum, then check out the premium ‘Emerald Hills’ residential plot project by Prime Property Developers. Located over a scenic hill in Venkode, this 11-acre gated community project offers 63 plots, starting from 4.5 cents onwards.

The project offers wide internal roads with electricity and water connections already in place. As with all gated communities, it also includes an array of amenities including a basketball/futsal court, gym, clubhouse and two play areas for kids. Come invest in this premium investment opportunity and enjoy independence as well as the benefits of gated community living!

Owning a Luxury Flat in Trivandrum

luxury flats for sale in trivandrum

People are becoming increasingly aware of the good things in life and want the same for themselves too. This has led to a greater demand for luxury homes on a global scale. The current market scenario of unprecedented low home loan rates and a large unsold inventory available with builders makes this the best time to buy a luxury home of your own. 

There is no dearth of luxury apartments in Trivandrum as builders are aware of this growing demand from homebuyers. However, you do need to be careful when buying a luxury flat as some fraudulent builders tend to pass off regular projects as being ‘luxury’ projects. This is why you should learn a little about them first before going home shopping; this way you won’t end up buying a ‘regular’ flat at the price of a luxury one! Here is a look at some of the features that go into the making of a luxury flat in Trivandrum


As expected, location is a critical factor when it comes to luxury flats in Trivandrum. One of the best features of luxury homes is that they come located in niche areas that have excellent connectivity, ease of access and low noise and air pollution. There is also easy availability of good infrastructure nearby including schools, colleges, hospitals, employment hubs and shopping and entertainment centers.  


Another feature that is common with luxury flats is that they are located in peaceful neighborhoods. These are mainly residential areas where the well-to-do live; where getting an address is a matter of prestige. It’s also where all urban conveniences are available within easy reach.


A luxury flat comes with high-end amenities that amp up your lifestyle. Every amenity offered with luxury flats is aimed at maximizing your comfort levels, convenience and ease of living for the whole family. You won’t need to step out for a visit to the gym, swimming pool, kids play park or even the movie theater as there is usually an AV room provided for watching movies. Other high-end amenities that go with luxury flats include terrace gardens, party halls, grand entrance lobbies, generator back-up, etc.


Nothing beats keeping your family and property safe when it comes to your home. This is why luxury flats come with 24×7 security and surveillance. There should be no need for metal grills or alarms with such homes, guaranteeing freedom for the owners. Luxury homes within gated communities have guarded gates, strategically placed CCTV cameras, high-tech security gadgets/appliances and an intercom facility with a guard room. 


Luxury homes are exclusively built by big brand builders who have years of experience to back them. They are crafted using top-notch materials and feature the finest fittings and finishings. There are no shortcuts used in their constructions, and likewise, they don’t come cheap. If you are being offered a very affordable rate and told it’s a luxury flat, it’s time for a second look! Other than this, luxury flats are always large on space and come with exclusive designs that shout out elegance and style.

Hope this list of luxury features will help you choose the right home for yourself. For those on the lookout for luxury flats, do have a look at the luxurious ‘Anthem’ project by the Prime property Developers (PPD) in Trivandrum. It’s where luxury living reaches new heights with addresses that elevate your standing in society. These luxury flats are located in Kowdiar, which is the most exclusive area in the city and home to the cream of the society. It’s also where the resplendent Kowdiar palace is located, with the erstwhile royal family of the Kingdom of Travancore still being resident here.

The Anthem project offers 52 flats ranging from spacious 2BHKs to large 4BHKs. It comes fully loaded with amenities that amp up your lifestyle including an air-conditioned unisex gym, swimming pool, an audio/visual room, a spacious banquet hall, yoga deck and a terrace garden offering stunning views. Aside from a thoughtfully-provided guest suite, there are also rooms for drivers, janitors and caretakers.

The Anthem luxury flats are ideal for the discerning few who know the true value of luxury living!

Documents Checklist for Buying a Plot

checklist before buying land

One of the best ways to enjoy the perks of gated community living and get to build your home according to your own needs is by investing in plots within gated community projects. This way, you get to build your home at your own convenience. You could even use it as an investment and sell it off after a few years, as such plots are always in high demand. With land becoming scarce in the cities, it’s more lucrative to buy plots in the suburban areas where it is cheaper. As the city expands year on year and pulls more peripheral areas into its folds, the value of your plot will only go up.

However, you do need to be very alert during the plot buying process as no one wants any nasty legal surprises down the line. Take the time out and learn about all the documents involved in the purchase of residential plots and move forward accordingly. Of course, the best way out would be to buy plots from big brand developers who have their premium reputations to maintain and can be relied on to be clear-cut and transparent in their sale processes. Here’s a look at some of the documents needed for buying plots:

Title deed

Check the original land ownership deed of the seller and verify whether the seller is the actual plot owner and has full rights to sell the plot. You can also verify the ownership by logging on to the state government’s land registration website. It would also be wise to consult a property lawyer at this point.

Mutation register extract

This document provides details of previous ownerships and is not required in the original form. However, it becomes mandatory when the plot falls under Gram Panchayat jurisdiction.

Power of attorney

This important document is used when the person involved in the purchase or sale of the plot isn’t available and has deputed an ‘agent’ to oversee the transaction process on behalf of himself (‘principal’ or ‘grantor’) – the buyer or seller of the plot. Power of attorney documents usually come into play when the buyer or seller is an NRI.

Encumbrance certificate

An encumbrance certificate is a mandatory requirement when it comes to transferring property ownership from one owner to another. It provides proof of free ownership and evidence that there are no pending loans or legal cases associated with the property. Do note that this certificate issued by the sub-registrar, is only valid for a specified period of time.

Sale deed

A sale deed denotes clear ownership of the title of the plot and needs to be in its original form. It is important in sale transactions and needs to be registered in the local Sub-registrar’s office. This document is different from the sale agreement paper which deals more with details and terms and conditions of sale and is needed for applying for a bank loan.

Property tax receipts

Finally, ensure that all property taxes have been paid in full by the previous owner. You can ask for tax receipts going back up to three years to confirm there are no pending dues, as well as prove the legal status of the plot.

If you are on the lookout for residential plots for sale in Trivandrum, then the ‘Emerald Hills’ in Venkode are your best option. Located amongst soothing green vistas on a hillock, it offers amazing views of the city. Owned by Prime Property Developers (PPD), this 11-acre tract of land has been neatly divided into 63 residential plots, with the smallest plot size being 4.5 cents. The bustling Technopark is just a breezy 15km drive from here and the Kowdiar junction in the city center is around 9km away.

These plots are located within a gated community project setting, with each plot already having an underground electricity connection along with Corporation and well water connectivity too. There is a well-planned internal network of roads with attractive avenue trees already in place. Amenities include manicured green spaces, a clubhouse, children’s play park, multi-games court, unisex gym, etc.

With so much on offer, Emerald Hills is your best option for investing in residential plots.

Why Should You Invest in Residential Plots?

residential plots in trivandrum

Investing in land has always been a secure way of growing your hard-earned money. It also offers stability in life, taking you one step closer to building your own dream home. The pandemic has only served to emphasize this point further as everyone needs a tangible sense of security – and what better way than buying a residential plot to build your home according to your wishes. Here are some tangible reasons why you should consider investing in residential plots:

Lower investment

Generally, investing in a plot of residential land is lower when compared to ready-to-move-in homes, be it villas or apartments. Hence, it makes a great investment for those with smaller budgets. You also get the freedom to decide when you want to build a home on it; there is no hurry here as the plot is already in your name for when you are ready to build.

Higher ROIs

Land has always been in limited supply and when demand exceeds supply in the cities, the cost of land starts to hit the ceiling. This is one good reason why you should buy plots at lower costs in the suburban parts of growing cities. Within just a few years, the returns on your investment will become substantial, making it an excellent money-making investment. However, do check if there is easily available infrastructure in the vicinity of the plot you are planning to buy. This factor will enhance your plot’s value further.

Lower taxes

For those in the dark, the property taxes on empty plots are a mere fraction when compared with the taxes due on built-up homes. Apartments and villas attract greater taxes than empty plots, so you can be financially comfortable while you are waiting for the right time to start building on your plot – or reselling it at higher rates.

Greater flexibility

One of the best advantages of investing in a plot is that you have the flexibility to design and build your house according to your own unique needs and family size. If you want tall arches in front of your home you can get them, if you want a double- or triple-story home, you can get it – everything in your home will depend on your creative wishes only! And if you don’t want to build on the plot, you can always sell it off when you have garnered substantial returns on your investment.

Greater transparency

As compared to the home-buying process, there is minimal paperwork and legalities involved in buying a residential plot. And once the payment is made for the plot, there are no more dealings between buyer and seller. However, before signing on the ownership deed papers at the registrar’s office, do scrutinize the previous ownerships of the plot as well as any encumbrances or liens attached to it. You will also need to collect property tax receipts going back three years from the seller.

For those on the lookout for residential plots for sale in Trivandrum, the premium property developers, PPD, have an amazing offering of residential plots in an 11-acre area in Venkode, called ‘Emerald Hills’. Nestled on a smoothly sloping hillock amid green vistas, it offers excellent views of the city. There are 63 residential plots available, with the minimum plot size being 4.5 cents. They are located just 15km away from Technopark, 9km away from Kowdiar junction, making them easily accessible from the city center too.

The best part about these residential plots is that they are within a gated community project. The plots come with a well-planned internal network of roads, avenue trees and manicured green spaces. There is even a clubhouse, a gymnasium, an outdoor multi-games court and a children’s play park. And to make things easier for the buyers of these residential plots in Trivandrum, each plot comes with an underground electricity connection with an RMU and transformer located at the gated entrance of the project. Aside from this, each plot also has panchayat water as well water connectivity.

With so much on offer, Emerald Hills is one of the best residential plot projects to invest in Trivandrum.

Benefits of Living in Luxury Apartments

luxury flats in trivandrum

There is something to be said about luxurious living in apartments. You get to enjoy high-end amenities and the best of facilities and modern conveniences that provide you with a pampered lifestyle. As a rule, luxurious homes are substantially larger and located in niche areas where owning an address is a matter of great pride.

However, it’s not just the glamor factor that makes luxury apartments more appealing, but a host of other benefits too. And even though luxury apartments appear more high-end at the early stage, you will realize that the perks that come with luxury apartments outweigh their cost and could even end up saving you money in the long run. Here is a closer look at some of these beneficial factors:


As expected, location is key to buying luxury apartments as they are always based in niche areas that are close to common conveniences such as shopping centers, entertainment zones and eateries. They are also close to major employment hubs and come with good connectivity networks. Luxury apartments offer you the benefit of posh, peaceful and secure neighborhoods that you will feel proud to be living in. Life will definitely become easier and more convenient when everything you need is within close-by proximity of your luxury apartment.

Safety and security

They say you can never put a price on safety, but by living in a luxury apartment, you are surely trying to get there. These luxury homes come with a combination of security and surveillance systems that ensure that your family and home are safe. Your children can play in the kid’s play area or ride their bicycles within the complex without your needing to worry about their safety. Aside from being within a gated community with 24/7 guards to monitor the entry and exit of people, there will also be CCTV surveillance, video door phones, digital front door locks, etc. All these will ensure that you feel safe and get a good night’s sleep.

Fitness center

You will also find upscale amenities like fully-functional air-conditioned unisex gyms, jogging tracks, yoga rooms and rooftop swimming pools to help inhabitants of luxury apartments stay fit and healthy. You don’t have to feel lazy about taking the car out to go to the gym or swimming pool anymore, as it’s already there in your apartment complex. And the best part is you can use it at your own convenience!

World-class facilities and amenities

The exterior and interior of luxury apartments are pristinely maintained and equipped with the best of facilities. You will also find clubhouses, banquet halls, mini audio-visual theatres and swimming pools and decks reminiscent of resorts. The furniture, décor and outdoor facilities are ideal for entertaining your guests or for celebrating festivals with the inhabitants of the apartment complex. Your neighbors in luxury apartments will also uphold the same values as you and desire similar peaceful lifestyles.

Maintenance services

Another benefit of living in luxury apartments is that they usually come with a standby maintenance team. This way, you can concentrate on the bigger things in life while the maintenance team takes care of all the unexpected repairs or maintenances needed.

Hopefully, this list has convinced you of the benefits of investing in luxury apartments. And for those interested in buying a luxury apartment, they should check out the latest offerings by Prime Property Developers called the ‘Anthem’. It’s located in Kowdiar, one of the most exclusive areas in Trivandrum. This posh area is named after the Kowdiar Palace also located here, where the erstwhile royal family of the Kingdom of Travancore still resides.

Offering you a wide choice of 52 large 2, 3 and 4BHK luxury apartments, the Anthem comes fully loaded with world-class facilities and exclusive amenities. These include a spacious banquet hall, an audio/visual room, a fully-equipped and air-conditioned unisex gym, a terrace swimming pool, yoga deck and a terrace garden offering stunning views. Aside from a driver’s room, janitor’s room and caretaker’s room, a guest suite has also been thoughtfully provided.

With so much going for them, the opulent Anthem apartments are ideal for the discerning few who know the true meaning of luxurious living!

Things to Check Before Buying a Plot in Kerala

real estate kerala

Everyone dreams of owning a home of their own one day. While some would rather just invest in a generic ready-made home, others would prefer to go the long way and buy a plot to build their own home to suit their lifestyle. Having said that, you do need to practice caution when buying a plot of land in Kerala. Whether the plot is for investment purposes or for building a home, there are several documents to be checked so you don’t fall prey to any legal hassles later on. 

The first thing to find out is whether the property is ‘freehold’ land as per government records. Ideally, the seller should be able to provide all these documents to the buyer. Here is a look at some documents you need to look out for:

Title Deed 

Prior to entering into any deal with the seller, ask for the Title Deed and confirm that there is clear ownership in the seller’s name and that he has the right to sell it. In case it’s joint ownership, make sure you get the release certificates from the co-owners of the property. You also have the right to ask for previous ownership deeds.

Property details 

Before progressing further, get an authorized surveyor to get the plot measurements. Make sure they tally with the sketch of land at the local government survey office.

Tax receipts 

Ask to see the property tax payment receipts of the previous 2-3 years before entering into any deals. This way you can be sure you won’t be taking on any additional burdens. You can even check at the local village office to enquire further on this.

Encumbrance certificate 

Ensure that the plot hasn’t been pledged to any bank in lieu of a loan or so. Ask for the release certificate from the bank to ensure the seller has paid off any debts related to the property. 

Agreement of Sale 

After clearing all the above issues, it’s time to reach an agreement with the seller and make an advance payment towards the plot. A written agreement can be made on an Rs.50 stamp paper mentioning the cost of the plot, the advance given as well as the span of time within which the rest of the sum needs to be paid. It should also mention what needs to be done in case of default from either side. It’s safer to get a lawyer to write this agreement and signed in front of 2 witnesses. 

Sales Deed 

With this document, the seller confirms the conveyance of the plot to the buyer. It also affirms that the seller is the sole owner of the property and that no one else can claim ownership of it.


This proof of transaction takes place in the local Sub-Registrar’s office at the municipal office in the presence of both the buyer and seller. With this, property ownership is transferred to the buyer. As per the provisions of the Indian Registration Act, 1908, registration must be done within 4 months of the agreement. At the time of registration, the original title deeds, tax receipts and 2 witnesses must be present. 

By following these steps, you can be assured that the plot you are buying becomes legally yours, without any future legalities associated with it. For those looking to buy plots in Trivandrum, Prime Property Builders are offering 63 premium villa plots ranging from 7.8 to 23.6 cents in Venkode. Located just 8km from Kowdiar junction, 16Km from Technopark, 18.4Km from the airport and 14.9Km from the railway station, the Emerald Hills project offers a premium investment opportunity. This gated community project comes with an underground electricity cable connection to each plot, with an RMU and transformer by the entrance gate. There is also piped well water as well as Panchayat water connectivity to each plot. And there is a clubhouse, a multi-game court, children’s park, avenue trees and manicured greens.

With so much on offer in this project, the best time to buy a plot is now!

6 Things to Remember When Looking for a Luxury Apartment

apartment checklist

The desire for opulent living is on the rise, more so in the bigger cities. More and more people increasingly prefer to buy luxury apartments, with this phenomenon being observed on a global level too. Living in a luxury apartment is a way of showing that you have made it in life and your home becomes your mouthpiece to make this statement.

Certain factors that are helping more people to invest in luxury homes include easy accessibility of home loans, falling interest rates on loans as well as an increasing disposable income. However, do note that not every so-called ‘luxury apartment’ is actually a luxury apartment. Here is a list of some things that make an actual luxury apartment stand apart.


Luxury apartments are always located in niche areas with easy access to high-end facilities and social infrastructure. Such apartments are also nestled in picture-perfect, peaceful neighborhoods where there is less traffic and lower noise and air pollution. Interestingly, the cost of land in such posh areas is on the higher side and the only way to own an address in such upper-crust places is by buying into a luxury apartment in these locations.

Architectural Appeal

Luxurious homes display outstanding architectural flair and aesthetic appeal in their appearance. You will find that the interior and exterior design and finishing of luxury apartments are of finer quality with the use of high-grade products. Architects generally take their own sweet time to design these unique spacious homes meant for the discerning few. And interior designers give it the breathtaking finishing that will make you gasp with pleasure!

Luxurious Interiors

Another thing that makes luxurious homes stand apart is their interior finishing. Aside from the glamour, luxury apartments come with thoughtfully included storage spaces, built-in closets with high-quality woodwork and windows with excellent finishing. Other opulent features include high ceilings with decorative cornicing, built-in bars and fully fitted out modular kitchens. Not to mention the spacious balconies offering excellent views!

Effective Security Systems

As a rule, luxury apartments come with high-end security features too. Aside from safe neighborhoods, 24X7 surveillance systems and walled compounds, these homes also come integrated with modern technology and high-security standards. The security features are usually linked to your smartphone via an app so you can keep an eye on what’s close to your heart 24X7!


In addition to all the above features, luxury apartments also come with outstanding amenities that give you reasons to want to remain on home turf. Some of the luxury amenities that you share with like-minded neighbors include fully-fitted out air-conditioned gyms, air-conditioned mini home theatres, terrace swimming pools and Jacuzzi, manicured terrace gardens, etc. Other amenities could include outdoor and indoor gaming courts, party halls, a kiddy playground, generator backup and ample car parking spaces.

Maintenance Services

Most luxury apartments come with a standby maintenance team to take care of the unexpected repairs, maintenance or installations needed. This leaves you free to focus on the bigger things in life instead of running helter-skelter for day-to-day hassles that crop up in everyday life.

Hopefully, this list of features will help you find the luxury apartment of your dreams! And for those on the lookout, Prime Property Developers in Trivandrum have another outstanding offering called ‘Anthem’ in the posh Kowdiar area where the nuevo rich are known to reside. Featuring spacious 2, 3 & 4BHK luxury apartments, they come fully loaded with every kind of luxury amenities possible. These include a manicured terrace garden, terrace swimming pool, yoga deck, large party hall, an air-conditioned A/V room, an AC gym, etc. This classy apartment project has only 52 luxury apartments along with a guest suite, a driver’s room, a janitor’s room and a caretaker’s room.

Other than all this, the Anthem project also offers provisions for reticulated gas, an aerobic microbial composting system and solar panels on the rooftop. With so much going for these apartments, they are ideal for the discerning few looking for luxury apartments in Trivandrum!

Benefits of Buying an Apartment in Kowdiar

flats in kowdiar

Buying an apartment involves considerable thought and planning. You will need to decide on a budget that’s comfortable for you, the number of bedrooms (BHK) needed and which amenities and facilities are essential to you. The location of your apartment is another important feature that needs deep thought.

The capital city of Trivandrum is well-known for its premier educational institutions, super-specialty hospitals and numerous government offices. Trivandrum has also been witnessing tremendous growth and development, making it one of the best cities to set up home in. The advent of Technopark in the city has brought in a slew of new job opportunities as well as improved the ease-of-living index. Trivandrum also has an old-world charm left over from the days when it was the capital of the Kingdom of Travancore. The Kowdiar palace in Kowdiar is still home to the erstwhile royal family, and one of the best localities to buy a home in. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of buying an apartment in Kowdiar:

Prime location

Located in the heart of the city, Kowdiar is home to the cream of society. It’s also one of the cleanest and greenest parts of the city. Tree-lined avenues, fresh air and a peaceful environment, that’s what Kowdiar is so special to its residents. There’s also a well-maintained children’s park adding to the greenery in this region.


The best part of Kowdiar is its easy connectivity to all the important areas of the city. Its ideally positioned between the prime Vellayambalam and Peroorkada localities. Trivandrum Central railway station and Trivandrum bus stand are a bare 5km away while the Trivandrum International Airport is around 8km away. Kowdiar is also well connected by good roads to other major hubs like Pattom, Nathancode, Technopark Sasthamangalam, Vattappara, Kazhakoottam, etc.

Social Infrastructure

Being the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum offers excellent infrastructure in terms of health, education, technology, roads, etc. It’s central location also means all important places are easily accessible. Right from high-end shopping centers, golf club, the museum complex, children’s parks to the Mall of Travancore, Central Mall and Lulu mall. Some of the nearby educational institutions include Christ Nagar International School, Holy Angels School, Institute of Technology, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, etc.

Investment value

With Kowdiar being considered as one of the up-market areas in Trivandrum, owning an address here is something to vie for. As land costs are steep here, the best way out is to buy an apartment in Kowdiar. And you can be sure that its value will only multiply with the coming years.

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Kowdiar, then ‘The Anthem’ apartments is where you will find luxury living reaching new heights. Available in 2,3 and 4 BHK options, there is something here for everyone. These prime apartments come with the additional benefits of prime location, low pollution, direct connectivity to important places, world-class amenities and a luxurious lifestyle to die for! Do check them out.

Why Plots Are a Great Investment Choice

residential land for sale in trivandrum

Why Plots are a great investment choice

The best time to start investing is now. And real estate is one of the most preferred investment options in India. In this post-pandemic world, there is a steep rise in the number of people investing in plots when compared to flats and villas. In addition to bringing in that satisfaction of having arrived in life, investing in plots also brings you better ROI.  Here are some of the key benefits of investing in a plot of land

  • Low initial investment
  • It offers greater flexibility
  • Land value  appreciates fast
  • No gap between purchase and possession
  • Lower property tax
  • No maintenance costs
  • It is a finite asset

Why Trivandrum Is the Best for Buying Plot as an Investment?

Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala has always ranked as one of the best cities to stay in India. A safe and beautiful environment, stable governance, and urban conveniences make this city one of the most sought out places for a safe and sound life. To invest in Trivandrum, is to invest in the urban conveniences and infra-structure the capital city has to offer. An international airport, an upcoming harbor, well laid out roads, and railway lines add to the charm of the city making it one of the top places to invest in real estate in Kerala. 

And when it comes to investing in real estate Trivandrum plots are a safe bet. Prime Property Developers with over two decades of catering to the bespoke luxury segment has launched their first developed plots, Emerald Hills near Venkode, Trivandrum. These developed plots offer the comforts of a gated community while giving you the freedom to envisage how your own house should be. When you invest in Emerald Hills, you are investing in a new lifestyle. 

Developed on an 11-acre land pocket, the Emerald Hills project contains 63 plots with each plot starting from 4.5 cents onwards. We offer wide internal roads, water supply, and electricity connection to every plot. The project also has a wide array of common amenities. These include a basketball/ futsal court, a gymnasium, a clubhouse, and two play areas for kids.

Advantages of Owning a Plot in Trivandrum

When you invest in a planned community like Emerald Hills, you are invariably signing up for a world-class lifestyle.  A developed community will have open spaces helping you to live a quality and healthy lifestyle. You also sign up for a safe and secure neighborhood for your family.  Choosing a quality neighborhood is as important as choosing a home. 

Residential plots in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is the capital city and hence owning a residential plot here is a great investment option. An efficient social infrastructure, low cost of living, ease of commute, low crime rate – these are the factors that work in favor of Trivandrum. 

Tips To Keep in Mind Before Buying Residential Plot in Trivandrum

So, what are the main things you need to consider before investing in a residential plot? There is not bypassing the most crucial factor. Location. The location makes all the difference. Your budget plays yet another important role in the process. The next step involves identifying and verifying the builder credentials. And then comes the most cumbersome process. The paperwork.  

The decision to invest in a plot of land is a major one. And it is one decision that you should not do impulsively. Once you identify the plot of land you are going to invest in, you need to spend extra effort and energy knowing the important details in the paperwork.