Best Luxury Villas in Trivandrum

Villas have been around for many centuries and referred to the luxury summer homes of rich Romans. These homes came replete with manicured gardens, vineyards and a bevy of staff for the upkeep of these plush country homes.
The modern-day villas work along similar lines too, and are the preferred homes of the well-to-do, people who know what good living is all about. These luxury villas come in contemporary designs and feature a plethora of amenities. The best part about villas is that they are spacious homes located in green and peaceful environments, a little away from the pollution prevalent in the city center.

If you are planning on buying a home, then check out the luxury villas in Trivandrum. This is the capital city of Kerala and has held onto this position since the eighteenth century when the maharajas of the Kingdom of Travancore ruled. They were known for their love for arts, culture, architecture and education, and have left behind many legacies still standing tall and functional in the city.

Modern-day Trivandrum has the soon-to-be-largest IT hub in India, the Technopark. It attracts people from all over the country for career opportunities and they fall for the verdant beauty of this city and tend to settle down here. Trivandrum also has the upcoming Vizhinjam port which is touted to become a gamechanger in terms of the city’s development and economy. Having said that, this is the best time to invest in luxury villas in Trivandrum as prices will soon head north.

But before buying a luxury villa, here’s a look at what goes into the making of an actual luxury villa:


Luxury villas usually come nestled in peaceful, clean and secure localities. They offer beautiful views of open spaces, greenery and birdsong instead of traffic honking and smog. The neighborhoods of gated villa projects are also peaceful and do not block the views from luxury villa homes. Such locations also come with excellent road connectivity and access to excellent infrastructure close by. A luxury villa home address is something the homeowner will always be proud of, as it signifies that they have made it in life.


Luxury villas are the homes of the well-to-do and are always located in secure and low crime localities where your kids can walk home safely unaccompanied. Aside from this, the gated community setting of luxury villas itself provides multiple levels of security. Along with CCTV surveillance, there are 24×7 manned gates to control entry of people as well as smart security features in the villa itself.


Luxury villas in Trivandrum are known for their plethora of amenities aimed at uplifting your lifestyle to the next level. These spacious homes come with amenities that include swimming pool, outdoor game courts, indoor games room, children’s play park, unisex gym, etc. Aside from these features designed to keep the family fit and entertained, luxury villas also come with other delightful amenities such as clubhouse, mini movie theaters, manicured gardens, paved sidewalks for evening strolls, etc.


Another distinguishing feature of luxury villas in Trivandrum is their excellent architectural design, opulent interiors, quality fittings and finishings and professional landscaping that ensures complete privacy. These homes are designed to be more aesthetic and spacious so every member gets to enjoy greater privacy too.


And of course, since villas cost a little more than apartments, you do need to be prepared with a larger down-payment amount as well as a larger loan. At the end of the day, buying a villa is worth it as it stands on its own plot of land too; and with cost of land only rising year-on-year, villas make better investments too!

For those of you planning on buying a villa in Trivandrum, look no further than the delightful ‘Prithvi’ villas by PPD builders. This villa project is strategically located along the NH66 in the green and serene Akkulam area. Coming in plot sizes ranging from 4-20 cents, these luxury homes come with perfectly developed inner lanes with streetlights and stormwater drains. They also offer a plethora of world-class amenities including indoor and outdoor game facilities, children’s park, rooftop swimming pool, clubhouse, party hall, mini theater and even 2 fully-furnished guest suites!

Come have a look at the luxurious Prithvi villas for yourself today!

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