Easy Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

Making your home into a cozy haven isn’t as difficult as it may sound. You don’t even need to redecorate each room to create that glossy magazine effect. That’s because what you need to focus on is making your home appear more lived-in, more relaxing and more like a home – instead of a showpiece from some magazine! All you need do is to concentrate on making your home appear more warm and inviting by adding a little texture and some décor items.

Instead of turning to an interior designer for inspiration, here are some easy ways to cozy up your home by yourself:

Get Rid of Clutter

There is nothing like clutter to take away the peace from a room. Work on putting away unnecessary stuff from important surfaces like the kitchen counter, dining table, coffee table, etc. While too much neatness can lead to a sterile look, concentrate on creating a ‘used’ look in every room, without being overpowering.

Comfy Furniture

Your seating and bedding areas should look very comfortable and inviting. Since your sofa is the stand-out furniture in your living room, opt for a comfortable, nap-friendly couch that not only looks aesthetic, but inviting too. Other comfortable furnishing to lookout for include ottomans, poufs and recliners.

The Right Colors

Bright and bold paint colors don’t always go with the image of a cozy space; neither do dark colors for that matter. Opt for warm colors to create a comfortable and inviting mood. However, do be careful not to fall into the trap of creating a dull and monochromatic look, or an impersonal or faded feel. An easy trick solution would be to create highlights with fun colors in cushions, rugs, curtains or wall features.

Softer Lighting

Surprisingly, lights too can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Consider creating a layered effect with wall scones, chandeliers, table lamps or floor lamps. Bulbs that emit a soft glow can be used to create the perfect cozy ambience in a room without your putting in too much effort!

Wooden Accents

When it comes to creating a cozy and classy look, the warm tones of wood are unbeatably the best! You could go for wooden wall cladding, wooden flooring or just rich shining hues of furnishing and accessories for that plush, cozy and inviting look. Wood is durable and aesthetically delightful and has undeniable warm characteristics unattainable with other materials.

Fresh Greenery

There is nothing like fresh flowers and green indoor plants to add an elegant, but appealing look to your home! Add pops of color in key locations of your home to make them appear more inviting and cozier. Fresh greenery is also known to be a mood enhancer, calming as well as relaxing, the perfect decor for cozy homes!


A large rug over a hard floor has the ability to instantly warm up that room. You can use the colors or patterns in the rug to match with your throw pillows, accessories or wall paint and create perfect harmony in your décor theme. Rugs make your room appear more cozy and inviting too.

Photo Collages

Putting up pictures on the walls definitely adds a personal touch to your home. You could create an interesting collage of photographs with a common theme, get them framed and put them up on an empty wall. Not only will this make your home appear more homely, but also make a great conversation starter!

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