How to Choose a Luxury Villa in Trivandrum

You couldn’t find a better place to buy a luxury villa than in Trivandrum city. Nestled over seven undulating hills, Trivandrum is rich in greenery as well as in cultural heritage. It’s also on the world map for its famous tourism spots, numerous scenic beaches, backwaters and ecotourism. Aside from being the capital of Kerala and the seat of governance, Trivandrum is also well known for its premier educational institutions, multi-specialty hospitals, medical tourism and its rapidly expanding IT hub – the Technopark.

An influx of increasingly younger and well-travelled population with a disposable income has meant that more people are looking to buy luxury villas in Trivandrum. As luxury homes only make up around 10% of properties on the market, you will need to be careful when choosing your dream luxury home. A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a luxury home. Instead, look for some of the following features that truly represent a luxury villa:


Luxury villas are normally located in well-connected suburban areas that are low on sound and air pollution. Ensure that when choosing a luxury villa in Trivandrum, there are no pollution-spouting industries nearby or clubs, graveyards or garbage dumps close to your dream home. The city center, workplace, schools and other places of importance should also be accessible via good roads and public transport connectivity. These and easily available social infrastructure will ramp up your lifestyle further.

Square Footage

When it comes to a luxury home, the size does matter. Luxury villas are larger when it comes to square footage and come in variations of 3BHK and more. The floor plans are also Vastu-compliant to usher in greater prosperity into your home. They also have unique architectural designs, quality construction as well as elegant, manicured gardens. All these are considered features of luxury villas.

Contemporary Designs

Luxury homes stand out for contemporary designs, double car parking facilities and interiors that shout out their luxury quotient. And as can be expected, luxury villas also come with integrated smart home technologies such as smart door locks, smart doorbells as well as Alexa-assisted switches, AC, TV, curtain rods, etc.

Price Tag

Since luxury villas come fully equipped with ultra-luxurious features, branded fittings and finishes, high-quality construction, high-energy efficiency measures as well as high-end addresses that are the envy of other neighborhoods, don’t be surprised to find such homes coming at higher price tags too. If you are being offered a ‘luxury home’ at a cheaper price tag, it’s time for a rethink!


Another feature of luxury villas is that they come with the indulgence of exclusive privacy. As villa homes don’t share any walls with their neighboring homes and stand in a plot of their own with boundary walls, the occupants get to enjoy that unique benefit called privacy. This feature attaches a much-coveted, high-end prestige to villa addresses and villa living.


Luxury villas offer excellent returns on investment as these homes stand on their own plot. With cost of land rising year-on-year, the land value of the villa plot will also go up accordingly, thereby enhancing the value of your home. More so, when it’s built by well-known big brand builders.


Luxury villas come within gated communities with excellent security and surveillance features. You won’t have to worry about your kids playing outdoors as there is always monitoring of people entering and exiting the gates of the walled community. Aside from 24×7 manned gates, luxury homes also come with CCTV surveillance so that you and your family can always rest easy!

For those looking to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have chosen a better city! Check out the ‘Prithvi’ luxury villa project here by Prime Property Developers (PPD), who are well-known for their premium projects and big brand value.

The project is located along the rapidly-developing Kazhakootam-Eanchakkal corridor, along the NH66 in the peaceful Akkulam locality. These villas come in plot sizes ranging from 4-20 cents and are nestled within a perfectly manicured layout with street lights, paved pathways and internal lanes. Plus, you get to revel in world-class amenities like a clubhouse, 2 fully-furnished guest suites, indoor and outdoor game facilities, gym, spa, mini theater, rooftop swimming pool, large party hall, etc.

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