Top 5 Features that Define Luxury Homes

luxury house features
February 10, 2022

Top 5 Features that Define Luxury Homes

Everyone dreams of living in a luxurious home and enjoying the comfort and extravagance that go with it. However, the definition of luxury itself can be very subjective. While the heavy decor and high ceilings defined luxurious living in the past, modern-day concepts of luxurious homes have been evolving. It’s no longer just about vast spaces and opulent amenities, but also about the interiors, the conveniences, facilities and the location.

The entire concept of luxury has undergone a sea change with the focus being more on the design element, comfort and the style statement it encompasses. It is no longer just about the looks, but also about how it makes you feel, the lifestyles it offers. Luxury homes come increasingly with smart gadgets and smart security measures that aim to ramp up your home’s oomph factor and its investment value. Here is a look at the top 5 features that define luxury homes:

Luxury Amenities

One of the most exciting features that add to the luxury quotient of a home is the amenities that come with it. While most gated community apartments come with some basic amenities, luxury homes come with more lavish, high-grade amenities that are solely aimed at ramping up your lifestyle. Some of these world-class luxurious amenities include large swimming pools, terrace gardens, party halls, AC gyms and mini-movie theaters. Other luxury amenities include a backup generator, reticulated gas connection, premium-finished entrance lobby with seating areas as well as guest suites. There is no end to the imaginative amenities in luxury apartments, with some even offering high-end spas, meditation rooms and yoga turfs.


Another feature that puts luxury homes into a class of their own includes the layout and BHK denomination. Most luxury apartments and villas come in 3 BHK and higher numbers. Space is indeed a luxury here and it’s no wonder that luxury homes are also more spacious and come with higher carpet areas of around 1700 square feet and above. With most apartment homes being located around the city center where space is indeed expensive, a spacious home automatically becomes a symbol of luxury.

High-end Kitchens

It’s not just the living areas that make a fine showpiece in luxury homes, but also the kitchens! The interior decor experts do an extensive job of designing the kitchen with the perfect blend of comfort and lavishness. Luxury homes sport unique modular kitchen ideas with high-end cabinet fittings and finishes designed to make this room not only a showpiece but also a very functional one!

Smart Homes

Luxury homes are increasingly coming with smart designs that utilize technology to make your life more comfortable. Words like ‘smart’ homes and ‘automation’ are increasingly being associated with luxury homes and include interesting features like smart door locks, video/audio door phones, energy efficiency, mood lighting, curtain automation, etc. Just the way you control your TV with the press of a button, you can now control many other features within your home with state-of-the-art technology. Such cool features perfectly enhance your home’s luxury levels!


To enhance the life of its inhabitants, luxury homes also come with 24×7 security and surveillance features. Not only are the gates manned by round-the-clock professional guards to control the entry of people, but there is also CCTV coverage of all the public areas within the gated complex. Some of the other security elements include coded locks, safety alarms, video door phone systems, etc., for fool-proof security. Every apartment will additionally have intercom access to the security room to ensure quick access.

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