Emerald Hills

Emerald Hills

In touch with nature

Would you like to live close to urban conveniences while being away from the pollution and commotion of the city? Allow us to introduce Emerald Hills, our first layout development project near Venkode on the outskirts of the city. Situated on the slope of a hillock, this gated community is a pollution-free healthy living space. Developed on an 11-acre land pocket, this project contains 63 plots with each plot starting from 4.5 cents onwards.

We offer wide internal roads, water supply and electricity connection to each and every plot. The project also has a wide array of common amenities. These include a basketball/ futsal court, a gymnasium, a clubhouse and two play areas for kids.

However, we do not undertake the construction of villas on these plots. We will be glad to offer you advice on suitable designs with minimal disturbance to the natural slope of the land. This project is about 9 km from Kowdiar Junction and about 15 km from Technopark. Emerald Hills is a premium investment opportunity. Make the smart move and invest now.

Plathara, Venkode 63 plots starting from 4.5 cents "K-RERA registration not required - Occupancy certificate received before 01/01/2020"



Party hall
Health club
Children’s play area
Futstal/Basketball Court
Caretaker’s room
Association Room
Drivers’ Room
Janitors’ room
Security room


Internal roads upto 10 m wide, asphalted and planted with avenue trees

8 m access from main road

Paved side footpath on all major roads

Non drinking water supply from well, through overhead tank to every plot

Provision for panchayat water supply to every plot

RMU and Transformer at the entrance. Suitably placed panel rooms with underground cabling to every plot for electricity supply.

Street lighting using underground cables

Concealed storm water drains

Common open areas will be landscaped






Development Permit No : B2 – 8260/5/14 dated 30/07/2014 of Karakulam Panchayath


Development Permit No : B2 – 8260/5/14 dated 30/07/2014 of Karakulam Panchayath


This project has been completed.

Development Permit No : B2 – 8260/5/14 dated 30/07/2014 of Karakulam Panchayath


Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala is an emerging housing destination and many locations qualify as prime locations. For a residential plot, it is ideal to move to a location just outside the city limits, but with good connectivity to the city. With the proposed ring road and proximity of under 10 km from the city, Venkode is an ideal location for investing in a residential plot. Prime Property Developers, one of the premium and niche luxury builders in Trivandrum offers developed residential plots called Emerald Hills at Venkode.

Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala making it an ideal spot for investment. With real estate picking up momentum, there are an array of options to chose from. A residential plot gives you the security and the promise of great ROI. Prime Property Developers is one of the major builders in the luxury niche market and the residential plots called Emerald Hills for sale at Venkode makes for a great investment.

The city is developing and the availability of land pockets inside the city is increasingly rare. It is ideal to opt for a location that is slightly away from the city, yet well-connected to it. Venkode near Trivandrum checks all the requisites for a plot in Trivandrum. Prime Property Developers offers a developed plot called Emerald Hills at Venkode.

The price for a plot of land varies with the location as with any other city. However, if you are planning for future investment, it is ideal to invest in a location away from the heart of the city. A location that boasts of basic amenities and great connectivity to the city. Venkode is less than 10 km from the city, yet offers you spectacular benefits. It is at Venkode that Prime Property Developers, a niche builder in the city is developing an integrated township that offers you every comfort and luxury. And what's more, the well-developed plots are appropriately priced too.

What are the facilities you will look for when you decide on a residential plot? Great connectivity to the city, great facilities, great location, and a chance to build your dream home? Prime Property Developers' new project, Emerald Hills satisfies this dream. Build on an 11-acre plot, this residential plot offers the best of facilities.



For those discerning people who want to live away from the commotion and pollution in the city, yet enjoy the conveniences of urban life, there are a number of residential plots in Trivandrum to choose from. The Prime Property Developers, one of the best builders in Trivandrum, has a development project near Venkode, Vattappara that offers excellent residential plots in Trivandrum.

These plots in Venkode are in an 11-acre land pocket offering 63 plots ranging from 4.5 cents onwards. These plots in Venkode are 9km from Kowdiar junction and 12km from Technopark. Located on the side of a green hillock, the ‘Emerald Hills’ offers house plots for sale in Trivandrum/Venkode, with each plot for sale in Venkode offering scenic views of the city.

With the city expanding at a rapid rate, the need for residential plots in Trivandrum is on the rise and the ‘Emerald Hills’ development project near Venkode is sparking great interest. Available for immediate possession, residential land in Trivandrum is the go-to option for people who want to design their own luxury homes and yet enjoy the benefits of a gated community. This development project near Venkode comes with excellent amenities including outdoor game courts, gymnasium, clubhouse, kid’s play area, paved sidewalks, etc.

When it comes to investing in Kerala, Trivandrum, the capital city, ranks as one of the top localities to settle down. And hence there is a huge demand for residential land for sale in Trivandrum. Some developers offer just residential land for sale, Prime Property Developers stands out by providing a perfect and secure property that offers all the benefits of a small township with all modern amenities on the premises.  ‘A developed project’ is a rarity when it comes to residential land that is on sale in Trivandrum. Emerald Hills envisages providing the buyer with all amenities including well-paved roads, a clubhouse, and play areas.

Not all residential plots for sale in Trivandrum offer the luxury offered by Prime Property Developers with their new project called Emerald Hills near Venkode, Trivandrum. This residential plot offers stunning views in addition to all the modern amenities you can expect in an apartment complex. Round-the-clock Security, well-laid-out roads, and other amenities make Emerald Hills a perfect residential plot for sale in Trivandrum. 

It is always better to invest in land/ plot when you are thinking of investment. A land where you can build your dream home. It is here that Prime Property Developers stand out and why their developed plots – Emerald Hills should be one of the top contenders when it comes to land for sale in Trivandrum. What’s more, the company does not build homes on this property, however, they will provide you all the experience of a perfect team that has over two decades of building luxury homes in Trivandrum.

Are you planning on investing in a plot of land in Trivandrum? Look no further. Prime Property Developers offers developed plots in Venkode Trivandrum. It is close to the city while being away from its hustle and bustle. The plots at Emerald Hills near Venkode offer the best of amenities and round-the-clock security that is a rarity in Trivandrum these days. These plots ranging from 4.5 cents onwards are located on a hillock and the entire project is in an 11-acre plot offering you the utmost privacy and comforts of a happy home.

When it comes to investing in property you end up with two choices, either invest in a constructed building or invest in plots for sale. Land or house plots are in demand but in short supply in the city. And it is ideal to move out to the outskirts for house plots in Trivandrum now.  Also to be considered is the budget that you are comfortable with. The odds work greatly in favor of property or house plots just outside the burgeoning city. Venkode is easily accessible from the city and offers an easy commute and all the facilities of a city. This makes Emerald Hills by Prime Property Developers one of the most sought house plots for sale in Trivandrum. Add to this that the community will have all the amenities of an apartment including well-laid roads and other conveniences.