This calculator will give you the EMI value according to your eligibility. EMI or Equated Monthly Income is the amount you have to repay the financial institution during the tenure of your loan.

Buying a home is an important milestone in everyone’s life as it provides a sense of security and possession. Understand your loan eligibility to own a dream home through this calculator. Enter the values below and get the approximate Loan amount eligibility and EMI amount.

Avail our user specified Area converter to get the equivalent measurements of area in different units. Write any one value and press enter to get the equivalent measurements.

Tools in Buying Property

Everyone aspires to own a home of their own one day, in a location of their choice. With Trivandrum growing both horizontally and vertically, this can be an apartment or villa home. However, there is much that goes into buying a home aside from choosing the right BHK or sqft built-up areas.

With homes being an expensive investment, most people use a home loan to shore up its payment. However, you will first need to check your loan eligibility. Ensure that you don’t have any debts and have a good CIBIL record for becoming eligible for a home loan. Your income, age and dependents are all important factors when calculating your loan eligibility. The applicant and co-applicants gross monthly incomes, any existing EMI outflows, loan tenure and other deductions are all important when calculating loan eligibility. You can use the Prime Property Developer’s loan eligibility calculator under the Tools section on our site to determine how much loan you are eligible for.

You can also use the EMI calculator provided to determine exactly how much EMI you will need to pay depending on the loan amount, interest rate and tenure. The EMI calculator also tells you the total interest you will be paying on the principle. An area converter is another important tool available here to help you determine the space you will be buying into. Prime Property Developers have a number of premium apartments and villa projects available in Key locations in Trivandrum. Do check!