Residential Plots in Trivandrum

When it comes to investment, there is nothing better than real estate to lock your hard-earned money in. It can be in the form of built-up property or in the form of vacant plots. Since the best time to invest in residential plots in Trivandrum is now, here is a look at some important reasons why you shouldn’t delay in making your investment in residential plots in Trivandrum!

Capital City

Trivandrum is the beautiful coastal capital city of Kerala and home to lush greenery, scenic beaches, world-famous temples, historical monuments, prestigious educational institutions, the best medical facilities and modern infrastructure. The roads here are very well maintained as the city plays host to important visiting dignitaries too. All this makes Trivandrum the perfect city to buy residential plots in. According to real estate investors, property rates in Trivandrum have been rising steadily, with a market boom expected in the near future. This is supposed to be fueled by the expanding IT hub, the upcoming Vizhinjam port, the Light metro as well as the Outer Ring Road (ORR).


The city’s burgeoning IT hub, the Technopark, was established in 1990 and has been on an expansion mode ever since. It is host to over 450 companies and employs over 70,000 professionals, many of whom are from different parts of the country and abroad. There has been a corresponding boom in real estate activity to provide housing for this migrant population of workers, many of whom get charmed by the city’s peaceful culture and end-up settling here.


Technopark has changed the social fabric of the city forever. Trivandrum now boasts of multinational fast-food chains and retailers, multiplexes, commercial hubs as well as the popular mall culture. All this and more has set the city on the track to becoming a cosmopolitan center too.


If you have decided to invest in residential plots in Trivandrum, do consider investing in plots that are a little away from the city center. This is because land is cheaper in the suburbs and with Trivandrum expanding year-on-year, its pulling parts of the outskirts into its folds. Land is also running out in the cities, so it makes more sense to invest in land as it is guaranteed to increase in value. What all this means is that the value of your plot will go up in a shorter timeline, earning you enviable profits in case of a resale. And even if you are planning to build your home on it, rest assured that your investment capital is only going to grow manifold in value.

By investing closer to the city means that you will be able to buy less of land, and at higher rates. It also means that you won’t have access to a peaceful, pollution-free locality, nor a hassle-free lifestyle.

Gated Community

While stand-alone plots of land in Trivandrum are easily available, do note that they don’t come with the host of amenities and facilities as well as security and peace of mind that come with buying into gated community plots. With stand-alone plots, you have to take responsibility for everything, right from building a boundary to prevent encroachment, procuring a host of permits and certificates as well as getting utility connections.

A better option is to go with residential plots within gated communities, where there is no danger of encroachment, where all the paperwork has been done and utility connections are all provided for. Such gated community plot projects also come with all the perks including amenities, inner lanes, streetlights and manicured lawns and avenue trees. It definitely sounds like a better option as only reputed developers provide such projects.

For those on the lookout, Prime Property Developers (PPD) have a delightful 11-acre residential plot project near Venkode. Known as the ‘Emerald Hills’, these residential plots in Trivandrum consist of 63 demarcated villa plots of varying sizes. Offering spectacular views of the city, these plots come with a boundary wall, a plethora of amenities, well-developed inner lanes with footpaths and storm drains, underground water and electricity connections, etc. And you will still be living close to the city.

Make a smart move today and invest in Emerald Hills!

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