Is it beneficial to own a villa in Trivandrum?

Everyone aspires to own a home of their own one day and bring up their family. While homes come in various variations such as flats, apartments, villaments, villas and stand-alone bungalows, their location also matters.

If you are planning on buying a home in Kerala, then Trivandrum should be your ideal target city. Known for its rich cultural heritage and a history of having been the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore, Trivandrum is very well-developed and comes with excellent infrastructure too. Being the current capital of Kerala state adds further perks to living in Trivandrum with a number of major growths expected to come up in the upcoming years. Home to premier educational institutions, famous multi-specialty hospitals, an IT park (Technopark) that’s touted to soon become the largest in the country, an international airport, the upcoming Vizhinjam port and a plethora of lifestyle facilities, magnificent beaches and tourism spots make Trivandrum one of the best places to settle down in.

Here, the roads are well-maintained, traffic is disciplined, crime rates are low and the livability index of the city is high, thus further amplifying the quality of life for its residents. If you are planning to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better choice! And here’s a look at why this holds true:

1. Villas are a symbol of prestige, a sign that you have made it in life. A villa address, that too in the capital city of Trivandrum, says a lot about your status in society. This is because villas are known to come with a number of luxurious features and amenities that aren’t available in other types of homes.

2. Another reason why owning a villa in Trivandrum is an excellent decision is because Trivandrum is a growing city. Since the cost of land is rising year on year, its wiser to invest in villas that stand on their own plot of land. In the case of a resale, your Trivandrum villa is bound to get you excellent returns on investment too!

3. Villas also enjoy all the perks that come with gated community living in apartments. Some of the best villas in Trivandrum come with paved internal pathways with streetlights and avenue trees, landscaped gardens, children’s playgrounds, fully-loaded clubhouses with indoor and outdoor game facilities, AC gyms, party halls, 24×7 security, etc. Enjoy getting royally pampered and lead high lifestyles with villa living!

4. Villas are spacious homes that are not only big on built-up interior spaces, but also on outdoor spaces. Here, you can enjoy gardening and growing your own organic veggies or you could relish your morning cuppa in the garden with birdsong and the fresh breeze for company. Another charm to villa living is the lack of air and noise pollution. You can even make changes to your villas design by adding more rooms or extending your porch or even redecorating – all without ever having to take permission from any housing society!

5. The best benefit of owning a villa in Trivandrum however is the privacy that goes with it! While apartments come with shared walls, villas afford you so much privacy; aside from the absence of shared walls, each villa comes with its own boundary too. You can relax without worrying about prying eyes or sounds escaping to the neighbors. Your pets too get to enjoy greater freedom without the stress of complaints from the housing society.

While villas were only affordable by the super-rich earlier on, now even the middle-income class can afford them with a little bit of planning. If you are looking to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, then look no further than the delightful ‘Prithvi’ villa project by Prime Property developers (PPD) located in Akkulam area. These villas come in a secluded green and serene area, strategically-located along the NH66. The plot sizes vary from 4-20 cents and come with perfectly laid-out inner lanes with street lights, avenue trees and storm drains.

This exclusive gated community project comes with a plethora of lifestyle amenities too such as indoor and outdoor game facilities, rooftop swimming pool, children’s park, party hall, clubhouse, a mini theater and even two fully-furnished guest suites for your overnight visitors!

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