Five Reasons to Choose an Apartment in Trivandrum

Of recent, Trivandrum has become one of the most preferred destinations for those who want to buy apartments and settle down here. This coastal, capital city of Kerala is an amazing medley of the old and the young, offering something for every genre. Trivandrum has a rich cosmopolitan culture, enviable social infrastructure, a booming tourism industry, premier educational institutions and multispecialty hospitals, all of which make this city a great place to settle down in. It is also a favorite real estate destination with premium builders having luxury apartment projects available in all key locations of the city.

Buying an apartment in Trivandrum is a major decision for which you need to do your share of research first. You will need to zero in on the right location, the right builder, the connectivity angle as well as a host of other important features that make living a luxury. So, here’s a look at five important features to focus on for those who want to buy apartments in Trivandrum:

1. Location

The city is known for its old-world charm and charismatic ambience, owing to its royal heritage of having been the capital city of the Kingdom of Travancore till independence. And remaining a capital city post-independence too has meant that the city is well-developed and has great infrastructure. Localities like Kowdiar, Sasthamangalam, Vellayambalam are considered some of the best areas to live in, a location where the crème a la crème of society reside. Since buying a plot here could wipe out your bank balance, an easier way to own a prestigious address in this locality is by investing in apartments here.

2. Infrastructure

Being home to visiting dignitaries, you can rest assured that Trivandrum has so much to offer in terms of infrastructure. There is an excellent well-planned and well-maintained road network that connects to all parts of the city. An effective public transport system is also in place to keep the city moving. This is aside from the 3 railway stations and the international airport. Aside from all this, Trivandrum also enjoys smooth availability of utilities like electricity and water.

3. Technopark

Technopark is expanding rapidly and touted to soon become the largest IT park in India. Its advent in 1990 was a turning point in the city’s history, and it has changed Trivandrum into a vibrant and bustling hub of activity. With professionals from all over the country as well as abroad working here, Trivandrum is fast becoming a cosmopolitan city with most of the migrant workers opting to settle down in this clean and green city. The new vibrant culture has also meant more multinational retailers moving in here too.

4. Amenities

As compared to stand-alone homes, apartments in Trivandrum offer the benefit of a plethora of lifestyle enhancing amenities. When choosing an apartment, go with one that is slightly bigger than what you need currently, as family needs tend to grow over time. You should also choose one that offers all the amenities that are necessary to make life comfortable – including security and surveillance, children’s play area, clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, manicured gardens, etc. Aside from this, the apartment should be in an easily accessible place so you can go shopping, drop off your kids to school or go to work without any hassles.

5. Investment

Trivandrum is growing at a fast pace and has unlimited potential for growth. The likelihood for excellent returns on investments is very viable, more so if you invest in apartments now, before increasing demand drives the rates up. Due to the large floating population of migrant workers, the need for rental homes is also huge. This translates to steady income from homes bought for the purpose of earning a secondary source of income from renters.

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