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6 Things to Remember When Looking for a Luxury Apartment

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The desire for opulent living is on the rise, more so in the bigger cities. More and more people increasingly prefer to buy luxury apartments, with this phenomenon being observed on a global level too. Living in a luxury apartment is a way of showing that you have made it in life and your home becomes your mouthpiece to make this statement.

Certain factors that are helping more people to invest in luxury homes include easy accessibility of home loans, falling interest rates on loans as well as an increasing disposable income. However, do note that not every so-called ‘luxury apartment’ is actually a luxury apartment. Here is a list of some things that make an actual luxury apartment stand apart.


Luxury apartments are always located in niche areas with easy access to high-end facilities and social infrastructure. Such apartments are also nestled in picture-perfect, peaceful neighborhoods where there is less traffic and lower noise and air pollution. Interestingly, the cost of land in such posh areas is on the higher side and the only way to own an address in such upper-crust places is by buying into a luxury apartment in these locations.

Architectural Appeal

Luxurious homes display outstanding architectural flair and aesthetic appeal in their appearance. You will find that the interior and exterior design and finishing of luxury apartments are of finer quality with the use of high-grade products. Architects generally take their own sweet time to design these unique spacious homes meant for the discerning few. And interior designers give it the breathtaking finishing that will make you gasp with pleasure!

Luxurious Interiors

Another thing that makes luxurious homes stand apart is their interior finishing. Aside from the glamour, luxury apartments come with thoughtfully included storage spaces, built-in closets with high-quality woodwork and windows with excellent finishing. Other opulent features include high ceilings with decorative cornicing, built-in bars and fully fitted out modular kitchens. Not to mention the spacious balconies offering excellent views!

Effective Security Systems

As a rule, luxury apartments come with high-end security features too. Aside from safe neighborhoods, 24X7 surveillance systems and walled compounds, these homes also come integrated with modern technology and high-security standards. The security features are usually linked to your smartphone via an app so you can keep an eye on what’s close to your heart 24X7!


In addition to all the above features, luxury apartments also come with outstanding amenities that give you reasons to want to remain on home turf. Some of the luxury amenities that you share with like-minded neighbors include fully-fitted out air-conditioned gyms, air-conditioned mini home theatres, terrace swimming pools and Jacuzzi, manicured terrace gardens, etc. Other amenities could include outdoor and indoor gaming courts, party halls, a kiddy playground, generator backup and ample car parking spaces.

Maintenance Services

Most luxury apartments come with a standby maintenance team to take care of the unexpected repairs, maintenance or installations needed. This leaves you free to focus on the bigger things in life instead of running helter-skelter for day-to-day hassles that crop up in everyday life.

Hopefully, this list of features will help you find the luxury apartment of your dreams! And for those on the lookout, Prime Property Developers in Trivandrum have another outstanding offering called ‘Anthem’ in the posh Kowdiar area where the nuevo rich are known to reside. Featuring spacious 2, 3 & 4BHK luxury apartments, they come fully loaded with every kind of luxury amenities possible. These include a manicured terrace garden, terrace swimming pool, yoga deck, large party hall, an air-conditioned A/V room, an AC gym, etc. This classy apartment project has only 52 luxury apartments along with a guest suite, a driver’s room, a janitor’s room and a caretaker’s room.

Other than all this, the Anthem project also offers provisions for reticulated gas, an aerobic microbial composting system and solar panels on the rooftop. With so much going for these apartments, they are ideal for the discerning few looking for luxury apartments in Trivandrum!

Benefits of Buying an Apartment in Kowdiar

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Buying an apartment involves considerable thought and planning. You will need to decide on a budget that’s comfortable for you, the number of bedrooms (BHK) needed and which amenities and facilities are essential to you. The location of your apartment is another important feature that needs deep thought.

The capital city of Trivandrum is well-known for its premier educational institutions, super-specialty hospitals and numerous government offices. Trivandrum has also been witnessing tremendous growth and development, making it one of the best cities to set up home in. The advent of Technopark in the city has brought in a slew of new job opportunities as well as improved the ease-of-living index. Trivandrum also has an old-world charm left over from the days when it was the capital of the Kingdom of Travancore. The Kowdiar palace in Kowdiar is still home to the erstwhile royal family, and one of the best localities to buy a home in. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of buying an apartment in Kowdiar:

Prime location

Located in the heart of the city, Kowdiar is home to the cream of society. It’s also one of the cleanest and greenest parts of the city. Tree-lined avenues, fresh air and a peaceful environment, that’s what Kowdiar is so special to its residents. There’s also a well-maintained children’s park adding to the greenery in this region.


The best part of Kowdiar is its easy connectivity to all the important areas of the city. Its ideally positioned between the prime Vellayambalam and Peroorkada localities. Trivandrum Central railway station and Trivandrum bus stand are a bare 5km away while the Trivandrum International Airport is around 8km away. Kowdiar is also well connected by good roads to other major hubs like Pattom, Nathancode, Technopark Sasthamangalam, Vattappara, Kazhakoottam, etc.

Social Infrastructure

Being the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum offers excellent infrastructure in terms of health, education, technology, roads, etc. It’s central location also means all important places are easily accessible. Right from high-end shopping centers, golf club, the museum complex, children’s parks to the Mall of Travancore, Central Mall and Lulu mall. Some of the nearby educational institutions include Christ Nagar International School, Holy Angels School, Institute of Technology, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, etc.

Investment value

With Kowdiar being considered as one of the up-market areas in Trivandrum, owning an address here is something to vie for. As land costs are steep here, the best way out is to buy an apartment in Kowdiar. And you can be sure that its value will only multiply with the coming years.

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Kowdiar, then ‘The Anthem’ apartments is where you will find luxury living reaching new heights. Available in 2,3 and 4 BHK options, there is something here for everyone. These prime apartments come with the additional benefits of prime location, low pollution, direct connectivity to important places, world-class amenities and a luxurious lifestyle to die for! Do check them out.

Why Plots Are a Great Investment Choice

residential land for sale in trivandrum

Why Plots are a great investment choice

The best time to start investing is now. And real estate is one of the most preferred investment options in India. In this post-pandemic world, there is a steep rise in the number of people investing in plots when compared to flats and villas. In addition to bringing in that satisfaction of having arrived in life, investing in plots also brings you better ROI.  Here are some of the key benefits of investing in a plot of land

  • Low initial investment
  • It offers greater flexibility
  • Land value  appreciates fast
  • No gap between purchase and possession
  • Lower property tax
  • No maintenance costs
  • It is a finite asset

Why Trivandrum Is the Best for Buying Plot as an Investment?

Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala has always ranked as one of the best cities to stay in India. A safe and beautiful environment, stable governance, and urban conveniences make this city one of the most sought out places for a safe and sound life. To invest in Trivandrum, is to invest in the urban conveniences and infra-structure the capital city has to offer. An international airport, an upcoming harbor, well laid out roads, and railway lines add to the charm of the city making it one of the top places to invest in real estate in Kerala. 

And when it comes to investing in real estate in Trivandrum plots are a safe bet. Prime Property Developers with over two decades of catering to the bespoke luxury segment has launched their first developed plots, Emerald Hills near Venkode, Trivandrum. These developed plots offer the comforts of a gated community while giving you the freedom to envisage how your own house should be. When you invest in Emerald Hills, you are investing in a new lifestyle. 

Developed on an 11-acre land pocket, the Emerald Hills project contains 63 plots with each plot starting from 4.5 cents onwards. We offer wide internal roads, water supply, and electricity connection to every plot. The project also has a wide array of common amenities. These include a basketball/ futsal court, a gymnasium, a clubhouse, and two play areas for kids.

Advantages of Owning a Plot in Trivandrum

When you invest in a planned community like Emerald Hills, you are invariably signing up for a world-class lifestyle.  A developed community will have open spaces helping you to live a quality and healthy lifestyle. You also sign up for a safe and secure neighborhood for your family.  Choosing a quality neighborhood is as important as choosing a home. 

Residential plots in Trivandrum

Trivandrum is the capital city and hence owning a residential plot here is a great investment option. An efficient social infrastructure, low cost of living, ease of commute, low crime rate – these are the factors that work in favor of Trivandrum. 

Tips To Keep in Mind Before Buying Residential Plot in Trivandrum

So, what are the main things you need to consider before investing in a residential plot? There is not bypassing the most crucial factor. Location. The location makes all the difference. Your budget plays yet another important role in the process. The next step involves identifying and verifying the builder credentials. And then comes the most cumbersome process. The paperwork.  

The decision to invest in a plot of land is a major one. And it is one decision that you should not do impulsively. Once you identify the plot of land you are going to invest in, you need to spend extra effort and energy knowing the important details in the paperwork. 

Benefits of Investing in Plots in Trivandrum

residential plots in trivandrum

We live in a post-pandemic world. For over a year, we have been confined to the safety and security that our homes have offered us. This puts the focus back on investing in real estate. While there is a huge spike in investments, there is also a surge towards independent villas and plots in Trivandrum for people who yearn for privacy and security. So here’s a look at the benefits of investing in residential plots in Trivandrum

The social infrastructure

In terms of investment, Trivandrum is a fast-growing city with unlimited potential, and this is directly proportional to the increase in housing options. The advent of Technopark in the 1990s, and the other major developments that the city has seen in the last thirty decades like wider roads, and other infrastructure developments ups the demand for real estate. This has led to more developments throughout the city, attracting investors and driving up property prices in many parts. Given the likelihood of future developments, and with land going to be a scarce resource, investing in a residential plot is an attractive choice. 

The cost of living

Trivandrum has been named the best city to live in for three consecutive years and its potential growth, horizontally as well as vertically, makes it one of the best places to buy property. Compared to Tier 1 cities, the cost of living in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala is less. 

The commute

Trivandrum boasts of a  well-laid-out network of roads, a well-defined central business hub,  an IT hub making it easy to commute. Trivandrum is also well-connected to the world through air, water,  road, and railway lines. In a post-pandemic world, where the homes become the center of the world, this is an important factor to consider. 

The crime rate

Trivandrum has a low crime rate compared to many other cities in India. By and large, it is a safe neighborhood for your kids to grow up in. 

The lifestyle

Trivandrum is well-connected to the rest of the world and sees people from different cultures converging in this historic town. Job opportunities are high when compared to the other cities in Kerala. The city also abounds in natural beauty and if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, there are endless options for recreation. A golf course, tennis clubs, and other facilities abound. A short drive can take you to the picturesque countryside, beaches, and hill stations.

Add to this, builders like Prime Property Developers have launched a well-thought-out fully developed plot for sale in Trivandrum. Emerald Hills near Venkode, Trivandrum offers the comforts of a luxury villa while you have the freedom to envisage how your own house should be. This is not a villa project and it stands out by providing all the luxuries a villa project will offer including well-laid out roads and other amenities.

Know your neighbourhood- Sasthamangalam

sasthamangalam - residential areas in trivandrum

Take any town across the globe and you will see certain areas that are demarcated as classy and upmarket locations. Sasthamangalam is one such location in Trivandrum. Close to the heart of the city and the home of the erstwhile ruling kings, this area is a bustling commercial place too. Offices, hospitals and schools dot the area – you also find old classy and elegant homes – along with tall apartment complexes aplenty at Sasthamangalam. Let’s see why investing in a home here will be beneficial to you in this upmarket location.

How close is it to the CBD?

As the saying goes, location is key to valuable real estate. When you pick Sasthamangalam as the location for your new home, you are investing in a property that offers easy accessibility and all the conveniences of the city life. Sasthamangalam is just 6 km from the railway station and about 3 km from the city centre.

The neighbourhood

Accessibility, convenience and amenities are the key factors to consider when you invest in a home. Sasthamangalam is located close to the city centre and is easily accessible from everywhere in the city. The location is flush with all urban amenities like grocery shops, hospitals, restaurants, schools and government offices.

The project

Prime Property Developers is one of the pioneering real estate developers that offers bespoke experiences in Trivandrum. The niche builder presents Urban Ville, a premium apartment project is located at Sasthamangalam junction, just a stone’s throw away from every convenience you can think of.

Urban Ville offers spacious and well-ventilated 3 BHK flats in two different sizes: 1930 sq ft and 2400 sq ft. What makes the project unique is that it has been structured to give you a functional use of each and every nook and corner of the home. Every bedroom is cross-ventilated and the bathroom layouts are spacious. Unlike standard apartments where small balconies are connected to every bedroom, each apartment at Urban Ville has a single large functional balcony that you can make the most of.

The fittings and materials used are top of the line. We also provide interior woodworks and electrical fittings at extra cost. The common amenities include an air-conditioned health club, large party hall with an open deck, mini rooftop party area, state of the art home theatre, children’s play area and swimming pool among others.

Your security is our primary concern and we have a biometric access control system, video door phones for each apartment and security cameras placed strategically in common areas. The project also houses a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system that will ensure that rainwater is stored and utilized efficiently.

Give us a call and schedule a site visit to Urban Ville. We have limited units available. Don’t miss the chance to stay in a property that is one of the best in the state.

Know Your Neighborhood – Vattappara

vattappara, trivandrum

Vattapara is one of those towns that pop out when you drive down the MC Road connecting Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam. Once a sleepy little town, Vattapara has transformed and how. Situated just 15 km away from Trivandrum city, this town is famous for its quarries that supply more than three-quarters of the demand for the building materials of the capital city. And that is not all, as the capital city grows, Vattappara is just one of the outskirts that are becoming part of Trivandrum


Vattapara is on MC Road, just 15 km away from the city. And as distances go, it is not very far away nor is it congested. A breezy 20-minute drive will see you at Vattapara. The best way to reach is by road, and once the proposed ring road is commissioned, getting into the city, the airport, and the seaport will be a breeze.

A future-ready location

The easy accessibility and the development along this stretch is the main reason that Vattapara and the immediate surroundings are in focus with the real estate developers. The vast pockets of land available in the vicinity including Venkode will be the natural extension of the capital city around a few years from now.

A future-ready development

Prime Property Developers is one of the pioneering real estate developers that has recognized the growth potential of this town and invested in a unique project called Emerald Hills at Venkode near Vattapara. Emerald Hills, is the first layout development project near Venkode on the outskirts of the city. Situated on the slope of a hillock, this gated community is a pollution-free healthy living space. Developed on an 11-acre land pocket, this project contains 63 plots with each plot starting from 4.5 cents onwards. This project boasts of wide internal roads, water supply, and electricity connection to every plot. The project also has a wide array of common amenities. These include a basketball/ futsal court, a gymnasium, a clubhouse, and two play areas for kids. However, the builder does not undertake the construction of villas on these plots. They give you the total freedom to build the house of your dreams on this plot.

Proximity to offices and social infrastructure

Vattappara is not far away from the heart of the city. It is just 9 km from Kowdiar and 15 km from Technopark, the two major hubs in Trivandrum. The winding road just outside the city calms you down as you ride home after a tough day at work.

Local infrastructure around the society

Venkode is just a stone’s throw away from Vattapara town that boasts of schools, colleges – including professional colleges and hospitals for primary care. The place abounds in rustic charm as well – making it a great place to settle down.

Give us a call and schedule a site visit to Emerald Hills. We are sure that you will fall in love with the property.

All You Need to Know About Home Insurance

home insurance guide

Your home is your haven. Your permanent asset. And just like you would insure any other asset you need to insure your home too! Home insurance safeguards your home against unknown adversities that can bring you unexpected yet substantial financial losses. However, it is startling to find that there is just about 1% who are aware of these insurances! So what are the things you have to keep in mind when you go in for home insurance?

Who can get home insurance?

Any person – be it an owner or a tenant – who is a resident in India can avail of a home insurance policy. Here, the home includes a flat in an apartment complex too. Even organizations or firms owning property for residential purposes can avail of this insurance.

Why should I go in for a homeowners insurance?

In most cases, your home is an investment for a lifetime. And it has to be protected against any untoward incidents. When you invest in a home, you should ideally invest in a comprehensive home insurance policy to protect your dwelling in case of both natural and man-made damages, and safeguard your home against multiple calamities. You also have to ensure that when you invest in policy all events are covered under it.

What is covered?

Home insurance provides coverage against

  • Fire and allied natural perils
  • Burglary & theft

A person can also get additional cover for specific purposes like

  • Liability cover
  • Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown cover
  • Jewelry cover

Are there any exclusions?

Yes. These are the common exclusions.

  • Any existing damage which is already there before taking the policy
  • Loss caused due to any Illegal or intentional acts by the policyholder
  • Loss caused due to war or invasion, nuclear peril
  • Loss due to any government order or confiscation

Are there different types of property insurance policies?

There are different types of policies for homeowners. The most common ones are:

  • Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy
  • Home Structure/Building Insurance
  • Public Liability Coverage
  • Personal Accident
  • Contents Insurance
  • Burglary & Theft
  • Tenants’ Insurance
  • Landlords’ insurance

So, how does one fix the insurance amount?

There are two options:

  1. Based on the market value of the property
  2. Based on the reinstatement value

Do proper research before you decide on which one is ideal for your home.

So, what about maintenance?

Your responsibility as a homeowner does not end with getting property insurance. The insurance is just a cover, and you have to ensure you carry out everything including maintenance and other periodical repair works that you would normally do. This also means that you have to take all necessary precautions to prevent the losses even if you are insured.

What if you have a grievance?

The first thing to do is to contact your insurer. This can be done online or by dropping in. The insurer has to legally acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days and attempt to resolve the issue within 15 days. If you feel that the company has not addressed your grievance, you can raise an issue with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

Where does PPD chip in?

As a niche builder, we at Prime Property Developers can put you in touch with the best insurance companies. We also offer ample and sufficient help so that the processing of the insurance is hassle-free

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Real Estate

Factors involved in Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is your gateway to a richer life. However, there are many risks involved. Here’s a look at the 5 top things to keep in mind before you take the plunge.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Play With You

There are two major types of investments that you can make in real estate. One is when you are buying that dream home where you will be spending the rest of lives and the second is when you are buying a home as an investment. Either way, you mustn’t fall for your emotions and make a bad investment. Investing in real estate is a major move that involves a huge amount of money. It is a major investment and you must negotiate for the best price. This is where research comes in.

Do Your Research

When investing in real estate, you have to be very meticulous. Think logically. Know that location is the key. It is important to have an in-depth understanding of the neighbourhood and the infrastructure that is available and how you can earn an income from your investment if you are not planning to stay there as soon as you purchase it. Once you have zeroed in on the location, do a careful check of the various builders and the properties available at the location you have picked. If you are investing in a flat, ask and figure out the total livable area – also known as the carpet area- that you will be investing in. The builders normally mention only the built-up area and the super-built up areas in the brochures. Opt for the best builder and the best available property that matches your budget. Do a thorough background check on the builder, and the title deeds before signing on the dotted line.


Once you have zeroed in on the flat, the focus should shift to the paperwork. Ensure that the necessary paperwork is in place and if you do not understand the terms and conditions, get it verified by a professional. Check, and double-check the legal documents. Make sure that the project is not stuck in any kind of litigation. This is also the time to check the credibility of the builder one last time before you invest.

Consider Investment Options

Investing requires planning too. You have to calculate your finances, pay up your debts, and maintain a good credit score if you are thinking of a loan to fund your real estate investment. It is ideal to go for a loan option when you are making a major investment like that in the real estate sector.

Risk Factors

All said and done, real estate investments are safer than most other investments. However, it is not risk-free. Be prepared for this risk.


Weigh in the pros and cons properly and spend endless time in research before taking the plunge into real estate investment.

Importance of Rainwater Harvesting in Your House

Life depends on water, and the availability of water depends on you. Due to poor conservation techniques and mismanagement of the resource, we are on the brink of water scarcity. It is at this juncture that conserving rainwater has become a new mantra and rainwater harvesting a new catchword.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rain is one of the best gifts bestowed by Mother Nature and all we have to do is save some for the future. In the earlier days, rainwater used to get collected in tanks or wells and thus replenish the groundwater. However, at this time of rapid urbanization, we have to think bigger. We have to adopt innovative techniques to modify the age-old practices and collect, store, purify, and utilize this rainwater to suit the demands of homes including multi-storied apartment complexes.

How to harvest rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting is a simple process and usually is a one-time investment that requires periodic maintenance. Before you get started, however, you have to factor in the quantum of rainfall in your area. Be it small or big, a rainwater harvesting process should ideally consist of a catchment area, a conveyance system, a flush, a filter, tanks, and recharge systems. You have to factor in the quantum of runoff, features of the catchment zone, and the capacity of the storage tanks according to your requirement and wait for the rain. Once it starts raining, this water is stored and you can utilize it according to your needs. From simple pipes leading from the roof to rain barrels to complicated systems like an underground storage tank, harvesting rainwater is a simple, yet systematic process.

Why should we conserve rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting, though simple has a lot of impacts and is highly beneficial to our daily lives. It is eco-friendly as well as economically rewarding. To harvest rainwater, all you have to do is invest in a one-time rainwater harvesting infrastructure. The rainwater can be collected and stored and utilized to meet the peak demands during summer months, making it a perfect primary backup water supply for emergencies. A well-structured rainwater harvesting system can reduce stormwater runoff from a property and be an effective method to meet your local area’s stormwater management program requirements. And more than anything else, collecting and using rainwater to replace municipal water use reduces your water bill considerably over a while.

With water scarcity being a major concern, it is about time we consider rainwater harvesting to meet our requirements. In addition to being a great way to conserve water, rainwater harvesting is a sustainable process. It promotes self-sufficiency and makes you an environmentally responsible citizen.

At Prime Property Developers, we believe in a sustainable model while being environmentally friendly. Our projects have been designed keeping in mind the changing socio-economic framework. We have accounted for rainwater harvesting units in our projects. Call us to know more about the eco-friendly and socially responsible elements we have added to our homes.  

Checklist for Maintenance of Your Home During Summer

Checklist for Maintenance of Your Home During Summer

The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining brighter. Summer’s here and there is no shying away from it. This summer, unlike the others, has been a tough one so far. As we stay indoors to #StopTheSpread of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, it is all the more important to plan out a systematic checklist for keeping your home summer-ready. While some of the tasks in the checklist can be done easily, you will have to keep an eye out in the news to know when you can get the necessary support staff to do the other tasks.

Maintain Your Cooling System

It is mandatory that you run a check for your gadgets since the sudden temperature variations could affect their smooth functioning. The most important household item you have to monitor is the air conditioner. Proper air conditioner maintenance can help your AC last longer. You should also dust your ceiling fan blades and check their balance. You should also get your electrical gadgets checked. We at PPD help you to get this maintenance done on time while adhering to the rules set down by the government due to lockdown. 

Freshen Things Up

Do a thorough check inside and outside your home. See if you need to add a fresh coat of paint to your home. Do touch up if it is necessary. Invest in a few flowers to pep up your exteriors. When it is sunny and bright, let the sun inside your home. Remove the heavy curtains and opt for sheers to do up your home. 

It’s Time for Cleaning 

Since you have time at hand, do the cleaning you have been putting off for that longest period of time. Clean everything up, including the vents and exhaust ducts. Wash the windows and the screens, use a good disinfectant to clean up the home. It serves to keep the deadly COVID 19 virus at bay. Use this time to declutter your home too. 

Inspect The Exteriors

The summer showers throw up some challenges. It is mandatory that you clear the downspouts and the gutters because they can get clogged. You need to check the windows for leaks too. 

Bring Home Some Cheer

We are going through a tough time, but that does not mean that we should not have our special moments at home. Bring in some greens, dress up the windows in light sheer curtains and redo the interiors of your homes. Now is the best time!

The summer is long, but the winter is coming and it is important that all the work be done before the downpour begins.