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How to Do Land Registration in Kerala

land registration in kerala

Buying property is a major decision and requires much planning and saving. While it brings on euphoric feelings of accomplishment and pride, you do need to remain focused and sharp throughout the procedure as a large sum of money is involved.

Aside from making a decision on which plot of land to buy, you need to understand all the rules and regulations associated with the registration of property too. Land registration is governed by Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908 and it says that every immovable property above the value of Rs.100 should be registered to ensure a clear transfer of ownership title to the buyer. In Kerala, it’s the Registration Department that handles property registration and stamps duty charges. Here’s a simple breakdown of the steps involved in land registration in Kerala:

Selecting a Plot

The first step of course is to finalize on a plot that suits your needs as well as your budget. The location of the plot should be such that its value would grow in the coming years too. Conclude the final price and terms and tenure of payment.

Property Lawyer

Before signing on the sale agreement, meet up with a property lawyer and take their legal opinion too. He will do a detailed search of all the related property documents and provide you with a legal title report on the property you are planning on buying. This usually takes 3-5 working days. Once you get a clear report on all the relevant facts related to the title of the land, you can proceed with buying it.

Revenue Records

The change of title of a plot is known as mutation of property in the Revenue Records. This is relevant for tax collection purposes. However, this is not conclusive proof of ownership of property and a Village Re-survey along with the implementation of the ROR (Record of Rights) procedure should be done to obtain a ROR certificate and complete the property registration process. A ROR is the primary record of the plot and proves that you hold ownership of the plot.

Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance certificate is obtained from the Sub-Registrar’s office and verifies that there are no unpaid debts, loans or leases against the property. Ensure that the encumbrance certificate covers at least the last 30 years.

Signing the Sale Agreement

The agreement should be signed on a stamp paper in the presence of two witnesses and mention the terms and conditions of sale, the property value, map of property, advance paid, possession date, previous document details, etc. If there is any building or plantation on the said property, then include a brief description of that too. All these features are necessary for registering the property in Kerala. Legal penalty on violation of sale agreement should also be mentioned here.

Registering the Sale Agreement

Only a sale agreement registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office can become legally enforceable.

Registration and Stamp Duty

The stamp paper should be bought in the buyer’s name and its value will depend on the property’s purchase price. The stamp duty in Kerala is 8% (irrespective of its location in a municipality, panchayat or corporation area) and the registration fee is 2%.

Document Writer

Get your sale deed document drafted by a professional document writer and ensure it’s free of any technical defects resulting in future complications.


Register the land in the Sub-Registrar’s office within the time stipulated in the sale agreement. A registration fee of 2% of the fair value of the land is chargeable as per the government of Kerala.

For those looking to buy land in Trivandrum, there are premium housing plots to be had in the Venkode area in the city suburbs. Known as Emerald Hills, there are 63 residential plots within an 11-acre gated community project with areas ranging from 7.8 cents to 23.6 cents.

The plots come with paved inner roads, street lights, avenue trees, stormwater drainage and provision for underground electricity and water connectivity. The plot owners also have access to a clubhouse, a futsal court as well as a children’s play area. These plots in Trivandrum are just 9km from Kowdiar junction and 15km from Technopark, making Emerald Hills an excellent investment opportunity.

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Benefits of RERA

rera certificate

Buying property is a high-value investment that requires a lot of caution and research before finally making the commitment to buy. And in the earlier days prior to the implementation of the RERA Act, it was the builders who had the power to frame the builder-homebuyer agreement of sale, as per the builder’s discretion. Ultimately, the homebuyer was at the complete mercy of the builder. This resulted in a lot of malpractice with the homebuyer suffering at the hands of the builder.

To give some measure of relief to the homebuyer, the government eventually intervened and introduced the RERA (Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. By this act, the homebuyer gets empowered to seek legal solutions, make empowered decisions and get compensated for any wrongdoing by the builder. It also makes the builder liable to follow all the rules laid out by RERA, including timely deliveries as per the agreement of sale. The RERA Act is applicable to both commercial and residential buildings in every state of the country. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of RERA:


As per the RERA Act, builders need to provide complete transparency in the information provided to the homebuyers. The builders need to keep the homebuyers informed about every aspect of the project’s stagewise completion and update the same on their websites. Builders are now obliged to take the consent of the homebuyers in case they are going to make any changes to the project design.

Carpet Area

Another key improvement that has come in because of RERA is that builders can no longer charge homebuyers for the built-up and super built-up areas of the project. They are only allowed to charge for the carpet area – that is, the area that falls within the walls of the apartment. Unlike earlier, builders can now no longer charge the homebuyer for common areas such as that covered by external walls, common areas like lobby, lifts, stairs, staircase landings, balconies and other common areas.

Quality of Construction

As per RERA, the building should remain free of any construction defect for at least the first five years after the homebuyer moves in, otherwise, the builder is responsible for repairing the defect free of cost. The repair work also needs to be completed within 30 days of intimation.

Timely Handovers

Earlier, the homebuyers had to suffer through the inconvenience of delayed delivery of projects and were completely at the mercy of the builder’s whims. With the RERA Act coming in, it is now mandatory for builders to deliver within the stated time or face having to pay the homebuyer penalty at an interest rate of 2% or above the borrowing rate offered by SBI. There is also the possibility of a 3-year jail term.

Escrow Account for Each Project

The RERA Act also directs that the builder needs to deposit at least 70% of the funds received from the homebuyer into an escrow account. The money from this account can only be used for the said project and withdrawn according to the construction stage, and as approved by the builder’s engineers and chartered accountants. Additionally, the builder cannot demand more than 10% of the property value in advance before drafting a sales agreement.

Grievance Redressal

A special appellate tribunal set up under a state-wise RERA further ensures that homebuyers do not get to face inefficient grievance redressal systems and long-pending court cases when a builder defaults. The RERA Act provides a mandate for fast-tracking all such cases within two months to retain homebuyers’ belief in the judiciary system intact.

Since the enactment of RERA, homebuyers have benefited immensely and malpractices by builders have gone down drastically. When buying a home, do ensure that the project has been registered under RERA to ensure a smooth buying experience. The luxurious ‘Anthem’ apartments in Trivandrum are one such project that will delight the homebuyers. Fully endowed with a multitude of lifestyle-enhancing amenities, these spacious 2, 3 & 4BHK apartments in Kowdiar are where luxury living in the city reaches new heights.

Located in close proximity to premium schools, shopping destinations and restaurants, the Anthem apartments are well-connected to all important parts of the city. They are built by the prestigious Prime Property Developers (PPD), builders who have been around for almost three decades and have numerous happy and satisfied customers to back them!

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Advantages of Living in a Villa

villa life

There is no price tag attached to dreaming and most homebuyers dream of buying an independent home, a villa of their own one day. Though the cost of a villa might appear steeper than other options, there are numerous advantages associated with these niche living choices. Villas are associated with the freedom and flexibility of independent luxury living, but also with all the perks of a gated community.

If nothing else, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has taught people the value of owning a spacious home of their own, a source of security that is irrevocable. Since villas are standalone and more spacious, they are also ideal for the current hybrid work-from-home way of life that is fast becoming the new norm. Here’s a detailed look at some of the numerous advantages of villa living and why you should consider investing in one of the best villas for sale in Trivandrum.


One of the most highly-prized advantages of villa living is the privacy that comes with it. No more shared walls and nosy neighbors prying into your personal affairs, as is seen with apartments. And the best part is that you can still enjoy the benefits of amenities and community living as in apartments, but without having to share your privacy!


Villas are stand-alone homes with no shared walls and enjoy the exclusivity not seen in apartments. In villas, you don’t have to worry about water running out or having to share its usage and other essentials with fellow residents.

Style statement

There is so much prestige associated with a villa home address, as it silently shouts out to society that you have made it in life. Villas are symbols of sophistication, luxury and exclusive lifestyles and are a reflection of comfortable living.

Niche neighborhood

Villa communities are made up of like-minded people with similar backgrounds. It’s easier to build bonds and socialize with fellow residents of such housing communities. Your kids will also have access to neighbors from similar walks of life with whom they can build lifelong relationships.

Personal terrace

Having access to a terrace that’s all your own is indeed a luxury. You can let your imagination go riot and use it for a variety of purposes including terrace gardening, candlelit summertime dinners, party deck, a utility space, etc.

Open spaces

Villas generally come with a front yard and a backyard too. For those with green fingers, you can create your own patch of green haven with your favorite flowering plants, vegetables or fruit trees. Kids can also connect better with nature when they have their own personal green space to loiter around in. Mornings will be more special too as you can enjoy your early morning cuppa accompanied with beautiful green views.


With villas, there are no pet restrictions. Your four-legged friend will have more open space to frolic around in and you can take them for walks within the safety of paved internal lanes of the gated community compound.


Just like in apartment living, villas too come within gated community projects with a host of delightful facilities and amenities to ramp up your lifestyle. Plus you get the perks of 24×7 security!

Investment value

Villas make more sense when it comes to their investment value. This is because they stand in their own plot of land; and with the cost of land always going up in cities, villas make more sense for both investors and homebuyers.

Liberty to Design your space

You have the freedom to redesign your villa to suit your needs. And no approvals or sanctions are needed from the society. Build another room on the terrace or knock down a wall to create bigger rooms – it’s all your choice!

If you are looking to buy villas in Trivandrum, then look no further than the delightful ‘Prithvi’ villa project by Prime Property Developers. Strategically located along the rapidly-developing Kazhakootam-Eanchakkal corridor, this premium 12-acre project is just 1km from the NH Bypass and a few minutes drive from Lulu mall, international airport, Technopark, leading schools and super-specialty hospitals, etc.

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Tips to Make Your Home Environment-Friendly

ecofriendly homes

Instead of leaving a broken planet for the next generation, the world is slowly waking up to all the things that have been done wrongly to the environment. Although the damage is still an ongoing process, every individual needs to do their best towards safeguarding the environment and cutting back on their contribution towards global warming, pollution, deforestation and ultimately, climate change.

To reduce your negative impact on the environment, here are a few things you can do to make your home more environment-friendly:

Energy-efficient Lighting

Traditional bulbs give off 90% of their energy as heat and don’t represent a sustainable use of energy. Though LED and CFL bulbs are more expensive, they make greener options as they won’t heat up your home’s internal temperatures. And since they last longer, they make a better and more eco-friendly lighting option for your home.

Rainwater Harvesting

Along with climate change, water is becoming scarce in many parts of the world. Install a rainwater harvesting system on your rooftop or terrace and save the rainwater for further use in the garden or washing the car. You can also use the runoff rainwater for recharging the water table.

Solar Panels

In tropical countries blessed with abundant sunshine, solar panels make an excellent source of clean and green energy. Though there is an initial cost included, solar panels make an excellent long-term investment and require very little maintenance. This eco-friendly option helps cut down on your electricity bill and is a completely clean source of energy for your home.

Low-energy Appliances

Most electrical appliances come with an energy star rating, denoting their efficiency in the use of electricity. The more the number of stars, the better the rating. So when you are upgrading your appliances, embrace an environment-friendly lifestyle by opting for energy-efficient appliances with higher star ratings. Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc., account for 30% of your electricity bills and by using low-energy appliances, you save on your electricity bills!

Plastic Dependence

Plastics have literally taken over homes with everything ranging from tools, pots, containers, straws, bags, bottles now being made of this substance. Items that were earlier made of steel, cast iron, aluminium, jute, cloth and clay have now slowly given way to synthetic plastics that take hundreds of years to decompose. Make a conscious decision to depend less on single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, etc., and make your home more eco-friendly.

Go Paper-less

Another major way to help lower dependence on nature and forests is by reducing the use of paper. Go with digital news instead of traditional newspapers so there would be less tree felling and destruction of forests. You could also reduce dependence on paper napkins and paper kitchen towels. Though it might be less convenient and take a little extra time to use kitchen towels instead for wiping, look at it as your contribution towards saving trees and living in a more eco-friendly manner.

Water Usage

Some of the developing and under-developed parts of the world are struggling to access potable water. For those blessed with piped drinking water, do ensure that you don’t waste it. Climate change is leading to a lot of changes and scarcity of drinking water is one of them. Remember to close the tap while you are brushing or washing utensils; opt for a shower instead of a bath as this too helps in saving water and helps you lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly way of life. Moreover, you will need to check and fix all those leaky taps and pipes that are slowly, but surely wasting precious water.

If you are on the lookout for sustainable homes that are built responsibly and include eco-friendly features, then have a look at the luxurious ‘Anthem’ project by the Prime Property Developers.

Located in the posh Kowdiar area, these apartments in Trivandrum come with sustainable features that include rainwater harvesting, rooftop solar panels and an aerobic microbial composting system for waste disposal. Aside from this, the Anthem project offers 52 elegant flats in Kowdiar that come fully loaded with amenities that amp up your lifestyle including air conditioned unisex gym, swimming pool, an audio/visual room, and a spacious banquet hall, yoga deck and a terrace garden offering stunning views. Come, have a look at them today!

Tips to Redecorate Your Home

diy decorating tips

Are you fed up with your home’s looks and feel like a change of décor? Are you bored with the same look of your home and are in the mood for something different – without breaking the bank? Instead of just complaining about it, why not start making changes to your decor for a whole new look. One important factor to keep in mind while redecorating is that there needs to be a unifying factor between all the rooms, just like when you were first decorating your home. Though redecorating might feel a little overwhelming, here are some tips to guide you through the redecoration of your home:


Before you start your redecoration journey, you should have a clear budget in mind. This will enable you to plan an all-out overhaul or smaller key changes that never-the-less create a large impact – without breaking the bank!

Redecorating Style

Even before you start redecorating, you first need to figure out the design style you want to follow. Do you want to go the same way as earlier done, or would you rather have a change in style? Some of the common styles include modern, contemporary, transitional, minimalist or farmhouse styles.

Make a Plan

The best way to get through redecorating your home is by making a plan that you can handle comfortably without getting flustered. The fastest way forward is by redecorating your home a couple of rooms at a time. These should ideally be the rooms you spend the most time in – the living room and the bedroom. Other rooms can follow once these are done. To ensure that there is a continuous flow of at least one element amongst all the rooms of your home to create a unifying element – this could be a design style, a decor item or a color.


Start with the center-piece element of each room. In the living room, this would mean the sofa, in the bedroom, this would be the bed, etc. Depending on your budget, you could go all-out and buy a new sofa, or you could just consider getting it reupholstered; this would be more budget-friendly, yet have the same impact as a new sofa! Or you could just buy throw pillows in new colors and replicate this color in the window dressing or other décor items.


Your walls are the largest canvas in a room, and repainting them in new shades will add an instant new touch of life to any room. Paint is the cheapest way to liven up a room. And the easiest too. You can create one stunning highlight wall with a bold splash of color while the remaining three walls can be in milder tones. Be sure to coordinate the window dressing colors in tune with the accent wall. You could also use accessories like rugs, throw pillows, or vases in the same shade. While there may be certain colors trending at the moment, keep in mind that it’s your home and you should paint it in the colors you love best!


Redecorating your home isn’t something that can happen overnight. It will take time as you search around for the right accessories and materials that will complete the overall look of each room. Layering takes time and some of the elements that you will need to address while redecorating include matching curtain materials, color-coordinated throw pillows, wall art or décor, lighting and rugs or carpets. Be patient and take the time to find the right fit for all the elements needed to give your home a whole new look!

For those who love decorating, you could always buy into the elegantly-designed ‘The Anthem’ apartments by Prime Property Developers, as they are a delight to decorate! Located in the posh Kowdiar neighborhood, these luxurious 2/3/4 BHK apartments in Trivandrum, come with all modern conveniences and entertainment within your reach. It is in close proximity to premier educational institutions, shopping centers, fine-dining restaurants and every other urban convenience possible.

As can be expected, these apartments come with high-end amenities including a swimming pool, home theatre, party hall, AC gym, children’s play area, yoga deck and even a fully-furnished guest suite. Life couldn’t get better than this!

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Residential Plot

plots for sale in trivandrum

Whether you are buying a residential plot in Trivandrum or a ready-to-move-in apartment, you do need to be very careful and vigilant throughout the whole process. Aside from ending up investing in the wrong type of property, there is always the danger of getting duped into buying a property that has a dubious set of ownership papers.

Hence, when you are looking to buy residential plots in Trivandrum, do ensure that you go through all the necessary documents with a fine toothcomb. As a large sum of money is involved, it is pertinent you protect your investment by ensuring that due legal procedure is adhered to during the buying process. You should inspect all past records thoroughly and get the relevant papers verified at the local government office. Here is a list of some essential features that need looking into when buying a residential plot:


As always, location is key when buying a residential plot. It should be a little away from the city center and have scope for future growth. The plot should also have easy connectivity to important parts of the city as well as have upcoming infrastructure within its vicinity.

Title Deed

The first step to buying a plot is to check the title deed of the land. You need to ensure that the seller’s name appears on the name of the property and has the right to sell the property. Ensure that the title deed is free of any litigations, loans or encumbrance.

Approvals & Licenses

Though the paperwork may seem like a nightmare, it does need to be gone through carefully. Ensure that the plot has all the necessary approvals and licenses available in the seller’s name.

Plot Area

The size of the plot matters, especially if you are planning on building a home on it one day. Check if it will be able to accommodate the built-up area of your dream home. Aside from this, another important factor to consider is the soil quality and the topography of the land. Their importance comes into play when building the foundation of your home.

Property Taxes

Do ask for property tax receipts going back up to 3 years. This will clarify the ownership of the property as well as ensure that you aren’t stuck with paying a backlog of taxes.

Property Value

There are many factors that you need to consider when buying a plot. These include its neighborhood, its returns on investment and capital gains as well as easy accessibility of basic utilities like water, electricity and mobile connectivity. You will also need to check for easy access to social infrastructure like good schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.

Necessary Approvals

When buying a residential plot in Trivandrum, ensure that it has been approved by the City Development Corporation office and local bodies. If the plot is a part of a very large development, check that all the approval documents and certificates have been procured prior to your signing any agreement with the seller. Building approval by the Planning Commission should have been received too.

Developer Verification

This is another important aspect to look into. Ensure that the developer has a clean reputation and isn’t into shady deals. A simple search on the internet would yield the necessary results on the builder’s credibility.


Finally, you will need to maintain a good credit profile to ensure that you are eligible for a plot loan. Clear off your debts and previous loans to get a CBIL score of at least 750 points before applying for a plot loan.

For those looking to invest in plots in Trivandrum, check out ‘The Emerald’ plot project in Venkode by the well-known Prime Property Developers (PPD). This gated-community plot project includes 63 residential plots starting from 4.5 cents and are part of an 11-acre pocket of land. Offering excellent views of the city, this project comes with wide inner avenues and underground electricity and water connections already provided for each plot.

What’s more, these plots come with access to a clubhouse, unisex gym, futsal court and two kids’ play areas. Located just 8km from Kowdiar junction and 15km from Technopark, Emerald Hills make premium investment opportunities. Come have a look for yourself!

Best Amenities for Luxury Apartment

high end apartment amenities

Lifestyles are evolving and vertical homes and the conveniences associated with apartment living are the latest rages. A common constant during this process of evolution has been the need for luxury and comfort. Most people will go the extra mile to have access to luxurious apartment amenities that elevate their living standards further.

The location of the apartment and the builder’s brand name also accentuate the apartment owner’s status in life. The luxurious amenities that come with these apartments are meant to further delight the homebuyers. Here is a look at some of the best amenities available in luxury apartments:

Luxurious Foyer

Luxury apartments show off their opulence right from the entry foyer. It usually has excellent finishing, classy flooring, large picture windows, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s usually very spacious and adorned with comfortable seating to while away the time or to just mingle with friends.


Another excellent amenity to while away the weekend is the luxurious mini-theater that comes with most high-end apartment complexes. Replete with luxurious seating and a modern digital audio-video system, you can enjoy exclusive movie shows with your friends and family. You won’t ever have to go out for a movie again, as you can enjoy the perks of a movie theater right on your home turf!


It is normal for luxury apartments to come with fully-fitted out unisex gyms that are air-conditioned. Imagine having the luxury of having a gym right within your apartment complex – now no more excuses for not going to the gym! The gym keeps you healthy and improves your quality of life. And it’s one of the most important amenities that come with luxury apartments.

Kid’s Park

Kids are full of energy and need an outlet to burn it in. Every luxury apartment complex comes with a kid’s park, sometimes with both an indoor and outdoor one. It’s an essential amenity in every apartment complex, a place where kids can mingle and play together, creating lifelong friendships. The kid’s park is usually located in a safe part of the complex where there is no vehicular traffic and where the gates are always manned and kept closed to keep the kids safe inside.

Swimming Pool

Most apartment complexes come with a scenic rooftop swimming pool or an infinity pool. Fitted with sun decks and changing rooms, you can enjoy a ‘resort feel’ right on the doorsteps of your luxurious apartment! Aside from helping you stay fit, swimming pools are an excellent amenity to get you to relax and unwind after a long day at work. It’s also great for weekend leisure time with the family.

Party Hall

Having a party at home is a great idea, but the cleaning up process can become a nightmare. So what do you do when you want to play host to a large party at home? Use the conveniently-included party hall amenity that comes with luxury apartments of course! These party halls are excellent for hosting parties as they come fully appointed with restrooms and other necessary features needed to successfully host a party. And the best part is, you don’t have to start cleaning up and rearranging your apartment post the party either!

Manicured Gardens

Greenery is known to forge a peace of mind and is essential to our mental health. One of the best amenities that come with luxury apartments is the manicured green gardens. You also get the bonus of being able to luxuriate in the natural beauty of verdant gardens without having to dirty your hands in the actual gardening process itself!

For those looking to buy luxury apartments with all these amenities and more, then check out the beautifully architected ‘The Anthem’ project by Prime Property Developers (PPD). Located in the posh Kowdiar area and offering addresses to vie for, the project offers 52 flats ranging from spacious 2BHKs to large 4BHKs.

It comes fully loaded with amenities that amp up your lifestyle including an air-conditioned unisex gym, swimming pool, an audio/visual room, a spacious banquet hall, yoga deck and a terrace garden offering stunning views. Aside from a thoughtfully-provided guest suite, there are rooms for drivers, janitors and the caretaker too. Amenities couldn’t get any better than this!

Is Now The Right Time To Buy a Flat in Trivandrum?

buy luxury apartments in trivandrum

Buying a home is a major milestone that everyone aspires for. And when it comes to buying a flat in Trivandrum, it becomes a remarkable achievement. Though Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala, it is still in its growing phase – both vertically and horizontally. Real estate is booming with numerous residential projects going on in all parts of the city, spoiling homebuyers for choice!

Trivandrum is known for its natural beauty, with miles of serene beaches, numerous lakes and eco-tourism in the mysterious Western Ghats. However, it’s not just the tourists who find Trivandrum appealing, but potential homebuyers too. There is so much going for the city, it’s no wonder that people who want to buy apartments turn to Trivandrum.

This culture-rich city has a lineage going back to the tenth century and has been associated with royalty since 1795 when it became the capital of the Kingdom of Travancore. By virtue of the fact that Trivandrum continued to be capital even after independence has meant that there is excellent infrastructure in place too. The city is well-known for its premier educational institutions as well as for its excellent multispecialty hospitals and medical tourism.

Aside from all this, Trivandrum is also home to one of the largest IT hubs, the Technopark, which employs over 60,000 techies from all over the country. This insurgent population is also fuelling the demand for more homes in Trivandrum and developers are rising to the occasion with numerous flats for sale in key areas of Trivandrum. The country saw a number of ground-breaking changes over the last few years including demonetization, the introduction of GST and the implementation of RERA.

And when these ups and downs were finally rounded off by the current pandemic, a whole sea change in sentiments occurred in the minds of those people sitting undecided about purchasing a home. Here’s a detailed look at some of the factors that make this the right time to buy flats in Trivandrum:

Tangible Asset

With a recovering economy and stability in jobs, this is the best time to invest in real estate. The pandemic taught most people the importance of owning tangible assets and a roof to call their own. They also became more conscious of security for their family and investing in solid assets. With rental incomes set to stabilize, buying a flat is sure to get you good investment returns too.

Home loans

This is the best time to buy flats in Trivandrum as banks are also offering the lowest interests ever seen on home loans. Due to a series of repo rate cuts by RBI, home loans with interest rates as low as 7% are being offered by most banks. A word of caution – do check your CBIL score before applying. CIBIL scores above 750-800 qualify you for very decent EMIs throughout your loan tenure.


The pandemic also saw a lot of inventory build-up with few serious buyers in between. Most people preferred the wait-and-watch approach. Builders need capital to move on to other projects, but with stalled sales, most builders are offering perks and sops to encourage homebuyers to make a commitment. The end result is that homebuyers now have greater bargaining power and many ‘ready-to-move-in homes’ are available at ‘under-construction’ rates.

Buyer’s Market

You can easily get quality properties at the rates of those in the affordable segment. This is because we are going through a buyer’s market where good projects might not offer substantial discounts, but they will throw in complimentary features like free car parking or better repayment options.

Market Boom

With more quality homes being needed to house the well-traveled employees of incoming MNC into Technopark, a boom in the housing market and its pricing is expected soon.

All this makes the current time to be the right time to buy luxury flats in Trivandrum. For those on the lookout, check the delightful ‘Anthem’ flats by PPD located in Kowdiar. Offering classy 2, 3 & 4BHK flats, these homes are tailor-made to feature all world-class fittings, finishings and amenities suitable for the entire family’s needs.

Come be a part of the Prime Property Developers family today and invest in a flat in Trivandrum – while the time is still right!

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Residential Plot in Trivandrum

plot for sale in trivandrum

There is great prestige attached to becoming a landowner. And when this residential plot you are buying is based in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better choice! As compared to other forms of investments, investing in property is the safest bet and always yields guaranteed profits over time. With cities running out of space, the best time to invest in plots in Trivandrum is now, while there are still some pockets of land available.

Trivandrum is a rapidly-expanding city, enfolding more space into its folds year-on-year. This means that buying residential plots in the suburbs of Trivandrum is an excellent idea – as they are comparatively cheaper, but expected to increase in value within a few years as the city expands. Before buying plots in Trivandrum however, you will need to do some background research and here is a look at some tips to help you along:


This is one of the primary features to look into when buying built-up homes or plots. You will need to check out the neighborhood to see if it’s a decent and safe place to buy residential plots. Ensure that there are shops, supermarkets and healthcare centers nearby too. Make sure there are no potential sources of hazardous pollution in the area either including waste dump sites, bars or factories.

Access to the Property

Before buying a plot in Trivandrum, check the access roads leading to it. Is it located on the main road or a side road? Does it have lorry access? Does it provide ample parking space? Is it easy to access utilities like electricity, water and gas connections? These are some of the important things to look into before investing in a property.

Soil Quality

Whether you are buying the plot of land for building residential or commercial structures notwithstanding, you do need to get the soil and topography checked first. It will give you an idea of the type of foundation you will need and how big a structure the soil can support, etc.

Size of Property

You don’t have to depend on the seller’s word. Get a licensed land surveyor to come in and measure the dimensions of your plot first. Pay only for what you are buying.


Before buying any type of property, you will first need to have a budget in mind. Since a large sum is involved, people traditionally take a bank loan to pay off in easy EMIs. Ensure that you have a good CIBIL score (above 750) before applying for a loan; this will ensure you get decent interest rates on your loan.

Title Deed

Check the title deed very carefully to ensure that the seller is the rightful owner of the property. Better still, have a property lawyer go through it to ensure there are no discrepancies – after all, a large sum of money is involved here. Check other documents too including environmental clearance, building clearance, and land use zone certificate, etc.

Encumbrance Certificate

Ask for an encumbrance certificate to ensure there are no legal claims on the said property. This could include the property having been pledged against a loan, in which case, ensure that the loan has been closed and a release certificate obtained.


Another important feature of your residential plot buying journey is the reputation of the builder from whom you are buying the plot. Ensure that they have a clean record and that are known for tendering clear and above-board transaction experiences.

For those interested in buying residential plots in Trivandrum, look no further than the ‘Emerald Hills’ plot project by Prime Property Developers (PPD). As the name suggests, the Emerald Hills project is located in Venkode on a green hill slope offering scenic views of the city. This 11-acre pocket of land offers 63 residential plots starting from 4. 5 cents onwards. Located within a gated community with wide inner avenues and underground electricity and water connectivity available for each plot, you couldn’t find better residential plots to invest in!

What’s more, these plots come with access to a clubhouse, gym, futsal court and two kids play areas. Located just 8km from Kowdiar junction and 15km from Technopark, Emerald Hills make premium investment opportunities. Come have a look for yourself!

Advantages of Buying a Residential Plot in Trivandrum

house plot for sale in trivandrum

Sandwiched between the tail-end of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea lies the capital city of Kerala – Trivandrum. This city has a history going back to the 10th century AD when it was well-known for trading in spices and ivory. Modern-day Trivandrum is well-known for its booming IT industry, premier educational institutions, its multi-specialty hospital as well as medical tourism. It’s considered among the 10 greenest cities in the country and boasts of numerous beautiful beaches which are a major tourism attraction.

Though Trivandrum is the seat of government, it is unlike other state capitals in that it’s less congested and still in its growth phase – both vertically and horizontally. The city is expanding year on year and adding more suburban areas within its folds. This makes it an excellent reason for plot buyers to invest in cheaper properties on the outskirts of the city. It makes for a smart investment as the value of the property will only go up over the years. You could then sale it and make a handsome profit. Alternatively, you could lease out the plot till you are ready to take a decision on it. Everything said and done, owning a piece of land in Trivandrum is considered to be a matter of prestige and pride too.

If you sitting undecided on whether to buy a plot in Trivandrum, here is a list of advantages to getting you moving:

Apartment vs. Plots

Though the apartment culture has taken over Trivandrum, there are still those who cherish the thought of owning their own plot of land. When investing in real estate, it’s almost always rewarding, provided you do it the right way. However, before investing you need to be clear about your reasons for property investment. Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term gains? For short-term gains, it’s better to go with apartments as you can earn rental money from them. Investing long-term on the other hand means you have the capacity to stay invested for longer periods of time for higher gains. And if you haven’t built on the plot, then it’s definitely going to get you even better returns on a resale.


For those wanting to invest in property, it’s wiser to invest in plots on the city outskirts and leave it for a few years. As the city expands, better infrastructure and facilities will become available, making the location of your plot more valuable. This will reflect in an appreciation of your plot’s value and investment too. As the city expands to include your plot within its folds, you can now build your home on it at your own convenient time.


Contrary to popular belief, there is greater scope for resale of a house and the plot it’s standing on as compared to an apartment. With buying a stand-alone house, the buyer ends up owning prime land as well as a house that he can do and undo with – as per his unique needs. When buying a resale apartment, you are stuck with a fixed structure that you can’t make changes to and there is no additional prestige of becoming a landowner either.


It’s interesting to note that built-up properties attract a considerably higher tax value when compared to the nominal amount chargeable on an empty plot. So when you buy a plot for investment purposes, you will be paying minimal taxes for the years that the plot lies empty, even as its resale value multiplies over the years.

For those looking to invest in plots, check out the ‘Emerald Hills’ development project in Venkode in Trivandrum. This plot layout project is being developed by the well-known Prime Property Developers, on a gently-sloping hillock in a locality that is green and pollution-free. Developed in an 11-acre land pocket, this gated community project consists of 63 comfortably-sized plots ranging from 7.8 cents to 23.6 cents. The plots are just 9km from Kowdiar Junction and 15km from Technopark.

The best part is that these plots come with ready-to-access underground electricity and cooperation water connections as well as a clubhouse, kids play parks, gym and an outdoor futsal court. There is an RMU and transformer within the complex too along with 10m-wide asphalt internal roads with avenue trees.

What more could you possibly want when you buy plots in Trivandrum!