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Why Trivandrum Is the Best for Buying Plot as an Investment

Just like the birds build a nest to bring up their family, so do all humans aspire to have a home of their own to settle down in. The only difference is that while some people prefer to buy readymade homes, others prefer to take the longer route by first buying a plot of their chosen size, in a chosen location and then building their home on it according to their chosen specifications!

For those looking to buy a plot in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better decision. Aside from being the capital city, Trivandrum is opportune to have the best infrastructure available when compared to other cities in the state, better governance, lower crime rates and lower pollution. All this and more makes Trivandrum the best city to invest in a plot of land.

The city has also been witnessing growth in every sector and is one of the few cities in Kerala that is still expanding both vertically and horizontally. It is a hotbed for property investments with growth in the real estate industry being at an all-time high. A number of factors make Trivandrum the best city to buy plots as an investment, and here is why:


Having been the city of governance since 1795 when Trivandrum was also the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore, and then continuing the tradition post-independence has meant that Trivandrum is comparatively better developed. There is an excellent network of well-maintained roads in place here, aside from an international airport, 3 railways stations and an upcoming international port too! Trivandrum also has a bevy of prestigious educational institutions as well as multi-specialty hospitals and malls.


This government-owned IT hub has been a major driving force for expansion and development in the city. Touted to become the largest IT hub (area-wise) in the country once its expansion phase is over, it will employ more professionals than the current 70,000 and over 2 lakh indirect employees. This insurgent population of professionals is generating a need for more homes and the best builders in Trivandrum are hard at work, with numerous luxury apartment projects coming up all over the city.

Upcoming Developments

The upcoming Vizhinjam port and the proposed light metro rail system are expected to improve the economy and growth of Trivandrum further. Not only will it improve quality of life for the inhabitants in the long term, but its also expected to boost the growth of the real estate market.


Referred to as the ‘Evergreen city of India’ by Mahatma Gandhi, Trivandrum is indeed a beautiful sight to behold, nestled as it is over 7 gently undulating hills and surrounded by numerous beaches along its western coastline. Blessed with eco-tourism spots, chilly hills, lakes, waterfalls, backwaters, beaches and ancient monuments, Trivandrum has so much to offer in terms of entertainment to its inhabitants and tourists alike.
Multi-cultural Society

Trivandrum’s IT hub has been the driving force in creating a multi-cultural society and putting Trivandrum on the path of becoming a cosmopolitan city. With an expendable salary, these young techies have changed the threadwork of the city and attracted the mall culture with numerous multinational chains setting up shop here. Along with these, popular multiplex cinema halls have also moved in and changed the face of Trivandrum forever.

With so much happening here, there has been a multi-fold increase in demand for properties, including plots in Trivandrum. If you are on the lookout to buy plots in gated community living in Trivandrum, then look no further than the delightful ‘Emerald Hills’ plot project by the prime Property Developers (PPD). Strategically-located just 0.5km from Venkode junction in an 11-acre pocket and available as 63 plots starting from sizes of 4.5 cents onwards, these plots come with all the comforts and amenities of a gated community.

Along with asphalted inner roads, tree-lined avenues, paved footpaths and streetlights, each plot also comes with underground electricity and water provisions as well as concealed stormwater drains. There is even an RMU and transformer at the entrance into the complex.

Aside from all this, these plots also come with amenities such as a clubhouse, outdoor futsal court, indoor game room, kids play area, landscaped common areas, etc.

Come have a look at these outstanding plots yourself!

Best Luxury Villas in Trivandrum

ecofriendly homes

Villas have been around for many centuries and referred to the luxury summer homes of rich Romans. These homes came replete with manicured gardens, vineyards and a bevy of staff for the upkeep of these plush country homes.
The modern-day villas work along similar lines too, and are the preferred homes of the well-to-do, people who know what good living is all about. These luxury villas come in contemporary designs and feature a plethora of amenities. The best part about villas is that they are spacious homes located in green and peaceful environments, a little away from the pollution prevalent in the city center.

If you are planning on buying a home, then check out the luxury villas in Trivandrum. This is the capital city of Kerala and has held onto this position since the eighteenth century when the maharajas of the Kingdom of Travancore ruled. They were known for their love for arts, culture, architecture and education, and have left behind many legacies still standing tall and functional in the city.

Modern-day Trivandrum has the soon-to-be-largest IT hub in India, the Technopark. It attracts people from all over the country for career opportunities and they fall for the verdant beauty of this city and tend to settle down here. Trivandrum also has the upcoming Vizhinjam port which is touted to become a gamechanger in terms of the city’s development and economy. Having said that, this is the best time to invest in luxury villas in Trivandrum as prices will soon head north.

But before buying a luxury villa, here’s a look at what goes into the making of an actual luxury villa:


Luxury villas usually come nestled in peaceful, clean and secure localities. They offer beautiful views of open spaces, greenery and birdsong instead of traffic honking and smog. The neighborhoods of gated villa projects are also peaceful and do not block the views from luxury villa homes. Such locations also come with excellent road connectivity and access to excellent infrastructure close by. A luxury villa home address is something the homeowner will always be proud of, as it signifies that they have made it in life.


Luxury villas are the homes of the well-to-do and are always located in secure and low crime localities where your kids can walk home safely unaccompanied. Aside from this, the gated community setting of luxury villas itself provides multiple levels of security. Along with CCTV surveillance, there are 24×7 manned gates to control entry of people as well as smart security features in the villa itself.


Luxury villas in Trivandrum are known for their plethora of amenities aimed at uplifting your lifestyle to the next level. These spacious homes come with amenities that include swimming pool, outdoor game courts, indoor games room, children’s play park, unisex gym, etc. Aside from these features designed to keep the family fit and entertained, luxury villas also come with other delightful amenities such as clubhouse, mini movie theaters, manicured gardens, paved sidewalks for evening strolls, etc.


Another distinguishing feature of luxury villas in Trivandrum is their excellent architectural design, opulent interiors, quality fittings and finishings and professional landscaping that ensures complete privacy. These homes are designed to be more aesthetic and spacious so every member gets to enjoy greater privacy too.


And of course, since villas cost a little more than apartments, you do need to be prepared with a larger down-payment amount as well as a larger loan. At the end of the day, buying a villa is worth it as it stands on its own plot of land too; and with cost of land only rising year-on-year, villas make better investments too!

For those of you planning on buying a villa in Trivandrum, look no further than the delightful ‘Prithvi’ villas by PPD builders. This villa project is strategically located along the NH66 in the green and serene Akkulam area. Coming in plot sizes ranging from 4-20 cents, these luxury homes come with perfectly developed inner lanes with streetlights and stormwater drains. They also offer a plethora of world-class amenities including indoor and outdoor game facilities, children’s park, rooftop swimming pool, clubhouse, party hall, mini theater and even 2 fully-furnished guest suites!

Come have a look at the luxurious Prithvi villas for yourself today!

Why Kowdiar is the Right Choice to Buy Luxury Apartments in Trivandrum?

apartments in kowdiar

Trivandrum is the verdant capital city of the coastal state of Kerala and well-known for so many outstanding attributes, including its burgeoning IT hub, its world-famous beaches, deserving medical tourism, premier educational institutions, etc. All these and more make Trivandrum the ideal city to invest in, if you are planning on buying a home and settling down here.

And since the location is always crucial to your comfort levels in multi-dimensional ways, you will need to research carefully for the ideal locality that fulfils all your needs.

Kowdiar comes to mind when you think of peaceful residential localities. It is also where the royal family of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore still resides at the magnificent Kowdiar palace. This posh area is known as the place where the nouveau riche, celebrities, bureaucrats, businessmen and the well-to-do reside. And since real estate costs are on the higher side here, those who want to own a prestigious address in Kowdiar are better off buying a luxury apartment in Kowdiar rather than looking to buy a plot or stand-alone home in this area.

Standing tall in the heart of the city with beautiful tree-lined avenues, Kowdiar is the cleanest and greenest part of the city, with minimum air and noise pollution and lots of manicured greenery all around. Strategically-located between Ambalamukku and Vellayambalam, Kowdiar is also where the Raj Bhavan (the official residence of the governor) is to be found.

There are a lot of other advantages to owning a home in this upmarket residential part of Trivandrum, and here’s a look at some of them:

Best Location

Kowdiar is well recognized for its cleanliness, wide open roads and fresh unpolluted air. This posh locality is also known for its classy homes and serene green environment. And it’s no wonder why only the cream of the society lives here. There is even a children’s park near the sprawling Kowdiar palace grounds.


It’s not surprising that Kowdiar enjoys excellent connectivity to all important parts of the city. The strategically-located Kowdiar Junction allows easy connectivity to Ambalamukku and Peroorkada on one side, and to Vellayambalam, Sasthamangalam and the Museum area on the other end. Other parts of the city such as Pattom, Medical College area, Technopark and Chacka junction where the international airport is located, are all an easy 10-15 drive away. Trivandrum Central Railway station and the central bus stand are also just 5 minutes’ drive away from Kowdiar, making it the right choice to buy luxury apartments in Trivandrum.

Social Infrastructure

Aside from numerous classy eateries and high-end shopping centers in Kowdiar, this locality also features prominent educational institutions nearby including Christ Nagar, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Nirmala Bhavan, etc. Multi-specialty hospitals like KIMS, Medical College Trivandrum, Cosmopolitan hospital, SUT hospital are all situated nearby, making Kowdiar the best locality to buy luxury apartments in Trivandrum.


Being a high-end locality with excellent infrastructure, it’s a given that any property in Kowdiar will earn excellent returns on investment over the years. This is because all those who know what good living is all about tend to aspire for these much-coveted addresses in posh locations like Kowdiar.


Most of the big brand builders in Trivandrum with years of experience in their kitty, have their uber-luxury apartment projects in Kowdiar. These homes are beautifully architected and offer a plethora of matching world class amenities and facilities to those desiring to buy their dream home in Kowdiar.

Prime Property Developers (PPD) have been in the business of constructing delightful residences for almost three decades and have the luxurious ‘Anthem’ apartments in Kowdiar. Featuring 52 apartments ranging from spacious 2BHKs to large 4BHKs, these homes bridge the gap between convenience and luxury.

They come fully loaded with top-of-the-line modern amenities and facilities to ramp up your lifestyle further. These include a rooftop swimming pool, large fully-appointed party hall with a landscaped terrace, a yoga deck, a state-of-the-art home theater, a fully-equipped unisex gym, kids play area, etc. A fully-furnished guest suite has also been thoughtfully provided for overnight guests!

With so much going for the Anthem apartments in Kowdiar, its high time you too took a look at these magnificent homes!

Documents Required to Get a Land Loan

plots in trivandrum

It is traditional to take the help of a bank loan when investing in property – whether the said property is in the form of a villa, apartment or a residential plot. Many people prefer to invest in residential plots in the suburbs when prices are very decent, and build their dream home when they are well and ready for having a home of their own.

This is an excellent way to go in the long run, and is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy all the benefits of gated community living, but in a villa home that’s designed according to their own wishes.

When applying for a plot loan, or more aptly, a land loan, the application procedure is similar to that for home loans. However, it needs to be pointed out that land loans are usually smaller, and also come with attractive interest rates that can be repaid back in the form of affordable EMIs over a maximum period of 25 years.

Benefits of Land Loan

Land loans have minimal documentation requirements and low processing fees. They come at competitive interest rates, and it’s always better to shop around for a bank loan that offers the lowest rates and affordable repayment schedules. The best benefit of land loans however is that you can also avail of tax breaks under Sections 80C and 24 of the Income Tax Act. However, do note these benefits can only be availed when you build a house on it. Under Section 80C, you can avail deductions of up to Rs.1.50 lakhs/annum on the principle repaid. Likewise, you can avail tax benefits of Rs.2 lakhs under Section 24; but this can only be possible when you convert your land loan into a home loan.

Loan Application

For the land loan application to be processed, the applicant should be between 18-65 years of age and provide a list of basic documents which need to be verified first. For unsecured loans such as personal loans, salary slip or income proof are the most important documents. And for secured loans such as loans against property, it’s the property documents that are of greater importance.

Documents Needed for Land Loans

Below is a list of documents necessary for the land loan application process:

For salaried applicants

1. A duly filled application form with photograph
2. Proof of age – Can be passport, PAN card or any other certificate from statutory authority
3. Proof of Identity – Can be Aadhar card, driver’s license, voters’ card or employer’s card.
4. Proof of residence – Can be ration card, electricity bill or voter’s card.
5. The latest salary slips for past 3 months
6. The latest 6 months bank statement of salary account
7. Form 16 for the last 2 consecutive years.

For self-employed applicants

1. A duly filled application form with photograph
2. Proof of age – Can be passport, PAN card or any other certificate from statutory authority
3. Proof of Identity – Can be Aadhar card, driver’s license, voters’ card or employer’s card.
4. Proof of residence – Can be ration card, electricity bill or voter’s card
5. Proof and certificate of business existence
6. Last 3 years income tax returns (self & business)
7. Latest 12-month bank account statement (self & business)
8. Financial statement of business for last 2 years

Documents pertaining to the land will also be required:

1. Original of the land ownership document
2. Copies of the land records
3. Last 3 years tax receipts
4. Land records from office of the Sub-Registrar
5. Approved layout of the plot
6. ‘No Encumbrance’ certificate


And for those looking to buy residential plots in Trivandrum, there is an excellent residential plot project called the ‘Emerald Hills’ located in Venkode area. This is a premium gated community villa plot project by Prime Property Developers (PPD) and comes with a host of amenities and facilities.

Aside from storm drainage pipes, there is underground electricity and water connectivity in place already, along with paved inner roads with street lights. There is also a clubhouse, a futsal court and children’s play zones too. Comprising of 63 plots starting at 4.5 cents, these Emerald Hills residential plots are nestled on a gently rolling hillock and make the perfect green and serene backdrop for your dream home.

Come, see for yourself!

How to Choose a Luxury Villa in Trivandrum

Luxury Villas in Trivandrum

You couldn’t find a better place to buy a luxury villa than in Trivandrum city. Nestled over seven undulating hills, Trivandrum is rich in greenery as well as in cultural heritage. It’s also on the world map for its famous tourism spots, numerous scenic beaches, backwaters and ecotourism. Aside from being the capital of Kerala and the seat of governance, Trivandrum is also well known for its premier educational institutions, multi-specialty hospitals, medical tourism and its rapidly expanding IT hub – the Technopark.

An influx of increasingly younger and well-travelled population with a disposable income has meant that more people are looking to buy luxury villas in Trivandrum. As luxury homes only make up around 10% of properties on the market, you will need to be careful when choosing your dream luxury home. A high price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a luxury home. Instead, look for some of the following features that truly represent a luxury villa:


Luxury villas are normally located in well-connected suburban areas that are low on sound and air pollution. Ensure that when choosing a luxury villa in Trivandrum, there are no pollution-spouting industries nearby or clubs, graveyards or garbage dumps close to your dream home. The city center, workplace, schools and other places of importance should also be accessible via good roads and public transport connectivity. These and easily available social infrastructure will ramp up your lifestyle further.

Square Footage

When it comes to a luxury home, the size does matter. Luxury villas are larger when it comes to square footage and come in variations of 3BHK and more. The floor plans are also Vastu-compliant to usher in greater prosperity into your home. They also have unique architectural designs, quality construction as well as elegant, manicured gardens. All these are considered features of luxury villas.

Contemporary Designs

Luxury homes stand out for contemporary designs, double car parking facilities and interiors that shout out their luxury quotient. And as can be expected, luxury villas also come with integrated smart home technologies such as smart door locks, smart doorbells as well as Alexa-assisted switches, AC, TV, curtain rods, etc.

Price Tag

Since luxury villas come fully equipped with ultra-luxurious features, branded fittings and finishes, high-quality construction, high-energy efficiency measures as well as high-end addresses that are the envy of other neighborhoods, don’t be surprised to find such homes coming at higher price tags too. If you are being offered a ‘luxury home’ at a cheaper price tag, it’s time for a rethink!


Another feature of luxury villas is that they come with the indulgence of exclusive privacy. As villa homes don’t share any walls with their neighboring homes and stand in a plot of their own with boundary walls, the occupants get to enjoy that unique benefit called privacy. This feature attaches a much-coveted, high-end prestige to villa addresses and villa living.


Luxury villas offer excellent returns on investment as these homes stand on their own plot. With cost of land rising year-on-year, the land value of the villa plot will also go up accordingly, thereby enhancing the value of your home. More so, when it’s built by well-known big brand builders.


Luxury villas come within gated communities with excellent security and surveillance features. You won’t have to worry about your kids playing outdoors as there is always monitoring of people entering and exiting the gates of the walled community. Aside from 24×7 manned gates, luxury homes also come with CCTV surveillance so that you and your family can always rest easy!

For those looking to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have chosen a better city! Check out the ‘Prithvi’ luxury villa project here by Prime Property Developers (PPD), who are well-known for their premium projects and big brand value.

The project is located along the rapidly-developing Kazhakootam-Eanchakkal corridor, along the NH66 in the peaceful Akkulam locality. These villas come in plot sizes ranging from 4-20 cents and are nestled within a perfectly manicured layout with street lights, paved pathways and internal lanes. Plus, you get to revel in world-class amenities like a clubhouse, 2 fully-furnished guest suites, indoor and outdoor game facilities, gym, spa, mini theater, rooftop swimming pool, large party hall, etc.

Come have a look at the luxurious Prithvi villas for yourself today!

Things to Check Before Buying a Villa in Trivandrum

villas in trivandrum

Trivandrum is a rapidly expanding city and growing both vertically and horizontally year-on-year. There is a lot of residential construction activity going on in the city as demand for new housing is always on the rise. Known as a peaceful city with comparatively lower pollution, lower crime rates, excellent infrastructure and increasing job opportunities by virtue of the growing IT hub, Trivandrum is attracting more and more people to come settle down here.

All this and more are leading to a greater influx of people into the city and keeping real estate developers on their toes. There are numerous villa and apartment projects in various stages of construction available all over the city, with something suitable for every kind of taste and pocket size. For all those interested in buying luxury villas in Trivandrum, there are a number of projects available in peaceful suburban areas. Villas are more coveted as they are more spacious, private and come with the added benefit of owning the land on which the villa stands.

However, before you proceed to buy a villa in Trivandrum, here are some things to check out to help you make the right choice:


Gated community villa projects are usually located in peaceful neighborhoods away from the hustle-bustle of the city center. Since most villa projects require more space and are spread out on large tracts of land in the city suburbs, do ensure that there is functional connectivity and road linkages to important parts of the city.


Before getting into the buying mode however, do check out your finances with a magnifier. You will need to have sufficient funds to make the down payment – which comes down to a neat sum of money when it’s a villa. Aside from this, do ensure that you have enough funds kept aside for emergencies and other important things. Finally, you will need to have a steady source of income to pay the monthly EMIs for the home loan you take to complete the purchase of your dream home.

Contemporary designs

Since villas are usually bought by well-heeled individuals who know what good living is all about, these homes come with the latest features, contemporary designs, open gardening spaces and multiple car parking. They combine function and comfort, providing you with premium living experiences and treating you to scenic views and eco-friendly green environments.


Villas come with high-end specifications, contemporary designs, quality construction, branded fittings, and ultra-luxury features and stand on a plot of their own. In keeping with climate changes, most villas come with energy-efficient features too; all this and more call for higher pricing. If you are being offered villas at cheaper prices, don’t fall for the gimmick as such villas will be of sub-standard quality and design.


This is one of the most important aspects of buying your dream villa and will require you to be extra vigilant. If you don’t have the time to go through the list of necessary permits, approvals, certificates and documents, do avail the services of a property lawyer instead. Some of the paperwork you need to go through include approval certificates from the various civic authorities for land, construction, project design approval and permits for commencing construction.

You will also need to ensure that the seller has the right to the title deed of the land for construction and that there are no encumbrances or mortgages taken against the property. This will save you unnecessary hassles for the right to ownership down the years. You should also make an agreement for the delivery date of the villa and collect an occupation certificate before accepting the keys to your brand-new villa.

For those looking to buy a luxury villa in Trivandrum, check out the impeccable ‘Prithvi’ villa project by the prestigious PPD builders. Sprawling over 12 acres of premium land in the Akkulam area, just 1km from the newly-built NH66 highway, this villa project comprises of 102 units ranging from 4-20 cents in size. Located along the Kazhakootam-Eanchakkal corridor, these premium villas are just a few minutes drive away from Lulu mall, Technopark, the international airport, prestigious schools and multi-specialty hospitals.

Come invest in these prime villas where your every concern has been taken care of. Come live life king-sized!

Things to Know Before Buying a Penthouse Apartment in Trivandrum

penthouse in trivandrum

With cities running out of space, most new homes are being built vertically instead of horizontally. Apartment living is the ‘in thing’ now and builders are planning them so well that people are increasingly preferring to invest in apartments rather than in stand-alone homes.

And for those who can afford it, penthouses are the latest craze as they offer spectacular views of the cityscape, ample ventilation and natural lighting and a posh lifestyle. Penthouses are luxurious apartments located at the top of the building and offer greater peace and quiet by virtue of their location. They are a symbol of luxury and class and come with the best fittings and finishings. A penthouse is a status symbol and has beautiful interiors and exteriors, representing your stature in society and celebrating your life!

And for those who want to buy a penthouse apartment in Trivandrum, there are a number of features to look out for before signing on those dotted lines. Here’s a detailed look at some of these features:


As always, the first factor to take into account is the location of the property. After buying a home, everything can be changed about it, except its location or neighborhood. So, choose an apartment in a good neighborhood, where there is lower pollution and no garbage dumps, clubs or industries nearby. The location should also speak about your status in life. For example, posh areas like Kowdiar are known to be the home of the well-to-do and an address in Kowdiar is always highly valued!


Aside from checking out the quality of the apartment, you will also need to check its proximity to important places. The area should be well-connected by roads and have easy access to premium schools, good hospitals, shopping malls, career hubs and IT hubs. Availability of nearby bus stops and easy connectivity to railway stations and airports are other necessities.


One of the best parts of investing in apartment complexes is that you get neighbors who are of a similar status as yourself and your kids can mingle safely with them, creating lifelong bonds. Living in apartment gated communities ensures you of good company too!

Safety and Security

Modern apartments come located within a gated community with boundary walls and surveillance. The apartment complex also comes with manned gates to control the inflow of unknown people. Some builders add further security features such as smart doorbells and door locks, CCTV cameras on every floor and phone connectivity with the guard room. All these measures mean that you and your family are always safe!


For those who want to buy penthouse apartments in Trivandrum, another feature to enjoy are the plethora of amenities. Some of these premium amenities include rooftop infinity swimming pools with stunning views, manicured rooftop gardens, fully-furnished party halls, AV theater rooms, indoor games rooms, kid’s play area, unisex AC gyms, guest suites, etc.


Finally, you need to make sure that you are buying an apartment from a builder of repute, one who has enough years of experience building quality homes. You can even go one step further and meet up with residents of other apartment projects by the same builder to find out about any problems they have encountered with the builder, the transaction process or the end product. Big brand builders with a reputation to maintain will ideally deal in a transparent way with their customers and deliver on all the promises they make.

For those on the lookout for the best penthouse apartments in Trivandrum, check out the ‘Anthem’ apartment project by the prestigious Prime Property Developers (PPD). Located in the posh Kowdiar area, The Anthem offers all modern conveniences and entertainment to suit the discerning ones. It’s also where luxury living touches new heights with a plethora of premium amenities including a swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, AC home theater, mini party hall with landscaped terrace, an AC unisex gym, children’s play area, etc.

Having been in the business of constructing quality residential and commercial projects for almost 3 decades has successfully positioned PPD as a niche builder of exclusive premium projects. With the principles of timely deliveries, unmatched services, attention to every minute detail and quality end-products forming the backbone of our business, we always deliver on every point, every time!

Is it Good to Buy a Plot in a Gated Community

plots in trivandrum

Most people dream of owning an independent home of their own one day. For some discerning ones, the process of fulfilling this aspiration usually starts with buying a plot of land and then building a home of their choice on it. What if there was an additional facility where you could buy a plot and build your own home within a gated community? For most people, this would be like a dream come true as gated community living comes with a plethora of advantages that a stand-alone home cannot offer.

And when you consider the fact that sometimes things go grossly wrong when investing your hard-earned savings in something so big, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t be taken for a ride when it’s a gated community plot. Since many buyers are involved in gated community projects, the process of acquisition is simplified, reliable and much easier than when it’s a stand-alone plot where you have to make your own efforts to verify all the documents.

For those who are still in doubt about the advantages of buying a plot within a gated community, here’s a look at some points to show you why it’s a great idea:


When you buy a plot within a gated community project, you can be sure of its being safe from the risk of encroachment or misuse. Since you can’t be around to monitor the plot all the time, owning one in a gated community means there will be 24×7 security and surveillance to ensure its safety. With manned gates and CCTV cameras, you can rest easy so that your plot will always be safe!

Documentation process

Since there are numerous plots in a gated community, the process of documentation and transfer of title deeds is more streamlined. You wouldn’t have to work so hard to verify all the paperwork as a number of clients are involved, and transparency in dealing will always be the ball game. Having the documentation process hassle-free makes for a stress-free investment process too.

Community living

When you invest in a stand-alone plot, you could end up with all kind of neighbors that hinders your socializing and lifestyle. But when you buy a plot in a gated community in Trivandrum, you get the advantage of an integrated lifestyle with like-minded neighbors that have a similar social standing.


Another major advantage when you buy a plot within a gated community is that you get access to lifestyle-enhancing amenities. These could include indoor games, unisex gyms, outdoor game courts, children’s play areas, clubhouses, etc. These, of course, would be aside from other advantages like manned gates, security, paved inner lanes with avenue trees, manicured green areas, etc. But affording all these luxuries from your own pocket when investing in a stand-alone plot could get mighty expensive!


Once you buy a plot in a gated community in Trivandrum, what you get is access to a pollution-free lifestyle that’s away from the humdrum sounds of the city. You also get freedom from speeding traffic and peaceful avenues for evening strolls and kids to cycle in safely.


The best part is that you don’t have to pay a ransom to enjoy all the amenities, facilities, and maintenance charges yourself. These are common facilities shared by all the plot owners and expenses are shared by everyone. This means that by buying into a gated community, you can enjoy all the perks of gated community lifestyles, and yet be able to build your home according to your preferences including design, budget and freedom to make alterations at any stage.

The advantages of investing in a plot in a gated community are unparalleled and unbeatable. And for those wanting to invest in gated community plots in Trivandrum, check out the ‘Emerald Hills’ gated community plot project by PPD. Located in the peaceful Venkode area, it is just an easy 9km from Kowdiar junction and 15k from Technopark. It consists of 63 plots in an 11-acre area with plot sizes starting from 4.5 cents.

There is underground water and electricity connection facility already in place along with tree-lined avenues, streetlights and lifestyle amenities like a clubhouse, gym, futsal court, kid’s play area, etc. This is a premium investment opportunity – make a smart move and invest today!

Flats for Sale in Kowdiar

apartments in kowdiar

There is something to be said for living in posh neighborhoods like Kowdiar in Trivandrum. Imagine living in a location where everything is available and within access. Add to that the prestige of owning such addresses and you end up with a home address to be so proud of!


Trivandrum has enjoyed the status of being a state capital right from the days of the royal Kingdom of Travancore in 1795 when Maharaja Marthanda Varma made the city its state capital. And with its continuing this status even after independence has meant that Trivandrum is comparatively better developed and has excellent infrastructure in place. One of the royal homes here is known as Kowdiar palace and over time, the area where it is located has also come to be known as Kowdiar. As can be expected, only the rich elite and those up the social ladder have their homes in this location.


Being the seat of the Kerala government and playing host to visiting dignitaries has further meant that the city has great roads, excellent utilities, and is green and clean. Trivandrum is also known for its lower crime rates and even lower pollution rates. Since the city is still in its growing phase, both horizontally and vertically, this has meant that more outer fringe areas are getting included in its folds over time. Vertical homes are also gaining more traction and for those looking to invest in apartments and flats in Trivandrum, this is the right time to go home shopping!


This locality is well-known for its clean wide roads with colorful avenue trees on both sides, creating a peaceful and pollution-free haven. It is also where the Raj Bhavan is located and as can be expected, Kowdiar is a highly safe and secure area. Interestingly, the royal family of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore still resides at the magnificent Kowdiar Palace located here. The other prime localities in the neighborhood of Kowdiar include Kuravankonam, Vellayambalam, Vazthacaud, Sasthamangalam and Nanthancode.


This area is also well-connected to all important places in the city with the Central Bus Stand and Central Railway station being just 4km away. The international airport is an easy 8km drive away and the rapidly expanding IT hub, Technopark, is about 14km from here. There are a number of premier schools, hospitals, and shopping centers all located in the neighborhood, making Kowdiar one of the best places to set up a home in.

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How to Do Land Registration in Kerala

land registration in kerala

Buying property is a major decision and requires much planning and saving. While it brings on euphoric feelings of accomplishment and pride, you do need to remain focused and sharp throughout the procedure as a large sum of money is involved.

Aside from making a decision on which plot of land to buy, you need to understand all the rules and regulations associated with the registration of property too. Land registration is governed by Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908 and it says that every immovable property above the value of Rs.100 should be registered to ensure a clear transfer of ownership title to the buyer. In Kerala, it’s the Registration Department that handles property registration and stamps duty charges. Here’s a simple breakdown of the steps involved in land registration in Kerala:

Selecting a Plot

The first step of course is to finalize on a plot that suits your needs as well as your budget. The location of the plot should be such that its value would grow in the coming years too. Conclude the final price and terms and tenure of payment.

Property Lawyer

Before signing on the sale agreement, meet up with a property lawyer and take their legal opinion too. He will do a detailed search of all the related property documents and provide you with a legal title report on the property you are planning on buying. This usually takes 3-5 working days. Once you get a clear report on all the relevant facts related to the title of the land, you can proceed with buying it.

Revenue Records

The change of title of a plot is known as mutation of property in the Revenue Records. This is relevant for tax collection purposes. However, this is not conclusive proof of ownership of property and a Village Re-survey along with the implementation of the ROR (Record of Rights) procedure should be done to obtain a ROR certificate and complete the property registration process. A ROR is the primary record of the plot and proves that you hold ownership of the plot.

Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance certificate is obtained from the Sub-Registrar’s office and verifies that there are no unpaid debts, loans or leases against the property. Ensure that the encumbrance certificate covers at least the last 30 years.

Signing the Sale Agreement

The agreement should be signed on a stamp paper in the presence of two witnesses and mention the terms and conditions of sale, the property value, map of property, advance paid, possession date, previous document details, etc. If there is any building or plantation on the said property, then include a brief description of that too. All these features are necessary for registering the property in Kerala. Legal penalty on violation of sale agreement should also be mentioned here.

Registering the Sale Agreement

Only a sale agreement registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office can become legally enforceable.

Registration and Stamp Duty

The stamp paper should be bought in the buyer’s name and its value will depend on the property’s purchase price. The stamp duty in Kerala is 8% (irrespective of its location in a municipality, panchayat or corporation area) and the registration fee is 2%.

Document Writer

Get your sale deed document drafted by a professional document writer and ensure it’s free of any technical defects resulting in future complications.


Register the land in the Sub-Registrar’s office within the time stipulated in the sale agreement. A registration fee of 2% of the fair value of the land is chargeable as per the government of Kerala.

For those looking to buy land in Trivandrum, there are premium housing plots to be had in the Venkode area in the city suburbs. Known as Emerald Hills, there are 63 residential plots within an 11-acre gated community project with areas ranging from 7.8 cents to 23.6 cents.

The plots come with paved inner roads, street lights, avenue trees, stormwater drainage and provision for underground electricity and water connectivity. The plot owners also have access to a clubhouse, a futsal court as well as a children’s play area. These plots in Trivandrum are just 9km from Kowdiar junction and 15km from Technopark, making Emerald Hills an excellent investment opportunity.

Make the right move and buy a plot today!