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Plots for Sale in Trivandrum

There are always debates on whether to invest in built-up property or whether to invest in plots in Trivandrum. But with land running out in all cities, including Trivandrum, it makes more sense to invest in land as its value will definitely multiply manifold in the coming years.

If you are planning to buy land in Trivandrum, then make sure you go for land for sale in Trivandrum that is located a little away from the city center. The closer the plot is to the city center, the more expensive it will be. The further the plot is, the easier it will be on the pocket too. If you are looking for villa plots in Trivandrum, then check out the plots for sale in Vattapara. These plots will definitely increase in value as the city is encompassing more areas within its folds year on year. Vattapara is a peaceful, pollution-free locality that is well-connected with the city, and all-important locations are within an easy drive away.

Another important point to keep in mind when buying land for sale in Trivandrum is to invest in projects that are within gated communities as these come with lifestyle amenities. By opting for a stand-alone house plot for sale in Trivandrum, you will need to arrange everything for your plot, starting from boundary walls, soil test, water and electricity connections, checking for any encumbrance attached to the plot, etc.

For those looking for a plot for sale in Trivandrum, do check out the ‘Emerald Hills’ plot project near Venkode by Prime Property Developers. It’s always easier to find 5 cent plot for sale in Trivandrum when you are looking for just prime land for sale in Trivandrum. However, it’s always better to buy villa plots from reputed developers instead of stand-alone land pockets as you can be sure that all necessary permits have already been obtained. Since a neat sum of money is involved when you buy land in Trivandrum, you wouldn’t want to risk investing with a dubious seller. Play safe when you are planning on buying plots in Trivandrum and only buy from reputed developers.

Residential Plots in Trivandrum

Not everyone wants a home where they have no say in its shape, size or design. Those who have ample means and time on their hands prefer to look for a residential plot for sale in Trivandrum instead and build their home on it in their own time. This way, you can have the security of a residential plot that will only rise in its investment value, over the years. And when you are ready financially, you can start building your dream villa on it. This way, you will end up with high-end property.

However, for those interested in buying residential land for sale in Trivandrum, you do need to move fast as such properties get sold off very fast. With most of these residential plots for sale in Trivandrum being located in suburban areas where the cost of property is lower, keen buyers are always on the ready, waiting to snap up such hot properties. These plots have so much potential for growth in value and returns on investment. For those who are interested in the residential plot for sale in Trivandrum, there is an exciting villa plot project ‘Emerald Hills’ by Prime Property Developers near Venkode. Developed on an 11-acre pocket of land, it consists of 63 villa plots offering spectacular views of the city below. This gated community project offers villa plots with underground water and electricity connections, well-developed inner lanes as well as a host of upscale amenities.

For those on the lookout for residential land for sale in Trivandrum, these Emerald Hills villa plots by PPD make the best solution. The best part is that for those buying residential plots by PPD, you will never be too far from the city either. Make a smart move and invest in Emerald Hills today!


Q: What are the top localities to buy a residential plot in Trivandrum?
Buying residential plots in Trivandrum is an excellent decision. However, when buying residential plots, do choose locations that are in the suburban areas. Locations that include Venkode and Vattapara are excellent for residential plots in Trivandrum. With the city expanding rapidly, these localities will soon become part of the city.
Q: How can I buy a plot of land in Trivandrum?
For those wanting to buy plots of land in Trivandrum, your quest couldn’t get easier. There are a number of suburban localities offering plots of land in Trivandrum. However, the best plots to buy are villa plots that come within gated communities. Checkout the Emerald Hills villa plots near Venkode.
Q: How much does a plot cost in Trivandrum?
The value of plots in Trivandrum is only going to go up in the coming years. With the city expanding and land running out, it’s best to buy plots in the suburbs where plots are cheaper. Buying a villa plot is cheaper than buying a readymade villa too.
Q: Are there any residential plots in Trivandrum available from owners?
While there are many residential plots available from owners, it’s always better to buy villa plots from developers as they come within gated communities and have the added benefit of lifestyle-enhancing amenities too. Checkout the Emerald Hills residential villa plots project in Vattapara by Prime Property Developers.