Is it Good to Buy a Plot in a Gated Community

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August 17, 2022

Is it Good to Buy a Plot in a Gated Community

Most people dream of owning an independent home of their own one day. For some discerning ones, the process of fulfilling this aspiration usually starts with buying a plot of land and then building a home of their choice on it. What if there was an additional facility where you could buy a plot and build your own home within a gated community? For most people, this would be like a dream come true as gated community living comes with a plethora of advantages that a stand-alone home cannot offer.

And when you consider the fact that sometimes things go grossly wrong when investing your hard-earned savings in something so big, you can rest assured that you wouldn’t be taken for a ride when it’s a gated community plot. Since many buyers are involved in gated community projects, the process of acquisition is simplified, reliable and much easier than when it’s a stand-alone plot where you have to make your own efforts to verify all the documents.

For those who are still in doubt about the advantages of buying a plot within a gated community, here’s a look at some points to show you why it’s a great idea:


When you buy a plot within a gated community project, you can be sure of its being safe from the risk of encroachment or misuse. Since you can’t be around to monitor the plot all the time, owning one in a gated community means there will be 24×7 security and surveillance to ensure its safety. With manned gates and CCTV cameras, you can rest easy so that your plot will always be safe!

Documentation process

Since there are numerous plots in a gated community, the process of documentation and transfer of title deeds is more streamlined. You wouldn’t have to work so hard to verify all the paperwork as a number of clients are involved, and transparency in dealing will always be the ball game. Having the documentation process hassle-free makes for a stress-free investment process too.

Community living

When you invest in a stand-alone plot, you could end up with all kind of neighbors that hinders your socializing and lifestyle. But when you buy a plot in a gated community in Trivandrum, you get the advantage of an integrated lifestyle with like-minded neighbors that have a similar social standing.


Another major advantage when you buy a plot within a gated community is that you get access to lifestyle-enhancing amenities. These could include indoor games, unisex gyms, outdoor game courts, children’s play areas, clubhouses, etc. These, of course, would be aside from other advantages like manned gates, security, paved inner lanes with avenue trees, manicured green areas, etc. But affording all these luxuries from your own pocket when investing in a stand-alone plot could get mighty expensive!


Once you buy a plot in a gated community in Trivandrum, what you get is access to a pollution-free lifestyle that’s away from the humdrum sounds of the city. You also get freedom from speeding traffic and peaceful avenues for evening strolls and kids to cycle in safely.


The best part is that you don’t have to pay a ransom to enjoy all the amenities, facilities, and maintenance charges yourself. These are common facilities shared by all the plot owners and expenses are shared by everyone. This means that by buying into a gated community, you can enjoy all the perks of gated community lifestyles, and yet be able to build your home according to your preferences including design, budget and freedom to make alterations at any stage.

The advantages of investing in a plot in a gated community are unparalleled and unbeatable. And for those wanting to invest in gated community plots in Trivandrum, check out the ‘Emerald Hills’ gated community plot project by PPD. Located in the peaceful Venkode area, it is just an easy 9km from Kowdiar junction and 15k from Technopark. It consists of 63 plots in an 11-acre area with plot sizes starting from 4.5 cents.

There is underground water and electricity connection facility already in place along with tree-lined avenues, streetlights and lifestyle amenities like a clubhouse, gym, futsal court, kid’s play area, etc. This is a premium investment opportunity – make a smart move and invest today!