Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Residential Plot in Trivandrum

There is great prestige attached to becoming a landowner. And when this residential plot you are buying is based in Trivandrum, you couldn’t have made a better choice! As compared to other forms of investments, investing in property is the safest bet and always yields guaranteed profits over time. With cities running out of space, the best time to invest in plots in Trivandrum is now, while there are still some pockets of land available.

Trivandrum is a rapidly-expanding city, enfolding more space into its folds year-on-year. This means that buying residential plots in the suburbs of Trivandrum is an excellent idea – as they are comparatively cheaper, but expected to increase in value within a few years as the city expands. Before buying plots in Trivandrum however, you will need to do some background research and here is a look at some tips to help you along:


This is one of the primary features to look into when buying built-up homes or plots. You will need to check out the neighborhood to see if it’s a decent and safe place to buy residential plots. Ensure that there are shops, supermarkets and healthcare centers nearby too. Make sure there are no potential sources of hazardous pollution in the area either including waste dump sites, bars or factories.

Access to the Property

Before buying a plot in Trivandrum, check the access roads leading to it. Is it located on the main road or a side road? Does it have lorry access? Does it provide ample parking space? Is it easy to access utilities like electricity, water and gas connections? These are some of the important things to look into before investing in a property.

Soil Quality

Whether you are buying the plot of land for building residential or commercial structures notwithstanding, you do need to get the soil and topography checked first. It will give you an idea of the type of foundation you will need and how big a structure the soil can support, etc.

Size of Property

You don’t have to depend on the seller’s word. Get a licensed land surveyor to come in and measure the dimensions of your plot first. Pay only for what you are buying.


Before buying any type of property, you will first need to have a budget in mind. Since a large sum is involved, people traditionally take a bank loan to pay off in easy EMIs. Ensure that you have a good CIBIL score (above 750) before applying for a loan; this will ensure you get decent interest rates on your loan.

Title Deed

Check the title deed very carefully to ensure that the seller is the rightful owner of the property. Better still, have a property lawyer go through it to ensure there are no discrepancies – after all, a large sum of money is involved here. Check other documents too including environmental clearance, building clearance, and land use zone certificate, etc.

Encumbrance Certificate

Ask for an encumbrance certificate to ensure there are no legal claims on the said property. This could include the property having been pledged against a loan, in which case, ensure that the loan has been closed and a release certificate obtained.


Another important feature of your residential plot buying journey is the reputation of the builder from whom you are buying the plot. Ensure that they have a clean record and that are known for tendering clear and above-board transaction experiences.

For those interested in buying residential plots in Trivandrum, look no further than the ‘Emerald Hills’ plot project by Prime Property Developers (PPD). As the name suggests, the Emerald Hills project is located in Venkode on a green hill slope offering scenic views of the city. This 11-acre pocket of land offers 63 residential plots starting from 4. 5 cents onwards. Located within a gated community with wide inner avenues and underground electricity and water connectivity available for each plot, you couldn’t find better residential plots to invest in!

What’s more, these plots come with access to a clubhouse, gym, futsal court and two kids play areas. Located just 8km from Kowdiar junction and 15km from Technopark, Emerald Hills make premium investment opportunities. Come have a look for yourself!

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