Benefits of Investing in Plots in Trivandrum

We live in a post-pandemic world. For over a year, we have been confined to the safety and security that our homes have offered us. This puts the focus back on investing in real estate. While there is a huge spike in investments, there is also a surge toward plots and independent villas in Trivandrum for people who yearn for privacy and security. So here’s a look at the benefits of investing in residential plots in Trivandrum.

The social infrastructure

In terms of investment, Trivandrum is a fast-growing city with unlimited potential, and this is directly proportional to the increase in housing options. The advent of Technopark in the 1990s, and the other major developments that the city has seen in the last thirty decades like wider roads, and other infrastructure developments ups the demand for real estate. This has led to more developments throughout the city, attracting investors and driving up property prices in many parts. Given the likelihood of future developments, and with land going to be a scarce resource, investing in a residential plot is an attractive choice. 

The cost of living

Trivandrum has been named the best city to live in for three consecutive years and its potential growth, horizontally as well as vertically, makes it one of the best places to buy property. Compared to Tier 1 cities, the cost of living in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala is less. 

The commute

Trivandrum boasts of a  well-laid-out network of roads, a well-defined central business hub,  an IT hub making it easy to commute. Trivandrum is also well-connected to the world through air, water,  road, and railway lines. In a post-pandemic world, where the homes become the center of the world, this is an important factor to consider. 

The crime rate

Trivandrum has a low crime rate compared to many other cities in India. By and large, it is a safe neighborhood for your kids to grow up in. 

The lifestyle

Trivandrum is well-connected to the rest of the world and sees people from different cultures converging in this historic town. Job opportunities are high when compared to the other cities in Kerala. The city also abounds in natural beauty and if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors, there are endless options for recreation. A golf course, tennis clubs, and other facilities abound. A short drive can take you to the picturesque countryside, beaches, and hill stations.

Add to this, builders like Prime Property Developers have launched a well-thought-out fully developed plot for sale in Trivandrum. Emerald Hills near Venkode, Trivandrum offers the comforts of a luxury villa while you have the freedom to envisage how your own house should be. This is not a villa project and it stands out by providing all the luxuries a villa project will offer including well-laid out roads and other amenities.

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