Why Should You Invest in Residential Plots?

residential plots in trivandrum
November 12, 2021

Why Should You Invest in Residential Plots?

Investing in land has always been a secure way of growing your hard-earned money. It also offers stability in life, taking you one step closer to building your own dream home. The pandemic has only served to emphasize this point further as everyone needs a tangible sense of security – and what better way than buying a residential plot to build your home according to your wishes. Here are some tangible reasons why you should consider investing in residential plots:

Lower investment

Generally, investing in a plot of residential land is lower when compared to ready-to-move-in homes, be it villas or apartments. Hence, it makes a great investment for those with smaller budgets. You also get the freedom to decide when you want to build a home on it; there is no hurry here as the plot is already in your name for when you are ready to build.

Higher ROIs

Land has always been in limited supply and when demand exceeds supply in the cities, the cost of land starts to hit the ceiling. This is one good reason why you should buy plots at lower costs in the suburban parts of growing cities. Within just a few years, the returns on your investment will become substantial, making it an excellent money-making investment. However, do check if there is easily available infrastructure in the vicinity of the plot you are planning to buy. This factor will enhance your plot’s value further.

Lower taxes

For those in the dark, the property taxes on empty plots are a mere fraction when compared with the taxes due on built-up homes. Apartments and villas attract greater taxes than empty plots, so you can be financially comfortable while you are waiting for the right time to start building on your plot – or reselling it at higher rates.

Greater flexibility

One of the best advantages of investing in a plot is that you have the flexibility to design and build your house according to your own unique needs and family size. If you want tall arches in front of your home you can get them, if you want a double- or triple-story home, you can get it – everything in your home will depend on your creative wishes only! And if you don’t want to build on the plot, you can always sell it off when you have garnered substantial returns on your investment.

Greater transparency

As compared to the home-buying process, there is minimal paperwork and legalities involved in buying a residential plot. And once the payment is made for the plot, there are no more dealings between buyer and seller. However, before signing on the ownership deed papers at the registrar’s office, do scrutinize the previous ownerships of the plot as well as any encumbrances or liens attached to it. You will also need to collect property tax receipts going back three years from the seller.

For those on the lookout for residential plots for sale in Trivandrum, the premium property developers, PPD, have an amazing offering of residential plots in an 11-acre area in Venkode, called ‘Emerald Hills’. Nestled on a smoothly sloping hillock amid green vistas, it offers excellent views of the city. There are 63 residential plots available, with the minimum plot size being 4.5 cents. They are located just 15km away from Technopark, 9km away from Kowdiar junction, making them easily accessible from the city center too.

The best part about these residential plots is that they are within a gated community project. The plots come with a well-planned internal network of roads, avenue trees and manicured green spaces. There is even a clubhouse, a gymnasium, an outdoor multi-games court and a children’s play park. And to make things easier for the buyers of these residential plots in Trivandrum, each plot comes with an underground electricity connection with an RMU and transformer located at the gated entrance of the project. Aside from this, each plot also has panchayat water as well water connectivity.

With so much on offer, Emerald Hills is one of the best residential plot projects to invest in Trivandrum.