Advantages of Buying a Residential Plot in Trivandrum

Sandwiched between the tail-end of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea lies the capital city of Kerala – Trivandrum. This city has a history going back to the 10th century AD when it was well-known for trading in spices and ivory. Modern-day Trivandrum is well-known for its booming IT industry, premier educational institutions, its multi-specialty hospital as well as medical tourism. It’s considered among the 10 greenest cities in the country and boasts of numerous beautiful beaches which are a major tourism attraction.

Though Trivandrum is the seat of government, it is unlike other state capitals in that it’s less congested and still in its growth phase – both vertically and horizontally. The city is expanding year on year and adding more suburban areas within its folds. This makes it an excellent reason for plot buyers to invest in cheaper properties on the outskirts of the city. It makes for a smart investment as the value of the property will only go up over the years. You could then sale it and make a handsome profit. Alternatively, you could lease out the plot till you are ready to take a decision on it. Everything said and done, owning a piece of land in Trivandrum is considered to be a matter of prestige and pride too.

If you sitting undecided on whether to buy a plot in Trivandrum, here is a list of advantages to getting you moving:

Apartment vs. Plots

Though the apartment culture has taken over Trivandrum, there are still those who cherish the thought of owning their own plot of land. When investing in real estate, it’s almost always rewarding, provided you do it the right way. However, before investing you need to be clear about your reasons for property investment. Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term gains? For short-term gains, it’s better to go with apartments as you can earn rental money from them. Investing long-term on the other hand means you have the capacity to stay invested for longer periods of time for higher gains. And if you haven’t built on the plot, then it’s definitely going to get you even better returns on a resale.


For those wanting to invest in property, it’s wiser to invest in plots on the city outskirts and leave it for a few years. As the city expands, better infrastructure and facilities will become available, making the location of your plot more valuable. This will reflect in an appreciation of your plot’s value and investment too. As the city expands to include your plot within its folds, you can now build your home on it at your own convenient time.


Contrary to popular belief, there is greater scope for resale of a house and the plot it’s standing on as compared to an apartment. With buying a stand-alone house, the buyer ends up owning prime land as well as a house that he can do and undo with – as per his unique needs. When buying a resale apartment, you are stuck with a fixed structure that you can’t make changes to and there is no additional prestige of becoming a landowner either.


It’s interesting to note that built-up properties attract a considerably higher tax value when compared to the nominal amount chargeable on an empty plot. So when you buy a plot for investment purposes, you will be paying minimal taxes for the years that the plot lies empty, even as its resale value multiplies over the years.

For those looking to invest in plots, check out the ‘Emerald Hills’ development project in Venkode in Trivandrum. This plot layout project is being developed by the well-known Prime Property Developers, on a gently-sloping hillock in a locality that is green and pollution-free. Developed in an 11-acre land pocket, this gated community project consists of 63 comfortably-sized plots ranging from 7.8 cents to 23.6 cents. The plots are just 9km from Kowdiar Junction and 15km from Technopark.

The best part is that these plots come with ready-to-access underground electricity and cooperation water connections as well as a clubhouse, kids play parks, gym and an outdoor futsal court. There is an RMU and transformer within the complex too along with 10m-wide asphalt internal roads with avenue trees.

What more could you possibly want when you buy plots in Trivandrum!

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