Advantages of Owning a Plot in Trivandrum

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January 4, 2022

Advantages of Owning a Plot in Trivandrum

Though the apartment culture has been catching up fast in Trivandrum, it is something borne out of necessity. This is because not everyone is advantaged enough to have the luxury of building an independent home and enjoy living within the privacy of their own plot.

Given half a chance, most people would cherish such an opportunity. The most important factor to owning a home is owning the plot of land on which the dream home stands. With land running out in the cities and the cost of plots only heading north year-on-year, the best plan should be to invest in plots in the suburban parts of the city.

Here’s a look at some of the major advantages that go with investing in plots in Trivandrum:

Investment value

Investing in plots assures you of substantial long-term appreciation of your piece of real estate. It also means you should have the capacity to stay invested over a long period. You can buy plots in Trivandrum for two purposes; it can be to build a home suited to your unique lifestyle or it can be done for the specific purpose of making substantial gains by selling the plot after a few years.

And by buying your plot in the suburbs, it’s a given that you will be getting it cheaper than when investing in the city center. You just need to be careful and invest in plots where the locality is showing promise of upcoming infrastructure and facilities in the near future. This will ensure that the value of your plot only increases with time.


Since apartments come with a well-defined structure and design, there is little you can do to make them suitable for your needs. On the other hand, plots offer you the flexibility of designing your home according to your own dimensions and needs. You can make the size of bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to just the way you want it to be. And if you want to earn a second income, you can build an upper floor for rent purposes and assure yourself of a lifelong secondary income!


The biggest issue to worry about when buying plots is safety. You will need to ensure that no one encroaches on to your land while your back is turned. The best way out would be to buy plots in gated community projects. Here the plots are clear-cut and demarcated with boundaries by the developer. He would have also obtained the necessary documents indicating that your plot is for residential purposes and provided access to other benefits associated with gated community living.

Resale value

When compared to flats, the resale value of plots tends to appreciate at a faster rate. This is because there is always wear and tear over the years to take into account when it comes to apartments. Aside from this, plot resale values go up more as there is always a wealthy section of society that prefers to buy plots and build horizontal homes. So plots are always valuable, more so if they are located in good neighborhoods. And after some years of living in a home, you have built on that plot, you can still get good returns as buyers give greater importance to the value of the plot too.


Plots also serve as solid assets that can be easily sold off in times of dire emergencies. You can even take loans against them if the need arises.

And if you are looking to buy plots in Trivandrum, then check out the premium ‘Emerald Hills’ residential plot project by Prime Property Developers. Located over a scenic hill in Venkode, this 11-acre gated community project offers 63 plots, starting from 4.5 cents onwards.

The project offers wide internal roads with electricity and water connections already in place. As with all gated communities, it also includes an array of amenities including a basketball/futsal court, gym, clubhouse and two play areas for kids. Come invest in this premium investment opportunity and enjoy independence as well as the benefits of gated community living!