Owning a Luxury Flat in Trivandrum

People are becoming increasingly aware of the good things in life and want the same for themselves too. This has led to a greater demand for luxury homes on a global scale. The current market scenario of unprecedented low home loan rates and a large unsold inventory available with builders makes this the best time to buy a luxury home of your own. 

There is no dearth of luxury apartments in Trivandrum as builders are aware of this growing demand from homebuyers. However, you do need to be careful when buying a luxury flat as some fraudulent builders tend to pass off regular projects as being ‘luxury’ projects. This is why you should learn a little about them first before going home shopping; this way you won’t end up buying a ‘regular’ flat at the price of a luxury one! Here is a look at some of the features that go into the making of a luxury flat in Trivandrum


As expected, location is a critical factor when it comes to luxury flats in Trivandrum. One of the best features of luxury homes is that they come located in niche areas that have excellent connectivity, ease of access and low noise and air pollution. There is also easy availability of good infrastructure nearby including schools, colleges, hospitals, employment hubs and shopping and entertainment centers.  


Another feature that is common with luxury flats is that they are located in peaceful neighborhoods. These are mainly residential areas where the well-to-do live; where getting an address is a matter of prestige. It’s also where all urban conveniences are available within easy reach.


A luxury flat comes with high-end amenities that amp up your lifestyle. Every amenity offered with luxury flats is aimed at maximizing your comfort levels, convenience and ease of living for the whole family. You won’t need to step out for a visit to the gym, swimming pool, kids play park or even the movie theater as there is usually an AV room provided for watching movies. Other high-end amenities that go with luxury flats include terrace gardens, party halls, grand entrance lobbies, generator back-up, etc.


Nothing beats keeping your family and property safe when it comes to your home. This is why luxury flats come with 24×7 security and surveillance. There should be no need for metal grills or alarms with such homes, guaranteeing freedom for the owners. Luxury homes within gated communities have guarded gates, strategically placed CCTV cameras, high-tech security gadgets/appliances and an intercom facility with a guard room. 


Luxury homes are exclusively built by big brand builders who have years of experience to back them. They are crafted using top-notch materials and feature the finest fittings and finishings. There are no shortcuts used in their constructions, and likewise, they don’t come cheap. If you are being offered a very affordable rate and told it’s a luxury flat, it’s time for a second look! Other than this, luxury flats are always large on space and come with exclusive designs that shout out elegance and style.

Hope this list of luxury features will help you choose the right home for yourself. For those on the lookout for luxury flats, do have a look at the luxurious ‘Anthem’ project by the Prime property Developers (PPD) in Trivandrum. It’s where luxury living reaches new heights with addresses that elevate your standing in society. These luxury flats are located in Kowdiar, which is the most exclusive area in the city and home to the cream of the society. It’s also where the resplendent Kowdiar palace is located, with the erstwhile royal family of the Kingdom of Travancore still being resident here.

The Anthem project offers 52 flats ranging from spacious 2BHKs to large 4BHKs. It comes fully loaded with amenities that amp up your lifestyle including an air-conditioned unisex gym, swimming pool, an audio/visual room, a spacious banquet hall, yoga deck and a terrace garden offering stunning views. Aside from a thoughtfully-provided guest suite, there are also rooms for drivers, janitors and caretakers.

The Anthem luxury flats are ideal for the discerning few who know the true value of luxury living!

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