Things to Know Before Buying a Penthouse Apartment in Trivandrum

penthouse in trivandrum
September 6, 2022

Things to Know Before Buying a Penthouse Apartment in Trivandrum

With cities running out of space, most new homes are being built vertically instead of horizontally. Apartment living is the ‘in thing’ now and builders are planning them so well that people are increasingly preferring to invest in apartments rather than in stand-alone homes.

And for those who can afford it, penthouses are the latest craze as they offer spectacular views of the cityscape, ample ventilation and natural lighting and a posh lifestyle. Penthouses are luxurious apartments located at the top of the building and offer greater peace and quiet by virtue of their location. They are a symbol of luxury and class and come with the best fittings and finishings. A penthouse is a status symbol and has beautiful interiors and exteriors, representing your stature in society and celebrating your life!

And for those who want to buy a penthouse apartment in Trivandrum, there are a number of features to look out for before signing on those dotted lines. Here’s a detailed look at some of these features:


As always, the first factor to take into account is the location of the property. After buying a home, everything can be changed about it, except its location or neighborhood. So, choose an apartment in a good neighborhood, where there is lower pollution and no garbage dumps, clubs or industries nearby. The location should also speak about your status in life. For example, posh areas like Kowdiar are known to be the home of the well-to-do and an address in Kowdiar is always highly valued!


Aside from checking out the quality of the apartment, you will also need to check its proximity to important places. The area should be well-connected by roads and have easy access to premium schools, good hospitals, shopping malls, career hubs and IT hubs. Availability of nearby bus stops and easy connectivity to railway stations and airports are other necessities.


One of the best parts of investing in apartment complexes is that you get neighbors who are of a similar status as yourself and your kids can mingle safely with them, creating lifelong bonds. Living in apartment gated communities ensures you of good company too!

Safety and Security

Modern apartments come located within a gated community with boundary walls and surveillance. The apartment complex also comes with manned gates to control the inflow of unknown people. Some builders add further security features such as smart doorbells and door locks, CCTV cameras on every floor and phone connectivity with the guard room. All these measures mean that you and your family are always safe!


For those who want to buy penthouse apartments in Trivandrum, another feature to enjoy are the plethora of amenities. Some of these premium amenities include rooftop infinity swimming pools with stunning views, manicured rooftop gardens, fully-furnished party halls, AV theater rooms, indoor games rooms, kid’s play area, unisex AC gyms, guest suites, etc.


Finally, you need to make sure that you are buying an apartment from a builder of repute, one who has enough years of experience building quality homes. You can even go one step further and meet up with residents of other apartment projects by the same builder to find out about any problems they have encountered with the builder, the transaction process or the end product. Big brand builders with a reputation to maintain will ideally deal in a transparent way with their customers and deliver on all the promises they make.

For those on the lookout for the best penthouse apartments in Trivandrum, check out the ‘Anthem’ apartment project by the prestigious Prime Property Developers (PPD). Located in the posh Kowdiar area, The Anthem offers all modern conveniences and entertainment to suit the discerning ones. It’s also where luxury living touches new heights with a plethora of premium amenities including a swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, AC home theater, mini party hall with landscaped terrace, an AC unisex gym, children’s play area, etc.

Having been in the business of constructing quality residential and commercial projects for almost 3 decades has successfully positioned PPD as a niche builder of exclusive premium projects. With the principles of timely deliveries, unmatched services, attention to every minute detail and quality end-products forming the backbone of our business, we always deliver on every point, every time!