How important is the Location for Buying a New Home


“Location, location, location” has been the mantra being chanted in real estate since at least 1926, but it’s still as relevant today as it was then. A good location means different things to different people. Some would argue that it’s the home that matters; and depending on your personal needs, the location might not be the top priority for you right now. However, when going house-hunting, do keep the following points in your mind to help you make a solid investment – after all, buying homes isn’t like buying your daily groceries!

Neighborhood – Most people are ready to pay more for homes that are located in safe, low-crime areas. Homes where the parents don’t have to worry about their kids walking back home alone. When buying a home, you also wouldn’t want to live in a place where there is a club or bar close-by for the public nuisance they create. Other things to check would be the presence of smoke-chugging industries or smelly canals or even waste dump sites nearby to your home. Aside from the chances of their polluting your water and air resources, they are a major threat to you and your family’s health.

Schools – Most people prefer homes where there are good schools and colleges in the locality. Such homes also have great resale value, as just like you, others too want to buy homes where there are good educational facilities for their children. The take-away point here is to buy the home with selling it in mind.

Facilities – Everyone wants to live in areas where they don’t have to go too far to access commonly-used facilities. After all, everyone wants to live close to a supermarket, a good hospital, a couple of trendy malls or cinema halls, restaurants, etc. And the closer the home is to the commercial center of the town or city, the better it is as the property’s value becomes dearer.

Transport – Another important feature to choosing a home is having adequate access to nearby transport facilities. A close-by bus stop or bus station, a not-too-far-away railway station or an airport are all features that add to the value of your property.

Finally, it’s always better to avoid buying homes too close to schools, hospitals or fire stations, as the consequent sirens and noises on a daily basis can become a bit of a pain to live with! Look for homes in open spaces and away from congested areas…

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