Best Residential Areas in Trivandrum

When planning on buying a home, one of the most important features to consider is the location of the home. It is often an indicator of the prestige level of your new home address, aside from influencing the cost of your home too.

You can always change the look of your home, but you can’t change its location once you have bought it. Hence, you need to ensure that your new home is in a safe locality and offers good connectivity to different parts of the city as well.

Why Trivandrum?

One of the best cities you could think of settling down in is Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. It is rich in arts, culture and history and makes for one of the best cities to bring up your family in. Aside from the low crime rates, Trivandrum is also well-known as an educational hub with many premier schools and colleges being located here. Apart from this, Trivandrum is renowned for its multi-specialty hospitals, medical tourism as well as tourism as a whole too. According to the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS), Trivandrum was adjudged to be the best city to live in amongst 23 other major Indian cities, three times in the last decade alone.

Historical significance

Evidence suggests that the city has been in existence since at least the 10th century AD. Trivandrum has also been enjoying the status of being the capital city since 1729 when it was made the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore. The city has maintained this status even after independence. Hence, it’s only to be expected that the city has better infrastructure, good roads, smooth delivery of basic utilities, governance and law and order situation, as compared to other cities in Kerala.

IT hub

Trivandrum is fast becoming the country’s largest IT hub too, after the advent of Technopark and the upcoming Technocity. This has also led to huge job opportunities and a large influx of young techies with increasing disposable incomes. A resultant need for more quality homes has also arisen concurrently. Realtors have not shied away from this responsibility and numerous apartments, villas and plotted projects have become available across the cityscape.

The city nestles over seven scenic undulating hills, bound by the azure Arabian Sea on one side and by the Western Ghats on the other side. With Trivandrum being big on space, it is still growing both vertically and horizontally, enfolding more suburban areas into its folds year-on-year. As a result, there is construction activity going on in almost every corner of the city.

Some of the best residential areas for buying homes in Trivandrum include posh localities like Kurvankonam, Kowdiar, Nanthancode, Sasthamangalam, etc. These areas are known to be comparatively peaceful and serene spaces where pollution is also on the lower side. These locations are home to the well-to-do and are covered with soothing greenery and wide, well-maintained roads with avenue trees. There is excellent social infrastructure available in these localities and their neighboring areas to make life more comfortable for the residents of these localities.

Road connectivity to important parts of the city as well as to the railway station, bus station, international airport and the bustling IT hub, Technopark, are all within easy reach too. Other important facilities like colleges, schools, hospitals and shopping malls and entertainment centers are also well-connected to these residential areas.

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