6 Things to Remember When Looking for a Luxury Apartment

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October 22, 2021

6 Things to Remember When Looking for a Luxury Apartment

The desire for opulent living is on the rise, more so in the bigger cities. More and more people increasingly prefer to buy luxury apartments, with this phenomenon being observed on a global level too. Living in a luxury apartment is a way of showing that you have made it in life and your home becomes your mouthpiece to make this statement.

Certain factors that are helping more people to invest in luxury homes include easy accessibility of home loans, falling interest rates on loans as well as an increasing disposable income. However, do note that not every so-called ‘luxury apartment’ is actually a luxury apartment. Here is a list of some things that make an actual luxury apartment stand apart.


Luxury apartments are always located in niche areas with easy access to high-end facilities and social infrastructure. Such apartments are also nestled in picture-perfect, peaceful neighborhoods where there is less traffic and lower noise and air pollution. Interestingly, the cost of land in such posh areas is on the higher side and the only way to own an address in such upper-crust places is by buying into a luxury apartment in these locations.

Architectural Appeal

Luxurious homes display outstanding architectural flair and aesthetic appeal in their appearance. You will find that the interior and exterior design and finishing of luxury apartments are of finer quality with the use of high-grade products. Architects generally take their own sweet time to design these unique spacious homes meant for the discerning few. And interior designers give it the breathtaking finishing that will make you gasp with pleasure!

Luxurious Interiors

Another thing that makes luxurious homes stand apart is their interior finishing. Aside from the glamour, luxury apartments come with thoughtfully included storage spaces, built-in closets with high-quality woodwork and windows with excellent finishing. Other opulent features include high ceilings with decorative cornicing, built-in bars and fully fitted out modular kitchens. Not to mention the spacious balconies offering excellent views!

Effective Security Systems

As a rule, luxury apartments come with high-end security features too. Aside from safe neighborhoods, 24X7 surveillance systems and walled compounds, these homes also come integrated with modern technology and high-security standards. The security features are usually linked to your smartphone via an app so you can keep an eye on what’s close to your heart 24X7!


In addition to all the above features, luxury apartments also come with outstanding amenities that give you reasons to want to remain on home turf. Some of the luxury amenities that you share with like-minded neighbors include fully-fitted out air-conditioned gyms, air-conditioned mini home theatres, terrace swimming pools and Jacuzzi, manicured terrace gardens, etc. Other amenities could include outdoor and indoor gaming courts, party halls, a kiddy playground, generator backup and ample car parking spaces.

Maintenance Services

Most luxury apartments come with a standby maintenance team to take care of the unexpected repairs, maintenance or installations needed. This leaves you free to focus on the bigger things in life instead of running helter-skelter for day-to-day hassles that crop up in everyday life.

Hopefully, this list of features will help you find the luxury apartment of your dreams! And for those on the lookout, Prime Property Developers in Trivandrum have another outstanding offering called ‘Anthem’ in the posh Kowdiar area where the nuevo rich are known to reside. Featuring spacious 2, 3 & 4BHK luxury apartments, they come fully loaded with every kind of luxury amenities possible. These include a manicured terrace garden, terrace swimming pool, yoga deck, large party hall, an air-conditioned A/V room, an AC gym, etc. This classy apartment project has only 52 luxury apartments along with a guest suite, a driver’s room, a janitor’s room and a caretaker’s room.

Other than all this, the Anthem project also offers provisions for reticulated gas, an aerobic microbial composting system and solar panels on the rooftop. With so much going for these apartments, they are ideal for the discerning few looking for luxury apartments in Trivandrum!