Why Luxury Housing is Witnessing High Demand in Kerala?

A major fallout of globalization and a well-traveled and educated population, is the increasing knowledge of the good things in life, and wanting them for yourself too. With more people becoming aware of luxurious lifestyles, builders are left with no choice but to include luxury features into all their projects too.

An increasingly younger population with disposable incomes is buying homes now, making luxury homes no longer the exclusive domain of the super-rich only. To attract these discerning young clientele, developers are including a plethora of lifestyle enhancing amenities into their projects – whether they are for luxury apartments or luxury villas notwithstanding.

According to a report by Anarock, the luxury home segment has been witnessing an upwards growth; the luxury segment was responsible for 12% in overall sales in Q1 2022, up from the 7% in Q1 in 2019. This phenomenal growth is not only due to greater client confidence spurred by the reforms introduced by the government, but also due to a rise in affluent Indians.

The greater demand for luxury homes in Kerala is spurred by its well-heeled high percentage of NRI population as well as the affluent techies working at the huge IT parks located here. Some of the other reasons propelling growth in the luxury housing sector in Kerala include the following:

1. The pandemic taught the NRIs the importance of having a home of their own back in Kerala, thus incentivizing them to buy luxury homes, in keeping with their lifestyle abroad. Builders in Kerala are well-versed in crafting luxury homes that offer only the best features, both in their interiors and exteriors.

2. The pandemic also introduced the popular ‘work from home’ culture, which has made people realize the importance of having a spacious home. Since luxury apartments or villas come with ample indoor spaces, there is always enough secluded area for a home office or two (when both spouses work from home).

3. There has also been a slow, but sure, shift towards leading healthier lifestyles, hence luxury homes with a plethora of active lifestyle-enhancing amenities act like a magnet for the modern homebuyer. These amenities could include AC gyms, swimming pools, indoor games, outdoor game courts, jogging tracks, yoga spaces, etc.

4. The current generation of luxury apartments come with technologically-enabled features that only serve to enhance living experiences. These could include anything from electronic locks to video-conference door phones to Alexa-enabled features like mood lighting, TV control, curtain rod controls, etc.

5. The people of Kerala are known for their love of investing in gold. But with recent fluctuations in gold prices, luxury real estate has been garnering more attention. This is because real estate in India doesn’t fluctuate, but always maintains a steady upward growth. They make great investment collaterals too when it comes to applying for a loan or earning a second income.

6. Luxury housing holds greater appeal too for those who know what good living is all about. These homes – whether they are luxury apartments or luxury villas – all come loaded with best-quality branded fittings and finishings, excellent interiors and lifestyle amenities. These could include AV mini-theaters, fully-equipped multifunctional party halls, clubhouse, swimming pool, multi-game facilities, piped gas, inhouse waste treatment plants, shops, spa, concierge services or even a creche.

7. In these increasingly troubled times, everyone seeks safety and security for their homes and families. This is why luxury homes within gated communities are facing more demand. Such homes come with multi-layered security that could include manned gates to control entry and exit of people, 24×7 surveillance cameras located in strategic areas as well as regular patrolling by guards.

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