Things to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home

New Home Checklist
August 18, 2020

Things to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home

Excited and exhausted? We totally get it. Moving to a new home is all that and much more! Here are some tips to make it a fun activity for every member of the family!

Make A Checklist

Checklists are a must when you are setting up a new home! Prioritize the tasks, because it is a given that the move cannot be complete in a day or a week even. Give yourself the ‘settling in’ time! And go on working on the checklist one day at a time!

Clean Your New Home

Clean your new home! With the packers and movers moving in and out ensure you disinfect the area too! Clean every nook and every corner even before you unpack!

Put Up The Curtains

There is no doubt that curtains add a dash of personality to a room! However, when you are moving into a new home, it is good to bring a feeling of familiarity with your home. Since time immemorial, curtains do that trick very easily! Putting up a curtain, for many, is that first step towards personalizing your very own home!

Arrange Furniture

It is time to remove the bubble wrap, and set up the furniture! Do it one room at a time. However, do not forget to clean and disinfect them thoroughly.

Start Unpacking

Once the furniture is in place, start unpacking. This can be a tedious process. So many boxes, so many essential items. Segregate what goes into each room and enlist your family members to help you with it!

Set Up Utilities

Cooking gas, power, internet providers – the list goes on. Ensure that you set each of them up or enlist the help of your builder!

Stock Up!

You must buy essentials if you have not packed them yet. Run to the corner store and get the most important things!

Know Your Neighbours

Get introduced to your neighbours. They will be the people you see almost every day and might need help from someday.


Moving and arranging a new home is not a task you can finish in one day! Cut yourself some slack and rest at the end of the day!

At Prime Property Developers, we will help you to make the transition easy. Our home care division is always happy to help you troubleshoot every issue.