Importance of Rainwater Harvesting in Your House

May 18, 2020

Importance of Rainwater Harvesting in Your House

Life depends on water, and the availability of water depends on you. Due to poor conservation techniques and mismanagement of the resource, we are on the brink of water scarcity. It is at this juncture that conserving rainwater has become a new mantra and rainwater harvesting a new catchword.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rain is one of the best gifts bestowed by Mother Nature and all we have to do is save some for the future. In the earlier days, rainwater used to get collected in tanks or wells and thus replenish the groundwater. However, at this time of rapid urbanization, we have to think bigger. We have to adopt innovative techniques to modify the age-old practices and collect, store, purify, and utilize this rainwater to suit the demands of homes including multi-storied apartment complexes.

How to harvest rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting is a simple process and usually is a one-time investment that requires periodic maintenance. Before you get started, however, you have to factor in the quantum of rainfall in your area. Be it small or big, a rainwater harvesting process should ideally consist of a catchment area, a conveyance system, a flush, a filter, tanks, and recharge systems. You have to factor in the quantum of runoff, features of the catchment zone, and the capacity of the storage tanks according to your requirement and wait for the rain. Once it starts raining, this water is stored and you can utilize it according to your needs. From simple pipes leading from the roof to rain barrels to complicated systems like an underground storage tank, harvesting rainwater is a simple, yet systematic process.

Why should we conserve rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting, though simple has a lot of impacts and is highly beneficial to our daily lives. It is eco-friendly as well as economically rewarding. To harvest rainwater, all you have to do is invest in a one-time rainwater harvesting infrastructure. The rainwater can be collected and stored and utilized to meet the peak demands during summer months, making it a perfect primary backup water supply for emergencies. A well-structured rainwater harvesting system can reduce stormwater runoff from a property and be an effective method to meet your local area’s stormwater management program requirements. And more than anything else, collecting and using rainwater to replace municipal water use reduces your water bill considerably over a while.

With water scarcity being a major concern, it is about time we consider rainwater harvesting to meet our requirements. In addition to being a great way to conserve water, rainwater harvesting is a sustainable process. It promotes self-sufficiency and makes you an environmentally responsible citizen.

At Prime Property Developers, we believe in a sustainable model while being environmentally friendly. Our projects have been designed keeping in mind the changing socio-economic framework. We have accounted for rainwater harvesting units in our projects. Call us to know more about the eco-friendly and socially responsible elements we have added to our homes.