How important is Vastu for Flats?

Importance of Vastu for Flats
January 22, 2020

How important is Vastu for Flats?

Along with changing lifestyles in the city, the types of residences have also evolved. Where people lived in independent homes earlier, the trend now is for flats, villaments, and apartments. Where there were backyards before, there are balconies now, and front pavements leading to the house are now replaced by lifts in flats. All this makes the application of Vastu a little different for flats than in houses.

But first, what is Vastu? It is an ancient science that deals with the architecture and design of buildings so that its inhabitants lead a happy and peaceful life. It includes a set of principles that when applied properly to homes, releases positive energy and enhances the general wellbeing of the home’s residents. Its doctrines teach you how to stay healthy and prosperous in your endeavors and clear of the clutter that hinders the flow of energy. Keeping all this in mind, here are some ways to apply Vastu principles in flats:

  • The flat should be regularly shaped like a rectangle or square, with every room having four corners or walls.
  • The flat project shouldn’t be at the end of a road or at a T-junction.
  • The main door of the flat should be bigger than the other doors in the home and should open inwards.
  • The entrance into the flat should be in the north or eastern directions as they are more auspicious.
  • The northern direction represents prosperity and movement shouldn’t be blocked in any way.
  • Don’t keep paintings that depict violence or sorrow and avoid growing cactus within the home.
  • The master bedroom should ideally be in the southwest corner and the children’s room in the northwest corner.
  • The sitting room should be located in the northwest, west or south side of the flat, with maximum furnishing being placed in the south and west directions.
  • The bathrooms should be in the south or western directions according to Vastu with the drain always flowing north-east.
  • The kitchen should ideally be in the southeast direction with the cook facing east while cooking.
  • The storeroom should be in the southern part of the building.
  • The study room and prayer room should ideally be adjacent to one another and face northeast or northwestern directions, with the study table always being placed on the northern or eastern walls.
  • According to Vastu, east-facing balconies are more auspicious than others.

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