Which Is Comfortable for the Current Living Trend, an Apartment, or a Villa?

The lockdown imposed to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus has had a deep impact on the real estate sector. Owning a home – be it a villa or an apartment – is in focus as more and more Millennials see it as the best asset class investment. While industry pundits peg this shift on the sense of security that physical assets provide, it is also important to think about what type of real estate asset would you invest in – a villa or an apartment. Which is safer and more comfortable during these troubled times. Here’s a look.

Apartment Living: What Are the Advantages?

When you think about investing in real estate, financial imperatives tend to push us towards buying an apartment, since it might be the least expensive. This is because it is normally a given that an apartment is cheaper than a villa of the same category in the same location. An apartment is your private cocoon in an urban environment, with maintenance just a call away. An apartment offers higher security, vibrant community life, and a higher chance of tenancy if you are thinking of making your investment work for you. Since most of the apartment complexes are situated close to the city, it also offers you a higher level of accessibility.

That being said, there is a flip side too. During these troubled times, the onus of staying safe and disease-free rests on each and every member in the apartment complex. Staying within the four walls of the apartment complex could get slightly stifling. You need to make do with the limited space that you have to refresh yourselves after a tiring day at work.

Living in a Villa: What Are the Advantages?

More space, more privacy, and more freedom are the main factors that work in favour of the villa. It gives you home with a refined style, stylish modern architecture, comfort, and luxury. Living in a villa means a spacious, bright, and cosy interior and if you have a green thumb, you can work wonders in your garden. Some builders also allow you for more customizations. You are in a world of your own and yet benefit from the community life that you are surrounded with. During these troubled times, it offers you a safe haven to retreat to without feeling claustrophobic. It is easier to maintain and disinfect the area if you are living in a gated community that offers you every comfort you can dream of.

So, will it be a house or an apartment?

The choice finally boils down to two important factors, your finances, and your lifestyle. At Prime Property Developers, we offer you an eclectic mix of stylish and spacious apartments and villas to suit your tastes. Do give us a call and book a visit.


During these uncertain times, your safety is the primary concern. At Prime Property Developers, we understand your concerns and we have ensured that we keep our premises clean and disinfected.

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