Checklist for Maintenance of Your Home During Summer

Checklist for Maintenance of Your Home During Summer
April 30, 2020

Checklist for Maintenance of Your Home During Summer

The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining brighter. Summer’s here and there is no shying away from it. This summer, unlike the others, has been a tough one so far. As we stay indoors to #StopTheSpread of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, it is all the more important to plan out a systematic checklist for keeping your home summer-ready. While some of the tasks in the checklist can be done easily, you will have to keep an eye out in the news to know when you can get the necessary support staff to do the other tasks.

Maintain Your Cooling System

It is mandatory that you run a check for your gadgets since the sudden temperature variations could affect their smooth functioning. The most important household item you have to monitor is the air conditioner. Proper air conditioner maintenance can help your AC last longer. You should also dust your ceiling fan blades and check their balance. You should also get your electrical gadgets checked. We at PPD help you to get this maintenance done on time while adhering to the rules set down by the government due to lockdown. 

Freshen Things Up

Do a thorough check inside and outside your home. See if you need to add a fresh coat of paint to your home. Do touch up if it is necessary. Invest in a few flowers to pep up your exteriors. When it is sunny and bright, let the sun inside your home. Remove the heavy curtains and opt for sheers to do up your home. 

It’s Time for Cleaning 

Since you have time at hand, do the cleaning you have been putting off for that longest period of time. Clean everything up, including the vents and exhaust ducts. Wash the windows and the screens, use a good disinfectant to clean up the home. It serves to keep the deadly COVID 19 virus at bay. Use this time to declutter your home too. 

Inspect The Exteriors

The summer showers throw up some challenges. It is mandatory that you clear the downspouts and the gutters because they can get clogged. You need to check the windows for leaks too. 

Bring Home Some Cheer

We are going through a tough time, but that does not mean that we should not have our special moments at home. Bring in some greens, dress up the windows in light sheer curtains and redo the interiors of your homes. Now is the best time!

The summer is long, but the winter is coming and it is important that all the work be done before the downpour begins.