Big Investment: When Are You ‘Truly Ready’ To Invest in A Plot

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April 24, 2023

Big Investment: When Are You ‘Truly Ready’ To Invest in A Plot

There comes a point in time when financial security becomes a major goal and you want to invest your hard-earned money into lucrative investment options and watch your money’s value grow. Traditionally, land has always been the safest form of investment, as the cost of land only goes up. However, before making any further move towards making a capital-intensive investment, you do need to ask yourself if you are actually ready to invest in a plot in Trivandrum.

While buying a luxury villa plot in a gated-community in Trivandrum sounds exciting, you will have to have a solid plan too. How do you envision your investment’s future? Do you plan to sell it off for short-term gains or for long-term gains, or do you plan on waiting till you have more funds to build your dream villa on the plot – in your own sweet time. Since investing in a plot of land is a major investment, be sure you are truly ready to invest and have a dependable plan in place.

Here are some signs that might prove you are ready for making a big investment:

Having a clear investment plan

Since investing in a plot is a long-term commitment, you will need to have a clear investment plan in place. Before investing, you have to keep your budget in mind, along with your goals for achieving it – whether it’s for building your dream home or for holding on to the plot as a long-term investment. Make sure your goals align with your investment plans. Having a clear investment plan is a clear indication that you are ready to invest!

Adequate Funds

Financial stability is an essential part of any investment goals. For those wanting to buy plots in Trivandrum, first ensure that you have adequate funds in place. You should have a stable source of income to cover loan EMIs as well as enough to cover other accompanying charges such as stamp duty, registration fee, taxes and any other legal fees. If you have these funds, then you are ready to invest in a plot!

Getting Your Homework Done

You need to do some in-depth research with due diligence before finalizing on a plot. This will ensure that there are no hassles in the future regarding title disputes or ownership of the plot, its location, neighborhood safety, soil quality, government building permits as well as any other challenges. If you feel comfortable that you have done enough research to avoid any costly mistakes, then you should go ahead and invest in the plot.

Legal Backup

Owning and developing a plot requires good understanding of the regulatory requirements and legal procedures. These include good knowledge of zoning regulations (forest/agricultural/residential land), environmental laws as well as building codes, permits and certificates. Failure to comply with any of these requirements can cost you a pretty hefty fine and legal hassles. Having a team of property lawyers, surveyors and real estate agents in place shows that you are ready to invest.

Realistic Outlook

When investing in a plot, you should be ready to stay invested for the long haul. Land investment offers great returns on assets, but for that to happen, you need to stay invested for some years. There should be no get-rich-quick expectations from property investments, and if you can afford to hold on, then it’s the right time for you to invest!

For those looking to buy plots in Trivandrum within gated community projects, then look no further than the ‘Emerald Hills’ plot project by the prestigious Prime Property Developers (PPD), who are well-known for their quality projects in key locations across the city. Emerald Hills consists of 63 plots of 4.5 cents onwards on an 11-acre gated community residential project in Venkode area. Replete with wide internal roads with pavements, storm drains, avenue trees, street lights and underground provisions for electricity and water to each allotment, these plots also have access to a wide array of amenities to keep the whole family happy! What’s more, the project is just 9km from Kowdiar Junction and 15km from Technopark, making for easy accessibility too.

Make a smart move and invest today!