Vinod & Cukoo

September 16, 2020

For the past 20 years since the purchase of our very first PPD flat, Cliff Dale, we have been ardent fans of the PPD builders. Seasons apartment, where we currently live, continues to be looked upon as one of the most desired residential complexes in Trivandrum.
Their integrity, commitment, values and a strict ‘no compromise on quality’ policy sets them a notch above the rest. The PPD group build more than just apartments, they build homes right from their hearts.
Their interiors and exteriors are classy and tastefully rendered. Openness, cross ventilation and space utilisation are their trademarks. I would definitely recommend the PPD group to anyone planning to invest in a flat or villa. If anything, our 20 year commitment with them is proof of their quality and our loyalty to them.

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